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Anders berntsson mm sports betting

anders berntsson mm sports betting

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Those who opted to stay on LAIs were less concerned with the lack of autonomy 7 v. Go to: Discussion In this study, we found that patients' concerns with LAIs were minor except when considering observation time and being tied to the clinic, and that there was a mismatch in the assessment of specific concerns between the patients and the mental health professionals.

We identified important knowledge gaps among patients and nurses. As many as one-fifth of the patients on oral medications were willing to switch to LAIs; these potential switchers were more recently diagnosed than those who were reluctant. The patients on oral treatment were most concerned about observation time post-injection and about being tied to the clinic when asked about LAIs. This indicates that they valued their time and that practical issues surpassed in significance emotional ones such as stigma, a feeling of being controlled and embarrassment.

All fears expressed by patients on oral treatment exceeded the actual experiences of patients on LAIs. This could be a result of selection bias, in that patients on LAIs were less concerned even before accepting LAI treatment. However, since patients on LAIs were speaking from experience, this difference may also reflect that these issues had a lower impact than expected once the patients had been started on LAIs. That the recalled concerns pre-LAIs were similar to the levels of concern among those still on oral treatment also supports this hypothesis.

Mental health professionals tended to answer questions by placing the indicator centrally on the mm scale, which may reflect uncertainty as they were just estimating the patients' experiences. The patients' answers, on the other hand, were polarised, indicating that their opinions were more set. Patients also graded some factors distinctly low and others distinctly high. In light of this, physicians should be encouraged to learn more about the individual patient's concerns.

According to previous studies, physicians' knowledge regarding antipsychotic formulations varies. However, a significant proportion of the interviewed nurses had knowledge gaps concerning some of the advantages of LAIs. This could have a negative impact on the patient's attitude towards LAIs, especially as the majority of nurses claimed that they actively tried to influence both doctors and patients in the discussion on treatment choices.

Patients already on LAIs had significantly better knowledge about the reduced side-effects with LAIs than patients on oral treatment. This most likely reflects their own experiences. It could also be an effect of information provided by mental health professionals — information many patients on oral treatment reported as lacking. This is of concern, as we know that patients' attitudes towards LAIs are likely to become more positive with increased knowledge and experience of the treatment.

However, keeping the patients uninformed makes shared decision-making impossible. Previous studies also report non-adherence 16 , 17 and multiple relapses 17 as key criteria for prescribing LAIs. This may be unfortunate as longer illness duration was associated with being reluctant to switch. Instead, this motivates a discussion of LAIs early on in the course of illness, especially as there is cumulative evidence that the use of LAIs as early as after the first admission to hospital decreases the risk of treatment discontinuation, relapse and readmission.

Not all patients in the targeted study population were included, and some patients could not be reached or were not present to complete the questionnaire. Some were only scheduled for visits once per calendar year, while the study was limited to 10 months. It is possible that patients were either too ill to present themselves or were stable enough to postpone yearly visits. However, we excluded all patients on LAIs 5 years, reducing the effect of this bias.

Finally, patients on LAIs are indisputably a selection of patients who have once accepted that formulation. However, the lack of significant differences between the graded fears of patients on oral treatment compared with recalled fears in patients with LAIs may indicate that this selection bias is of minor concern.

A strength of this study was that all interviews were performed by the same person L. Clinical implications In conclusion, physicians should aim to set aside their own preconceptions and instead make time to identify the individual's specific fears regarding LAIs, preferably early in the course of the illness. In addition, there is room for improvement regarding patients' knowledge of antipsychotic formulations. Adequate education would be of value to strengthen nurses' knowledge about LAIs.

Finally, there is room for improvement regarding patients' knowledge of antipsychotic formulations. Go to: Footnotes Declaration of interest L. Funding Go to: References 1. Weiden PJ. Understanding and addressing adherence issues in schizophrenia: from theory to practice. J Clin Psychiatry ; 68 suppl 14 : 14—9.

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