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Football betting explained

football betting explained

To win a bet on Oakland, they have to win by more than 3 points. For Kansas City to win, they can either win the game or lose by under 3 points. If Oakland wins. To bet on football, tell the ticket writer the bet number of the team you wish to bet, with the point spread and the amount you wish to wager. The payout. The spread encourages equal betting on both teams, as it essentially “gives” points to the underdog. You most often find spreads with half-points attached. OFF TRACK BETTING NEW YORK HISTORY PICTURES

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In systematic betting, the banker is a choice that must win to guarantee a return. Offers higher returns than singles and better chances of winning than cascading accumulators, doubles, or simple doubles, used by a large number of sports bettors today.

Double Chance Bet Double chance betting is usually deployed by bettors who like to support the loser, and its main feature is that it covers two out of three possible outcomes. By getting a double chance on a team, you will win the same amount of money if your team wins or if they tie, meaning that only the team you support will lose if the team you support loses. If a bettor backs a team in a tie no-bet market, his bet will win if his team wins, and in the event of a tie, the full bet will be refunded.

Dutch Dutching is a betting system used to cover multiple competitors in an event, ensuring that each of these bets guarantees the same profit while eliminating major losers. This is most often used in horse racing, when bettors are betting on a horse to win or position usually top 3. In European Handicap, one of the two teams has the advantage before the game, but there are still three possible outcomes — home win, draw and away win.

Players only need to win all other bets with odd odds or higher to stay green, so betting on even odds can be a safe way to make steady profits exact or perfect Exact or perfect, usually used in horse racing, where the punter must correctly choose the order of first and second place. Fixed Odds Betting Fixed odds betting is the process of placing bets on pre-determined odds, which means you know exactly how much money you can make when you place your bet.

No matter how much the odds fluctuate after you place your bet, your potential return will not change. Prediction betting is usually taken as a direct bet on the outcome of a football match, where bettors usually predict that two teams will finish first and second respectively in a major league or competition.

The logic is that in the end the bet will win, and in addition to winning, the lost money will also be earned back. Outright betting is usually placed before the start of the season, but can be placed even during the game. Instead of guessing the correct amount for the aforementioned events, they have to guess whether the final amount will exceed or fall below the line set by the bookmaker.

For example, instead of just betting on one team to win, the favorite team may have to win by a certain amount the spread. The bookmakers usually add promotions and special offers to accumulator bets, meaning the potential winnings can be even greater.

On the other hand, accumulator bets have to be placed at one bookmaker meaning you may not always get the best odds on each selection. For more information and how to win more football accumulators in , check out this article. The first part of the market represents a home team win, the second a draw and the third an away victory. Both teams to score This football betting term is pretty self-explanatory.

You should generally expect the odds for this market to be quite low unless a fixture is likely to be incredibly one-sided. Guessing the correct score can be quite difficult so you can expect large returns if your bet wins. Draw no bet A draw no bet is a football betting market that is voided if the fixture ends in a draw. In other words, your wager is returned if the game finishes level. However, if your selected team wins or loses, the bet still stands.

Double chance A double chance bet allows you to bet on a team winning or drawing a fixture. It essentially has two parts to the bet meaning you have two chances at winning. You may find several promotions available on these markets, especially if leading goal scorers are in action. The odds will be lower than in the previous goal market. Handicap A betting market that levels the playing field between strong and weaker opponents. The underdog is usually given a head start in terms of goals.

If you wish, you also usually have the option to select which half you think the outcome will occur in. As you can imagine, winning outcomes are quite unlikely meaning large returns if you land your bet. You can select whether you think the number will be higher or lower than a certain figure. You can also bet on other types of football market including outrights and specials.

However, these markets are pretty self-explanatory. Football betting terms Here are a few more key football betting terms you may come across once you begin your betting journey. Back bets When you stake money on a certain outcome happening.

Bankroll The amount of money you have in your theoretical betting balance. Cash-out A popular betting feature which enables punters to close and settle their bets before an event has finished. Betting on football is one of the most exciting sports to place your wagers on.

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