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Wikipedia donate bitcoins

wikipedia donate bitcoins

After internal discussions among editors, Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation have now decided not to accept cryptocurrency donations. The BitGive Foundation is an American nonprofit organization that solicits bitcoin donations for use in charitable causes. After a months-long debate within the Wikipedia community, the nonprofit organization has decided to no longer accept Bitcoin, Ether. BETONLINE REVIEW SPORTS BETTING

The FTC, however, soon dropped him from the suit when he agreed not to buy the VR company in a personal capacity. Two Chinese intelligence officers are accused of attempting to "obstruct, influence, and impede a criminal prosecution" of a China-based global telecommunications company, U. The company was not identified. The complaint against the two intelligence officers was unsealed Monday in the U.

The Washington Post reported that the complaint's details mirror those of a case previously brought against Chinese telecom equipment giant Huawei. The federal government has for several years increased restrictions on sales and use of Huawei tech inside the U. During the news conference, Wray called the case further evidence of "the Chinese government's flagrant violation of international laws, as they work to project their authoritarian view around the world, including within our own borders.

They both flout the rule of law. And one of the purposes of the Chinese government's repression is to make it easier to steal our innovation. In July, Wray warned U. The newly disclosed case comes amid rising tensions between the U. The U. One cybersecurity expert has predicted the chip technology blockade would lead to an increase in retaliatory hacking by the Chinese government aimed at IP theft. Keep Reading Show less Benjamin Pimentel Marqeta is rolling out seven new tools that would help businesses offer more banking services, the company said Monday.

The products, called Marqeta for Banking, would enable clients to offer new capabilities, including bill pay, direct deposit, and free ATM access, the company said. Marqeta for Banking would enable clients to offer instant funding to customers. Coinbase, Branch, and Fold are among the first clients to use the products.

Sanchan Saxena, vice president for retail product at Coinbase, said the crypto company used the Marqeta platform to allow customers to earn crypto rewards and make crypto purchases. Gardner said Marqeta designed and launched the new products based on an understanding of the loyalty that consumers are known to have for banks.

You probably have had the same financial institution for many, many years. There's no reason to change. And companies have figured out that I can create pretty significant loyalty by creating a very well-designed experience for my customers. Apple is also increasing prices for discounted subscriptions, including annual and family plans, where available.

And the price increase for Apple Music could give other music subscription services, including Spotify, cover to follow suit. Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated Apple One's price. This story was updated on Oct. The case, over whether XRP is a security, remains closely watched, as it could set a legal precedent affecting the entire industry. When the truth eventually comes out, the shamefulness of their behavior here will shock you. The SEC and Ripple have been embroiled in a legal battle since , when the agency sued the crypto company for alleged securities laws violations.

Ripple rejected the claim. Hinman was a member of the SEC leadership around the time that the agency filed the lawsuit against Ripple. He stepped down at the end of and is now an adviser to a16z. Ripple demanded that the SEC also release emails and other documents related to the way the Hinman speech was discussed internally. Ripple finally prevailed last week. This story was updated to clarify Hinman's time at the SEC. But doing so will require huge amounts of energy.

It takes around 1, kilowatt-hours to remove a ton of carbon from the sky using direct air capture. The carbon removal industry expects to scale to capture billions of tons per year. That could put it in direct competition with renewable needs for other purposes like, say, keeping the lights on. For reference, the average American home uses a little less than kilowatt-hours of energy per month. Even the lowest-carbon fossil fuel, natural gas, generates almost half a ton of carbon dioxide for every ton that is taken out of the atmosphere via DAC, according to his estimates.

The net cost is actually double that amount. What that means is that, for DAC to be economically feasible, the energy powering it has to be carbon-free. And that means less conflict over future renewable energy. In other words, Chief members in cities such as Boston and D.

Cybersecurity vendor SOCRadar, which reported the data leak to Microsoft, said in a blog post that data belonging to more than 65, companies was affected. Microsoft, however, said in its own post that SOCRadar "has greatly exaggerated the scope of this issue. The server misconfiguration was reported on Sept. Due to the configuration error, there was a potential that certain "business transaction data" could have been accessed without a need for authentication, Microsoft said.

The data corresponds to "interactions between Microsoft and prospective customers," including around the planning and implementation of Microsoft services, the company said in its post. Affected data may have included "names, email addresses, email content, company name, and phone numbers, and may have included attached files relating to business between a customer and Microsoft or an authorized Microsoft partner," Microsoft said.

SOCRadar said that a "single misconfigured data bucket" was responsible the exposure of the data of the 65, affected companies, which the company said are based across countries. The leak amounts to 2. The files are dated between and August , the vendor said. Microsoft disputed SOCRadar's claims about the size of the leak, saying that an "analysis of the data set shows duplicate information, with multiple references to the same emails, projects, and users.

The leak didn't involve any vulnerability since it was solely caused by the server misconfiguration, the company said. Keep Reading Show less Kyle Alspach The risk is climbing that both Russia and China may look to bring an escalation in major cyberattacks against the U. When it comes to Russia, an increase in major cyberattacks against the West is looking a lot more likely as "we are entering a new phase of the conflict" over Ukraine, he said. Russian President Vladimir Putin is "starting to realize that the war is not going well for him," Alperovitch said.

And that may mean that he's going to be much more willing to confront not just Ukraine, but also the West. Meanwhile, China may be jumping into the fray, too, in response to the recent U. Update: The first sentence of this article was reworded to better describe the type of cyberattacks involved.

On Monday, Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, agreed to purchase Parler, the social media platform popular among conservatives and which launched in Ye made anti-Semitic remarks on both platforms, prompting Twitter to lock his account and Instagram to delete his post and place other restrictions on his platform activity.

Ye has only doubled down on his anti-Semitic rhetoric in recent days. In the two days since the news of the acquisition broke, Parler has seen four times as many new users sign up as it did in the preceding month, Levine told Protocol. He also said the company wants to expand beyond politics by recruiting new users who are musicians, athletes, and comedians.

Parler currently has around 70 employees, he said. Parler is working through the details of how the acquisition will affect its leadership team, according to Levine. Ye had communicated with Elon Musk last week, prior to making the Parler acquisition offer, according to Bloomberg. Once the deal went public on Monday, Ye spoke to former President Donald Trump over the phone — they reportedly made dinner plans, and Ye said he invited Trump to join Parler, a move that Ye would reciprocate by joining Truth Social.

Keep Reading Show less Kwasi Gyamfi Asiedu Major ISPs have consistently offered poor neighborhoods and communities of color slower base internet speeds than more affluent, white neighborhoods, despite charging all of these communities the same price for service, according to a new investigation by The Markup and The Associated Press.

The investigation sheds light on the fact that worse broadband service in poor communities doesn't necessarily equate to lower costs. The ISPs mentioned in the report didn't deny offering different speed rates for the same price, but said it's not because they're intentionally discriminating. Cherney Running a monopoly chip business has its advantages, especially as the rest of the industry is pushed into turmoil — the result of a rapid, significant reversal in demand for consumer chips and U.

The company is the exclusive manufacturer of tools that use extreme ultraviolet lithography tech , which is necessary to print-cutting edge chips. When Macy isn't writing, she's volunteering, exploring the town or watching sports.

Wikimedia Foundation The Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit that owns Wikipedia, said it will no longer accept cryptocurrency as a means of donating. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that is run off reader donations.

Specifically, we will be closing our Bitpay account, which will remove our ability to directly accept cryptocurrency as a method of donating. We will continue to monitor this issue, and appreciate the feedback and consideration given to this evolving matter by people across the Wikimedia movement.

Many in the Wiki community argued against the usage of crypto due to environmental concerns and also argued that accepting crypto "constitutes implicit endorsement of the issues surrounding cryptocurrencies.

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232 Wikipedia Users Force the Online Encyclopedia to Ditch Bitcoin


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Wikipedia No Longer Will Accept Bitcoin Donations

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