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Bovada betting ufc 148

bovada betting ufc 148

Over/Under Bet · Over Under Rounds – Usually found when two aggressive fighters fight. of the second round. · Over Under Rounds – This is what you will. In the UFC odds example above, Poirier is the favorite and the betting works like this: Picture $ sitting in the middle of those two numbers. To bet on. Current UFC Betting Odds – On Saturday, July 7, , UFC will air Main Card: Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen. football1xbet.website Odds. CAGLIARI VS TERNANA BETTING EXPERT BOXING

But they are fairly standard across the board. Here are some examples of the Over Under listings. Over Under 1. To win the over bet, the bout must pass 2. To win the under the fight needs to end before 2. Over Under 2. Over Under 3. Round Betting Several MMA sportsbooks allow bettors to bet on what round they think the fight will finish in, and the payout odds are much better when betting this way.

You can also bet on a fighter to win the fight during a certain round as well, which is another great MMA bet with excellent payout odds. If you think you know how a fight is going to end and want to make some money, you can bet on the method of victory at several bookmakers.

Variations of this bet are available. He finishes the fight one way or another, i. Inside the Distance. The fight ends by Submission: One fighter wins by submission. It does not matter who, it just needs to end by submission. It does not matter who, just one person has to stop the other using strikes. Handicap Betting One of the lesser known bets and one of my personal favorites is the handicap bet.

The odds with this bet are lower than the odds for a moneyline bet, but used smartly and in Parlays can be profitable. Examples of Handicap Bets 3 Round fight, fighter A is the favorite. Fighter A The fight completes all scheduled rounds, and the judges score the fight. Fighter A has a total of 88 — 3. Fighter A wins a unanimous decision based on these scores, and one judge did give Fighter B one round. We found this to be the case with many futures. Sports Both Bovada and BetOnline allow you to bet on a wide range of sports, but Bovada seems to be a bit more extensive in this section.

As for individual competitions in each sport, Bovada again takes the win. For example, there are over 80 basketball leagues you can find on Bovada, while that number is significantly lower on BetOnline. Each has all the main markets for the most popular sports, together with hundreds of prop bets and futures.

If we had to choose a winner here, we would go with Bovada because it is very thorough in offering proposition bets. Both sportsbooks accept Bitcoin and offer special crypto bonuses for their first-time depositors. However, the rollover is 14x.

Bovada betting ufc 148 books on forex trading strategies bovada betting ufc 148

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Bovada betting ufc 148 forex trading in karachi pakistan city

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