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hadiputranto hadinoto partners mining bitcoins

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His unique combination of technical knowledge in tax, accounting, finance and law, as well as his expertise of the Indonesian taxation system enable him to become a trusted advisor to clients. He is able to deliver holistic and practical taxation services to clients and to accomplish complex and challenging tax-related projects. Many international and local economic groups have required his special skills in tax planning and tax disputes services, with successful results.

In addition, he has also assisted and represented many multi-national companies for various high profile tax litigation cases in the Tax Court and Supreme Court in Indonesia. Several tax cases that he has handled are related to tax treaty implementation, merger and acquisitions, royalty payment on intangibles assets, transfer pricing adjustments, Value Added Tax, and regional taxes. Share this page. Our team of specialized legal and business consultants provides high-quality services to both Greek and international clients.

Founder of the company, Serafim Sotiriadis, is one of the leading lawyers in Greece in the fields of Bankruptcy Law and the Business Consolidation process. Recognized on a very large scale, pioneering and inventive, he has established himself as a distinct personality in the above areas and has associated his name with many of the most important issues that have occupied Greek society.

He is a regular honorary speaker at the most important conferences and workshops on Business Consolidation and Bank Loan Restructuring. The fact that our company opens new avenues in legal science by creating case law is due to its decisive contribution and experience. Our company is an organization, each member of which cooperates harmoniously with the rest. Our people are well-trained and experienced lawyers, financial experts and business consultants with complete specialization in their subject matter and excellent knowledge of English, French, Italian and Spanish.

With comprehensive legal knowledge, our experts offer reliable, comprehensive solutions and advice on legal and business issues. Our clients include large banks, leading construction and trading companies, energy companies, clothing and furniture industries, shipbuilding companies, investment groups, handicrafts and manufacturing companies as well as many investors and funds with a presence in Greece.

Each case is unique, it has a personal interest for us, which is why we formulate specialized practices. We methodically examine the specifics of each case and combine the knowledge of the whole team in each legal field. Thus, our clients enjoy a comprehensive and effective resolution of every aspect of their legal issues. We study cases intensively, act directly and methodically and make decisions vigorously, as and when required. But we will never sacrifice quality on the altar of immediacy.

The continuous training of our staff translates into successful cases and strengthens our prestige. Security in document management and handling is based on the most demanding international standards for effective communication between clients and lawyers.

The commercial lawyers of our company are very experienced in handling these cases. We support our clients in all cases, from providing legal advice on the obligations and debts of insolvent companies to Debt Restructuring and Bankruptcy Procedures. Our comprehensive services include advice and support from the first signs of malfunction to the completion of Insolvency, Resolution or Bankruptcy Procedures.

The Resolution Mechanisms b and d of the Greek Bankruptcy Code are the main collective procedures before the Insolvency one, which aim at restructuring the debts of the companies without neglecting the collective satisfaction of the creditors. The deep knowledge of our lawyers in this field, combined with their many years of experience, allows them to have a realistic and specialized approach to each new case.

Liquidation Procedures Our experienced lawyers help our clients deal with the complexity of Business Clearing, whether the process is voluntary or mandatory. Our law firm regularly deals with all Insolvency scenarios, including Management, Liquidation, Bankruptcy and Debt Recovery.

Debt Settlement Our company also offers a wide range of services in terms of debt settlement of both small and medium enterprises and large companies. The litigation team possesses the knowledge and the tools to build up a coherent strategy for the client to its favour, taking into consideration all parameters of a case. Notably, said team has successfully addressed various trademark and patent infringement cases involving individuals and companies throughout Greece, either by reaching out-of-court agreements or by proceeding to litigation and representing the client before the High Courts of all instances.

The firm aptly combines its international orientation with a thorough knowledge of the Greek legal and business environment. Most of them are admitted to practise before the Supreme Court and the Council of State. In addition, they are regular contributors to important and internationally recognised IP resources.

In order to prevent conflicts as far as possible, they offer preventative advice in the areas of their competence. They will propose litigation only when it is inevitable, and they believe in mediation as a timeefficient and effective tool to achieve this goal. Sometimes for the solution of complex problems it is necessary to build a team composed of several experts. It is a vast and complex discipline that every operator who intends to seriously enter the international scene must deal with effectively.

The consequences of incorrect customs planning can lead to significant problems. In this field, he collaborates as a contract lecturer with the Departments of Legal Sciences and Business Economics of the University of Verona. He speaks at seminars and conferences on customs topics or organised by professional and entrepreneurial associations; he collaborates with sector journals and is the author of publications on this subject.

For G. Giappichelli Editore, he has published Il sistema doganale: evoluzione, istituti, adempimenti, pp. SLV supports public authorities and publicowned companies, as well as national and international private clients, specifically with reference to the sector of public procurement, which includes public economic law, grants and project financing, sustainable development, town-planning and urban regeneration programmes, also related to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan PNRR.

The Firm, since its foundation, has been involved in complex infrastructure projects like the construction of metro lines in Milan, gas distribution systems and waste treatment plants. In this regard, they introduced new tender procedures that, on one hand, can assure flexibility and efficiency and, on the other one, can comply with the general principles of the administrative law — neutrality, transparency, impartiality and publicity.

Public authorities increasingly ask for strategic procurement, which consists of an all-round and highly specialised consultancy on the ongoing strategy on the basis of the project. In this context, the constant dialogue with the client, the face-to-face approach and the tailor-made solutions are fundamental for the success of the operation. Moreover, a new way of conceiving public procurement is growing nowadays. New tender procedures must comply with green purposes, and social impact must be implemented.

Public authorities are also starting to realise that collaborative approaches, especially with the contractors, can prevent delays, costs increases and judicial claims. SLV is striving for the creation of a faster and simpler public procurement system that complies with sustainable targets and ensures the best competitive measures for the community.

Sara Valaguzza Sara Valaguzza is a well-established lawyer in the field of administrative law. She is an expert of public and private contracts, including outcome-based contracts, strategic procurement especially of supply chain , sustainable development, as well as urban regeneration.

FAC-1 in several innovative projects in Italy and Europe. Eugenio Pizzaghi Eugenio Pizzaghi mainly deals with townplanning, construction and environmental issues, both in an out-of-court and dispute resolution levels. He shares his passion for built environment and urban development with Clients, both private subjects and public administrations. Monica Lauro Monica Lauro aids in out-of-court activities in the field of public contractual law; in particular, she has gained her experience in the solution of complex issues concerning the execution of concession contracts, building and management of line infrastructure.

She also gained expertise in the field of tax litigation and civil disputes; she is able to thoroughly draft and implement organisational, management and assessment models, in addition to providing useful assistance in criminal proceedings and trials. With a problem-solving and creative approach, they have become our strategy and management partners. This struck me about Studio Valaguzza: they always strive to think in all possible ways. With offices in Porto, Lisbon, Brussels and Luanda, it also has privileged relationships with several law firms abroad.

This guarantees clients a complete representation of their interests in the European Union, China, the United States and in the portuguesespeaking world — particularly in Angola, Brazil and Mozambique. NEXT LAWYERS, winner of several international awards, also maintains close ties with the academic world, either through the teaching activities of its members, or through the development of specialisation and research projects. The universe of support for entrepreneurship, particularly start-ups, is one of the fields in which we invest the most.

The team is also well experienced and renowned for providing a full and comprehensive service regarding the structure of the most suitable investment vehicles for the envisaged operation; namely, UCITS structures in Portugal or cross-border real estate investment funds, SICAFIs and private equity funds. The Real Estate department also participates in international market operations, namely in Malta, Luxembourg, Angola and Brazil.

Languages: English, French and Spanish. Its client base is comprised of major institutional investors, especially banks, asset management companies, investment fund management companies as well as real estate developers, hotel groups, construction companies and private investors. He is an expert in real estate transactions, particularly in the investment funds area. In recent years, he has been involved in a number of big-ticket real estate investments by some of the leading Portuguese and Angolan economic groups, including the most prestigious banks and private investors.

Moreover, Mr. Its Mission To support the visionaries who want to change the world — to make it a more ethical, sustainable and people-driven planet to live in. Its Vision To become the fastest-growing corporate finance advisers focused on disruptive businesses, new talents and entrepreneurs. To this end, Mr Alandry has completed hundreds of deals in his career and has advised countless corporate transactions.

His firm primarily draws its focus on deals that ensure sustainability and the wellbeing of society. These cases can arise — for example — from an injury sustained in the workplace, a road traffic or cycling accident, negligence in surgery, or other causes.

Simon is one of the founders of Podiatric Surgery and Podiatric Sports medicine in the UK, but for many years has specialised in non-surgical gait evaluation techniques and, where possible, offers alternatives to surgery for foot problems. He divides his time between his private practice and expert witness work.

Where a patient has an injury that impacts their ability to walk, to be mobile or suffers continued pain, Simon can offer his opinion for the Court. He has been involved in criminal cases calling on his expertise in gait analysis of CCTV footage and footprint analysis, but concentrates more now on personal injury and medical negligence cases. He was first registered with the Legal Services Commission as a Podiatric expert in He holds full Expert Witness institute insurance indemnity cover.

Working with the offshore, marine and renewable sectors, we have created a benchmark for industry safety. The FROG transfer carrier is an industry benchmark, with Reflex Marine widely recognised as a global leader in offshore access.

We aim to make safe access possible in even the most demanding climates and conditions. Our integrated approach will help you assess your risks, develop operating strategies and implement best practice. You will also be supported with training and servicing. We have led many joint industry initiatives promoting safe access as well as improved emergency provisions.

In partnership, we have created the 10 Golden Rules for crane transfer operations and established the global Marine Transfer Forum. Our Values Every aspect of what we do is driven by our values and respect for people and the planet. We look beyond profits and revenues, believing that the true measure of any business is its overall contribution to society.

With this in mind, our Employment Charter helps us to hire those people that share our beliefs and commitment. We want to enhance the safety of offshore personnel, develop our team and nurture rewarding relationships with our stakeholders. We are proud to take a different approach to business and believe in living our values.

At Reflex Marine, we spend time investing in people. The Planet As an international company involved in the offshore energy sector, we understand that we have a responsibility to consider the impact of our activities. We are active in the offshore wind sector and have made substantial investment in developing safer systems to access offshore wind assets. We constantly strive to reduce our direct environmental impacts.

Green initiatives include encouraging staff to make low-impact travel choices, empowering regional partners to provide an increased range of services, and investing in energy-efficient offices. Our head office benefits from environmental technologies, such as extensive thermal insulation, a pellet boiler heating system and energy-saving lighting. Our Clients Through working closely with our clients, we are ensuring safe, efficient personnel transfers across the globe.

Products We are moving crew transfer into a new era. Thoroughly tested and verified, our innovative solutions make transfers safer. Access Technology Reflex Marine carriers put safety first — offering extensive protection from falling, collision, heavy landings and immersion during transfer. Having a corporate finance background, she worked on greenfield and brownfield projects, as well as supporting UN-led feasibility studies in multicultural environments.

Michael M. Petr Michal, PhD. Partner of ZCH Legal v. Laubenthal, LL. Christoph Ph. Alexandris, LL. Paolo Gaeta Dottore Commercialista paolo. The Latin America and Caribbean region will see its pace of growth decelerate in to 2. This slowdown takes place in a context of significant asymmetries between developed, emerging and developing countries with regard to the capacity to implement fiscal, social, monetary as well as health and vaccination policies for a sustainable recovery from the crisis unleashed by the COVID pandemic.

Meanwhile, in , the region experienced higher-than-expected growth, averaging 6. Emerging economies, meanwhile, are seen growing 5. In , another three countries will join them, accounting for a total of 14 countries of the 33 that make up the region. Global Awards 45 It is of central importance that the combination of monetary and fiscal policies prioritises growth stimulation as well as inflation containment, ECLAC adds.

This entails the need for coordinated fiscal and monetary policies and the use of all available instruments to adequately prioritise the challenges of growth with monetary-financial stability. Furthermore, the inequality between men and women was accentuated, reflecting the larger care burden on women and less dynamism in the sectors in which female employment is concentrated, such as services.

The report also addresses one of the most worrisome economic issues today at a regional and global level: the rise in the price of products and services. Once again, the price of energy and food in international markets, along with the evolution of the exchange rate, will be critical to determining future price dynamics. In addition, the United Nations organisation emphasises that it is crucial to increase tax collection levels and to improve the tax structure to give fiscal sustainability to a growing trajectory of expenditure demands.

The challenges foreseen in — including lower economic growth, the risks of higher interest rates, currency depreciations and the possible weakening of sovereign credit ratings — make fiscal policy management more complex. That is why a strategic vision for public spending is required that would link short-term demands with long-term investments and contribute to closing social gaps.

In another area, financing for development is also key for supporting policy spaces and investment. It is necessary to expand and redistribute liquidity from developed countries to developing countries; strengthen development banks; reform the international debt architecture; provide countries with a set of innovative instruments aimed at increasing debt repayment capacity and avoiding over-indebtedness; and integrate liquidity and debt reduction measures into a resilience strategy geared towards building a better future.

Based in Pasadena, California, the firm was formed in to fuel the innovation economy of the future by investing in innovative technologies and maximising the benefits to society by licensing those technologies on ethical terms. Since its formation, iPEL has developed one of the largest and most advanced technology portfolios in the world. Its vast array of proprietary technologies covers a wide range of industries, including consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunications, networking, gaming and the Internet of Things IOT.

From to , Mr Yates represented technology companies as a patent prosecutor and patent litigator. During the seven years leading up to iPEL, Mr Yates founded more than 40 technology companies — each focusing on a different aspect of technology and owning valuable patent rights.

During the past decade, Mr Yates has successfully licensed the patents of his wholly-owned companies to more than 1, companies, including nearly every technology company on the Fortune Keeping its commitment to driving innovation and protecting patent rights for the global IP community, iPEL has made significant investments around the world. For a company that wants to benefit from the research and development efforts of world-class innovators, obtaining a licence from iPEL is an efficient and fair solution.

Thanks to the high level of professionals, we advise the business and government sectors in areas of law that are crucial for the economic development of the country. As a partner and attorney, he has led the areas of antitrust, competition and administrative law at the firm. His prestigious career in the public sector has contributed to improving public regulations and the competitive rights of companies in order to benefit the consumer.

His ongoing and highly qualified professional training in administrative law public law at the Austral University Argentina allows Mr. In addition, Mr. In terms of our client base, we currently retain renowned and prestigious companies in Peru — some of them are transnational.

As well as acting as a SAP Ecosystem Partner, it is a member of Baker Tilly International, a prominent global financial services network comprised of 37, people in countries, whose members provide highquality services for companies in all sectors. Walter A. He is joined by Managing Partner Dr. Noles, who noted that outsourcing services has today become a trend that allows a company to focus on the heart of its business.

This is possible because we have a motivated team possessing strong moral values, who expertly follow processes designed to render the best customer service. To this end, the firm frequently conducts its work globally between member firms of Baker Tilly, bringing a high level of collaborative experience to a truly multinational client base. In recent months, the firm has managed to maintain a steady rate of development against the current — despite the fact that many other companies have, unfortunately, been badly hit by the COVID pandemic.

It has also seized the opportunity to strengthen its work teams by renewing its ISO Quality Certification for financial audit, accounting outsourcing and tax audit services — as well as being appointed a partner firm for SAP software solutions. Looking ahead, we aim to further diversify our range of professional services — prioritising the timely development of SAP solutions, combined with an implementation of AI systems.

Under St Kitts and Nevis law, your citizenship application must be submitted by an authorised person. At Joseph Rowe, we are authorised to submit your citizenship application to the relevant authorities on your behalf. Dahlia Joseph Rowe, a Grenadian National and the Grenadian Island Scholar, started Joseph Rowe law firm after leaving a lucrative partnership at the largest law firm in the Federation of St Christopher and Nevis, where she worked for more than 10 years.

She also holds a Master of Law degree from the University of London. We are a registered service provider who can take care of the registration of your Nevis company or international trust. We make the maintenance of your Nevis entity hassle-free.

In addition to providing registered agent services, which include a local address for service, we are also available should you require any legal support for any transactions involving your Nevis entity. Litigation Commercial, Civil, Personal injury, Admiralty, Real Property, Contentious Probate We are well equipped to advance your case in Court firmly, fearlessly, effectively and aggressively.

We possess a wealth of experience in a wide range of litigation matters, such as commercial disputes including urgent interlocutory applications , breach of contract, torts, personal injury cases, corporate insolvency and admiralty. We are experienced and highly skilled at strategically prosecuting and defending claims, so as to achieve the most favourable results for our clients. We work very closely with the St Kitts and Nevis International Ship Registry to assist with the registration of vessels, and specialise particularly in the registration of mortgages over St Kitts and Nevis vessels.

Throughout this global expansion, the firm has remained committed to preserving its collegial, collaborative culture, which has attracted many talented attorneys. Government Contracts and International Trade Governments are among the largest consumers of goods and services, ranging from janitorial services, to cutting-edge information technology, to military and police hardware.

Increasingly, governments are turning to the private sector to meet their needs, presenting reliable and lucrative opportunities for government contractors. Unlike commercial transactions, government contracts are typically highly regulated, and have serious consequences for contractors who do not comply with the complex and changing rules of doing business with the government.

Clients greatly value this experiential overlap of having been at the other side of the table in dealing with the regulators. Aside from this practical perspective offered by its experienced lawyers, the firm is further distinguished from its peers in that it provides clients with truly hands-on service. With a lean administrative structure, the firm does not have the large bureaucratic overhead costs of many of its competitors, and therefore, its billing rates are not impacted by such overhead costs.

In the current climate, with technology innovation disrupting the financial services and banking industries, both traditional clients and startups have increasingly turned to the firm to guide them through new opportunities that are often fraught with regulatory and litigation risk.

As a result, we have extensive experience in government, in-house and private practice, and are prepared to help clients navigate the highly regulated and technical issues that regularly arise in government procurement contracts. Geoffrey Goodale Geoffrey M. Goodale is instrumental in advising clients on all aspects of compliance with U. He regularly represents clients in matters concerning U.

Our clients require guidance in avoiding unwanted enforcement activity. Electrical , J. Central America and the Caribbean Lic. Niswanger, Esq.

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Spare parts and toners were getting more costly and difficult to acquire due to lack of existing stock in the market. The lack of usage control and monitoring with the existing fleet made it challenging to provide detailed cost accountability. The Solution Recognising a Need for Change Driven by the desire to improve organisational efficiency and client accountability, HHP began looking into various alternatives to replace their existing fleet of printers.

Based on their findings, PTS tailored a solution that would help HHP achieve its financial and operational objectives. Seamlessly integrated into HHP's existing network and resources sharing platform, users can now scan, store and share documents effortlessly. Averaging close to 10, copies per month per device with an output speed of between 25 to 40ppm, document processing workflow is more efficient than ever before. The new fleet also boasts an intuitive user interface and highquality printouts.

By the following year, 13 more devices were added to the fleet to further boost productivity. The Results Improved Accountability The login and tracking capabilities on the devices allow HHP to monitor and manage printing cost effectively. A different user interface on the new fleet meant that users had to re-learn the operations of devices.

To alleviate this issue, PTS's technical support team provided comprehensive on-site user training after the implementation. Capital Markets. We assist clients in structuring agreements for We have advised investors, developers, the manufacture, supply, sale and movement of lenders, service contractors and off-takers in As one of Indonesia's leading capital market landmark transactions in the energy, mining and goods and services, both domestically and practices, we provide companies, infrastructure sectors, and in power generation internationally.

We have worked on services relating to both public and private practices and provide representation several of Indonesias private sector debt and equity offerings local and in anti-monopoly cases. We assist in product concessions for toll road and water project international , including capital market liability issues, and labeling, distribution and developments, and oil and gas projects, regulations.

We have practices. Climate change. Our exchange committee. We can also help clients in commercial We advise on various corporate and dispute arbitration in or outside Indonesia. We climate change projects. We represent Banking and finance. IP agreements. Collaborating with senior construction loans, project finance, asset- Indonesias difficult enforcement environment. We regularly counsel increasingly sophisticated tax system in We assist foreign companies in on emerging legal issues in Indonesias Indonesia.

We advise Indonesian and foreign establishing joint ventures and rapidly changing financial markets. We can advise matters. We are the only law firm in Indonesia offshore transactions with ease. We also companies and creditors committees on with a full-service tax practice, backed by a assist in obtaining governmental restructuring issues, and help develop successful track record spanning almost 20 approvals and licenses.

We have assisted in several high plan. We acting as liquidators. Tax Authority, and have experienced tax advise businesses on general litigators who can represent clients in all compliance and day-to-day legal issues.

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