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Paddy power handicap betting rules

paddy power handicap betting rules

Handicaps are displayed in brackets after the name of the team. For example, let's say you are betting on a match between Leicester City and. Handicapped betting is an alternative way to bet on certain events. For instance, if a professional m sprinter lined up against the average bloke off the. The odds were never far away though, so where there were games where a bookie had best price of say , Paddy Power would be around the , just behind. BETHLEHEM ROYAL HOSPITAL GALLERY PLACE

For the Stage of elimination and not to reach the Final markets - a player must play at least one point during the tournament for bets to stand. Tournament Match Betting - Both players must play at least one point in the tournament for bets to stand. If players progress to the same round of the tournament, bets will be void. In the event of forfeited points or games, these will count for final settlement. Championship Tie Breaks In some competitions, matches that reach one set all are decided by a Championship tie-break.

If a match is decided by a Championship tie-break then the Championship tie-break will be considered to be the 3rd set. Set Betting will be settled as to the winner of the Championship tie-break. Any bets taken in error for the Correct Score or Number of Games in the 3rd set will be void.

Any bets taken in error relating to Total Games or game handicaps for the match will also be void. Handicap betting , or spread betting, is another important part of rugby betting. In handicap betting, one of the teams is a given a hypothetical advantage or disadvantage, with points being either given to them or taken away from them. This is a good market to bet on when one team is the heavy favourites to win.

New Zealand are seen as a If Tonga win the game or lose it with less than 13 points, you win your bet. If New Zealand win the game with 14 points or more, you lose your bet. If you bet over, you win if there are 42 points or over. Tournament and season bets Outside of individual matches, there are also outright bets on tournaments and leagues. Outrights give you the chance to bet on, for example, the winner of a tournament. When betting on a tournament winner, you have a team to support and follow throughout their games.

Equally, when betting on who will win a league, it is important to note that the odds can go up and down during the season. So making that bet at the start of the campaign may be smart, depending on how the team then fares a few weeks into the season. Individual player betting More and more fans are betting on individual players during rugby games.

And the big market here is first tryscorer. Here, you bet on the player you think will score the opening try of a match. And this can be tricky. Usually the favourites are the backs, who can turn on the attacking flair in an instant. But the forwards can sometimes bulldoze their way to the try line — and their odds are usually much higher. If you think the match is going to be won by whoever kicks the most points — which is often the case, especially at international level — then betting on the highest points scorer is a strong bet.

You can also bet in the disciplinary markets here. Because rugby is such a physical game, there are sometimes punch-ups between the two teams, or a player can make a mistake when tackling. Players can be sin-binned, where they receive a yellow card and leave the field for 10 minutes. You can bet on the first yellow card of a game, while red cards are also part of the sport, although they are more rare.

Rugby Betting Odds for Dozens of Competitions Unibet offers you betting odds for dozens of competitions. These include the most popular national and international leagues and cups in both rugby league and rugby union. The Rugby World Cup comes around every four years and sees the very best players in rugby converge on the tournament. International rugby is a different beast from club rugby and is definitely the pinnacle of the sport.

The Six Nations Championship is an annual competition played between countries in the Northern Hemisphere. There are also special trophies within the tournament which you can bet on. For example, there is a Triple Crown available to whichever team from England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales can beat the other three nations.

England and Scotland battle it out for the Calcutta Cup each year. And if a team wins all five of their matches, the earn a Grand Slam accolade as well as the Six Nations title.

Paddy power handicap betting rules east kilbride v lothian thistle betting odds paddy power handicap betting rules


German, Italian and Spanish Premier Leagues are all available to bet on at Paddy Power, with handicaps on win, lose or draw outcomes. Higher scoring leagues like the German PL offer more unpredictable final goal outcomes on average, ideal for those looking to place a stake an Over the line goal handicap.

Under the line betting can be particularly lucrative, and leagues with less total goals per average match are a great place to start. The French Premier League offers more incentives and better odds on successful goal lines, while live betting allows players to split their bet and effectively change their mind up until the last minute of play.

What are the Asian Handicap betting odds at Paddy Power? Asian Handicap odds are generally drawn to make uneven match draws more even for punters. Live Betting is one of the more flexible ways to win with Asian Handicaps. This method of betting is incredibly popular, and perfect for more seasoned gamblers who want to make more of a profit per match.

Live Betting at Paddy Power is offered on most Premier League and Championship games, with longer odds and higher returns available to pundits who are quick on the draw and betting based on in-play performance. At Paddy Power, punters can get a clear glimpse of odds on match outcomes, even after final adjustments.

At Paddy Power, Handicaps are written in decimal form 1. A typical handicap might look like something like this at Paddy Power: Arsenal At Paddy Power and most online UK bookmakers, odds will be presented in traditional fractional form. Over and Under-Staking Where insufficient cash is paid to cover the bet placed, settlement is made in accordance with the stake as recorded on the receipt as follows: Where insufficient stakes are invested, the total stake will be apportioned over the whole slip.

With various bets on one slip, the slip will be settled in proportion. In other words, the total return will be calculated from your slip as written, then multiplied by the actual cash paid and divided by the amount you should have paid. Where there is over staking, the excess stake money will be invested in proportion over the whole slip. If your slip shows fewer than the correct number of bets the bet return is calculated in proportion.

We multiply what should have been the full return by the stake actually paid. This is then divided by the amount you should have paid. If your slip shows more than the correct number of bets, it is settled to the correct number at the stake unit you request, with the excess cash invested in proportion over the whole bet. Bets are not accepted in shops on Financial Betting and any bets taken in error will be void.

Bets on certain Betting-in-Running markets are not accepted in shops. We reserve the right to void or settle at the correct price and handicap and point values where applicable any bets taken in error on these markets. If, at the time a bet is taken, the market is suspended i. Where the outcome of a selection can be considered to impact, be related to or dependent on another, these selections cannot be combined in multiple bets.

If bets on related selections are accepted in error, such bets will be settled at a retrospective price and handicap and point values where applicable determined by Paddy Power. All bets placed on an SSBT will be settled at the odds offered on the terminal at the time the bet is struck. The only exceptions being where there is an option to place a bet at the Starting Price on a horse or greyhound race, or where an obvious error has occurred in which case the correct odds will be applied to the bet.

Prices offered on live betting are not guaranteed to be available through an event. If taken in error, the stake will be divided between the related elements of the bet. If the related selections have different settlement dates, the result with the later settlement date will be voided e. Clients must register their bet requests as individuals. Cash withdrawals are only available once your Dial-a-Bet or paddypower. Customers are responsible for the security of their PIN.

Customers will be held liable for all withdrawals made using their card and correct PIN. Cash withdrawals are always dependent on the cash available in-shop. PIN validation will be required for every sixth bet. Credit cards cannot be used to fund a deposit to or receive a withdrawal from a Cash Card or Play Card. Paddy Power reserves the right to recover from you any overpaid amounts made in error as part of a cash withdrawal.

Customer transactions may be suspended if customers attempt to deposit and then immediately withdraw cash. This is an anti-money laundering restriction. Paddy Power will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that you comply with the terms of your self-exclusion but you agree and acknowledge that Paddy Power has no responsibility or liability whatsoever if you continue to gamble and place bets with Paddy Power and Paddy Power fails to recognise or determine that you have requested to be self-excluded.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any information provided by you to us is accurate and up-to-date at all times and Paddy Power shall not be liable to you for any claims, damages or losses suffered by you as a result of your failure to provide us with accurate information and to keep such information up-to-date for any reason whatsoever including, without limitation, any claims, damages or losses suffered by you arising out of or in connection with any failure by you to provide accurate information which results in the receipt of marketing.

Other Sports and Rules Rules for any sport not referenced below or any additional rules for sports that are referenced below can be accessed online at paddypower. Rules and will govern settlement disputes for Paddy Power Retail Outlets. In case of any conflict between the Shop Rules and those available on the aforementioned website, the Shop Rules will prevail. Greyhound Racing favourite bets are only accepted on first favourites. Greyhound Racing bets on unnamed second or other unnamed favourites will be void.

Maximum Payout limits apply. Please refer to the section relating to Maximum Payouts. Forecasts involving four-folds and upwards will only be accepted as part of a Paddy Power specialty betting slip incorporating Forecast four-folds etc. Any Forecast accumulators accepted in error, will be settled as Forecast trebles, with the stake involved being equally split over the number of trebles available.

Tricast bets, in which selections must finish first, second and third in the correct order in specified races are accepted in single bets only. Stakes for any Tricast double, treble, etc. Any Tricast bets accepted in error for races where no Tricast dividend is declared will be settled as Computerized Straight Forecasts on the selections nominated to finish first and second, with the selection for third place discounted. Tote Returns We accept Irish Tote bets but these bets must be written on designated Tote betting slips.

Greyhound Racing bets at Tote returns are not accepted and where taken in error will be settled at SP, with the provision that if there is no SP the bet will be void, unless a price has been taken. This will be clearly advertised in the shop. Selected shops take Equally Divided Each-Way bets. If the shop does not accept these bets, but these bets are accepted in error they will be settled as standard accumulator bets.

If a wager is accepted for less than the above units, the bet will stand at the amount paid. Invalid Number of Selections Occasionally, bets will only be accepted with a minimum number of selections e. Where this is the case and a bet taken in error with less than the minimum number of selections, Paddy Power reserves the right to void the bet.

Occasionally, bets will only be accepted as single bets i. Where this is the case and a non-single bet is taken in error, the stake will be equally divided across the legs of the bet and settled as a number of single bets. If the time a bet is accepted as determined by the time printed on the receipt is after the No More Bets Time, the bet will be void, win or lose. There are only two exceptions to this which are as follows: If Betting-in-Running is available, the bet will be placed on the Betting-in-Running market at the price and handicap and point values where applicable available at the time the bet was placed.

This applies to all bets with the exception of Racing bets and bets placed on Soccer Coupons neither of which will go onto the Betting-in-Running markets. If the bet is placed on a Soccer Coupon, the soccer match is underway less than five minutes, the score is still and there have been no red cards in the match then the bet will stand at the price and handicap and point values where applicable that the customer would have received if the bet was placed immediately before the match kicked-off.

Paddy Power reserves the right to modify the No More Bets Time should a technical issue prevent it being set correctly or should information subsequently become available that would have impacted the No More Bets Time. In shops where the Paddy Power EPOS system is not in use, the top copy of a bet must stay in our possession and staff members are instructed not to hand the top copy back to clients under any circumstances. If for any reason the top copy is returned to a client, the bets on that slip will be declared void.

If the customer does not do this, the bet will be determined to be an SP bet if SP betting was available. If only fixed price betting was available, the bet will be assigned the price and handicap and point values where applicable at the time the bet was taken. If there are any blatant errors in prices transmitted, marked up or initialled by a member of our staff, the bet will be settled at the correct price and handicap and point values where applicable at the time the bet was placed.

All prices and handicap and point values where applicable , including Betting-in-Running, are subject to fluctuation and bets will be settled at the price and handicap and point values where applicable that was valid at the time that that bet was accepted as determined by the time printed on the receipt. Every effort is made to quote Scorer odds first, last, first for team, anytime etc.

Odds for other players are available on request and will count as winners if they score, even if not listed in the market. The retrospective price will be determined by Paddy Power if betting was not available. Paddy Power advertises prices on Coupons, in the press and various other locations.

These are guide prices only and therefore subject to fluctuation. On occasion, the prices available may differ between Paddy Power Retail outlets and paddypower. We reserve the right to settle all bets placed in our Retail outlets based on the price available in our EPOS till system at the time of bet placement. Unclear Instructions The onus is on the customer to clearly specify their intended bet.

Paddy Power reserves the right to split the stakes equally between various possibilities in the case of unclear instructions. Where the customer has drawn a line drawn across a slip, this is taken to indicate the end of the bet above the line and the start of the bet beneath it, except where the customer has made it clear that this does not apply.

Named selections - If you specify a name, then that name will stand as your selection, irrespective of it being incorrectly numbered or wrongly timed. Numbered selection - If you specify a numbered selection and do not name the selection, then that number will stand as your selection, irrespective of an incorrect price taken.

Selection with a Price - If no selection name or number is specified and a price is specified, the price will determine the selection. Should a named selection be incorrectly written so that more than one horse in the same race could conceivably have been intended, the stake, or part of the stake affected, will be divided equally between or among the selections concerned.

Two or more selections in same race - In multiple bets, stakes will be divided equally in all sections of the bet where the selections clash. Selection s repeated in multiple bets - If the same selection is included more than once in a multiple bet, the second and subsequent times it is written will be treated as a non-runner. If you include two or more selections from the same event in a multiple bet, stakes will be divided equally in all parts where the selections clash.

If, however, one of these selections is also entered for another race on that day the bet will be settled for the race in which they do not clash. Horses and greyhounds with the same name - If a horse and dog of the same name run on the same day, and it is not clear which is the selection, in horse multiple bets the horse will count as your selection and in greyhound multiple bets the greyhound will count as your selection.

Single bets and multiple bets containing both horses and greyhounds will be settled on the horse unless your bet is placed after one or other of the two selections has run, in which case it will be settled on the one still to run. Where a horse or greyhound has the same name as a virtual selection, the horse or greyhound selection will count unless the virtual selection is clearly specified. Where two horse racing selections have the same name and are running on the same day, bets will be taken as being for the primary race as determined by Paddy Power , unless it is clearly specified which race the bet should apply to.

No bet instructions - Where all selections are made, from different events, and a single stake is stated then the bet will be settled as win only as follows: 1 selection as a Win Single; 2 selections as a Win Double; 3 selections as a Win Trixie; 4 selections as a Win Yankee; 5 selections as a Win Canadian; 6 selections as a Win Heinz; 7 or more selections as full-cover doubles, trebles, etc.

These win bets will be settled as each-way only when this is stated on the betting slip. All multiple and Through-The-Card bets on unnamed greyhound selections must have the correct meeting and the times stated, otherwise the bet, or affected part of the bet will be void. However, in cases where the meeting is omitted, but collective race times are written, making it clear that only one particular meeting can be intended, the bet will stand for that meeting.

Where two meetings are held at the same track on the same day, the particular meeting for which the bet is intended must be clearly indicated. When it is not indicated, the bet will be deemed to be for the first meeting at which all the timed selections are still to run.

If there is more than one horse meeting with a race at the same time, then your single stake will be divided accordingly. In multiple bets the selection will be void. Meeting stated but no time or incorrectly timed - If your selection is incorrectly timed, all single bets including Forecasts, Tricasts etc. If your selection is untimed or if there is no meeting with a corresponding race time then all single bets will be settled on the next race to run at the meeting stated.

In all multiple bets the selection will be void unless the sequence of selections written on the slip make the intended time clear. If a price has been taken on a numbered selection and it is clear as to the specific selection and race on which that price was available at the time you placed your bet, the bet will stand for that race irrespective of the race time written on the slip. No selection stated - Provided that either a race time or a meeting is stated, your bet whether win or each-way, will stand for the 1st Favourite in that race.

Unnamed Favorite by race order - When an unnamed favorite is selected and you indicate the race you want by the order it appears on the race-card then your bet will be taken as the first favorite in that race unless specifically otherwise stated.

Thus if the bet is a Yankee 2. Where a selection is doubly engaged and is timed by the customer, it will be settled as a bet for that timed race only. Where it is untimed, or incorrectly timed, the bet will be on the first race in which the selection is entered to run, after the time that the bet was placed.

If two selections, one of which is doubly engaged, are included in a double, treble or accumulator and run in the same race, the one which is doubly engaged will be deemed to be timed for the race in which they do not clash. If both are doubly engaged, the selection written first will be timed for the race in which it runs, and the other timed for the race in which they do not clash.

This does not apply to single bets, which are treated as entirely separate bets. Written instructions for a selection with the field, or a selection written against the field, will be taken as for the selection to win.

Instructions for the field with, or the field against, will be taken as for the selection to be second. Where three or more selections are made for a straight Forecast bet settlement will be made as a full combination of Forecasts. When a smaller number of combinations than the full permutation are required, this must make this clear. Where a permutation is used which could apply equally to Forecasts and Tricast bets, and there is no specific instructions as to which applies, the bet will be settled as for Forecasts, excepting cases as covered under our general practice rule under Claims and Disputes.

Where a client nominates a dual Forecast in a race for which a straight Forecast is declared, the stake will be divided and invested as two straight Forecasts. Only named selections or race-card numbers will be accepted in Tricast bets, with the name taking precedence where there is a discrepancy, and any Tricast which contains an unnamed favorite, then that selection will be settled as a non-runner.

In the event of less than six selections for Placepot or Jackpot or four selections for Quadpot being entered and it is clear which race s were omitted, the favorite will be substituted for the missing selection s. Ambiguous selections will be substituted by the favorite. Sports Where the team or player has been specified but the market has not, bets will be taken as being for the primary market that team or player is involved in as determined by Paddy Power.

Where a customer has specified a player by name and without any other distinguishing information such as price and there is more than one player with the same name, the player with the lowest advertised price will be taken as the selection. In the event of two or more players being quoted at the lowest advertised price, the stake will be equally split between the two possibilities.

Where markets are offered with more than one set of each-way terms e. Numbers When numbers bets are placed but not clearly identified for any specific game or draw, such bets will be settled on the first numbers game drawn after the bet was placed where the selected numbers fit the criteria of that specific draw.

Where numbers are placed but not clearly identified for any specific draw within a game, the bet is taken as being on the main i. Where it is not clear whether bets are to include the bonus ball or not, it will be taken as not including the bonus ball.

Where it is not clear which bet type is intended, it is assumed to be a straight accumulator of all the numbers selected i. Where the same number is chosen more than once in the same bet, only the first instance of the number is used and other instances are ignored.

Where a number written by a customer is ambiguous, Paddy Power reserves the right to interpret what that number is or omit that number from settlement i. Settlement Rules In any horse, greyhound or virtual race of fewer than 5 starters, all place stakes will be treated as win. Each-way accumulative bets are settled win-to-win and place-to-place. Except in specific Place-Only markets, place bets are not accepted unless at least an equal amount is invested to win.

Where there is excess place money over win money in each-way bets, then that part of the bet will be void, win or lose. For Forecast bets, there must be a minimum of three runners in the race. Otherwise the Forecast selected will be void. Tricasts will be settled in accordance with the official computerized return, or by a calculated method as may be advertised or displayed in our shops from time to time on major events.

Where a favourite has been specified in Tote returns bet and there are joint favourites, the runner with the lowest numerical race card number will be the selection. Where a winning Jackpot bet is placed at Tote returns and the Jackpot is not won, bets will be settled as SP win accumulators. Where a winning Placepot or Quadpot bet is placed at Tote returns and the Placepot or Quadpot is not won, bets will be settled as SP place accumulators.

The customer selects a horse or the unnamed favourite in each of the six nominated Scoop 6 races. Should races other than the Scoop 6 races be selected, the bet will be settled as an SP accumulator with no bonus and a standard placepot bet. Multiple bets - void selections will be treated as non-runners within the bet. Paddy Power reserves the right to refuse payment on any bet that cannot be substantiated by the Paddy Power EPOS system or void any bet which we are satisfied is not bona fide.

If at the time the bet was taken, the outcome of the market was resolved or the customer could have had an unfair indication of the outcome, then the bets involved will be void. If Paddy Power believes there has been price rigging, we reserve the right to declare the bets concerned void.

Where there is evidence of Pool rigging, we reserve the right to limit payments on any Tote returns bet to a maximum of twice the SP win or place accumulator odds respectively. Where there is evidence of price, race, match or event rigging, we reserve the right to withhold payment pending the outcome of any subsequent investigation and ultimately to declare bets on that event as void. Where evidence of rigging exists or where there is evidence of a series of bets each containing the same selection, having been placed by or for the same individual or by a syndicate of individuals, we reserve the right to require claims for payment to be submitted in writing to our Customer Service Department.

These offers may be run in some or all shops. Most Paddy Power Money-Back Specials and Concessions have specific terms and conditions associated with them which will be advertised in shops. These only apply to bets placed on these slips. Where a Concession bonus applies for Forecast doubles or trebles, the bonus is added to the calculated total return, i. All other sports specials apply to the standard duration of the event unless otherwise stated.

All Money-Back Specials and Concessions are valid only up to the start of an event unless otherwise stated. All Money-Back Specials and Concessions apply to single bets only unless otherwise stated. Paddy Power reserves the right to withdraw or remove a Money-Back Special or Concession without prior notice. Should a Money-Back Special or Concession be withdrawn all bets on that event will stand win or lose. All qualifying Money Back Specials will be paid out in the form of a free bet unless otherwise stated.

Maximum Payouts It is the duty of all customers to stay within the limits mentioned hereafter. The limits apply to both single and multiple type bets. Where a multiple bet i. All bets are subject to a maximum payment to any one customer, or as set out below, any group of related customers in any one day irrespective of stakes, odds or number of winning lines as listed below. Other than as set out below, a bet is accepted on the basis that it is the investment of one customer.

Should we have reason to believe that a number of bets have been placed this way, the total payment of all those bets combined will be limited to one single maximum payout. We reserve the right, in our discretion, to apply the limits. The above limits apply even where a customer has taken prices, and except in the following cases: Any bet in Ireland or the UK which includes a selection which is not covered in Full Service i.

Quadpots are also subject to a maximum payment of twice the total Tote pool, or twice the SP place accumulator returns, whichever is the lesser. Where we believe the Tote return has been affected by rigging we reserve the right to settle all Tote bets at the returned SP or its place equivalent.

Other Sports not listed above For a comprehensive list of maximum payouts relating to any sport or product not listed above, please refer to the Help section of the Paddy Power website support. Paddy Power Concessions The maximum payment to any one client in respect of any Paddy Power concession i. Racing Rules - Horse Racing General Settlement Of Bets Horse racing bets are automatically settled on a double result basis unless otherwise stated or as detailed in the double result section herein.

Future Racing bets are settled on the Rules of Racing unless otherwise advertised. Where a result is amended after the weigh-in such an amendment will be ignored for settlement purposes. The advertised times of races, the runners, returns and results as published in the Racing Post or the national press will govern settlement of all bets, excepting errors and omissions.

Unless otherwise provided for in these rules, all bets will be settled at starting price, with the place part of each-way bets settled as per place terms set out in these rules. For overseas racing please refer to overseas racing section. In the event of a walk-over named or unnamed selections will be void and treated as non- runners for settlement purposes.

Queries regarding errors should be made within 14 days of settlement of the bet. In a Dead Heat, the stake money on a selection is divided by the number of runners involved in the Dead Heat.

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