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Venezuela produttore di petrolio investing

venezuela produttore di petrolio investing

A fine anno i timori di scarsità di petrolio per le sanzioni all'Iran hanno spinto. Russia e Arabia Saudita a nuovi record di produzione e. Lo STOXX paneuropeo cede lo 0,56%, dopo aver guadagnato quasi l'1% all'apertura dei mercati. I settori europei dei viaggi e del tempo libero. Savona (SV) – VILLA FERA · VILLA LAMBERTINI · Siena – Villa Chigi Farnese · Schio – Villino Rossi · Pieve di Cadore (BL) – Former railway station Sottocastello. LEVERAGED BITCOIN TRADING US

The government is censoring information and also blocking access to the NTN24 website. The social network has confirmed this attempt at censorship by the government and has subsequently issued a step-by-step guide to circumventing the problem. Does it intend to evaluate the imposition of sanctions and proceed to freeze any funds intended for the country?

High rates of inflation, crime, and scarcity of several basic products, as well as extensive corruption and intimidation of the media and the democratic opposition in general, have served to increase tensions and political polarisation to worrying levels. In light of the above, could the Commission indicate what action the EU can take to prevent the alarming violation of fundamental rights by the Venezuelan Government and to guarantee respect for the principle of the separation of powers in Venezuela?

The protests, which began at the beginning of February as a peaceful student demonstration against the rape of a female student, soon descended into violence and chaos, with armed clashes taking place between the protestors and the security forces of the incumbent Venezuelan Government, which has the backing of countries such as Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, China and Russia. Is the Commission aware of the facts described above? What measures does it intend to take in order to protect the rights of protestors and guarantee the safety of civilians?

My constituent tells me that after the EP resolution on Venezuela was passed on 27 February , Parliament wished to send an ad hoc delegation to Venezuela. However, the Venezuelan Government has said it will not accept international mediation. My constituent would like the Venezuelan Government to engage in unconditional dialogue with the opposition. He would also like the EU to take further action to protect citizens in Venezuela and to seek a peaceful resolution to this crisis.

Could the Commission state if it is putting any pressure on the Venezuelan Government to end the current outbreak of violence and to protect the welfare of its citizens? The Commission refers the Honourable Member to its 21 February Statement on unrest in Venezuela as well as to the official statement given by the Commissioner responsible for Taxation, Customs, Statistics, Audit and Anti-Fraud on behalf of the Commission during the European Parliament plenary debate on 27 February.

In addition the spokesperson of the Commission issued statements on 14 February, 28 March and 14 April. Under the new financial instruments for the period , EU aid resources will be concentrated on the poorest and most vulnerable countries and regions. Venezuela, which has been classified by the World Bank as an upper middle income economy during three consecutive years on the basis of the gross national income GNI per capita, is among the countries that will no longer benefits from bilateral cooperation aid and, from 1 January , the General Scheme of trade Preferences GSP.

The European Commission's allocations for humanitarian assistance are provided following a strictly needs-based approach and applying the humanitarian principles. Since, , the European Commission has provided humanitarian assistance to Venezuela, totalling EUR 14 , including support to disaster preparedness.

I bambini, in particolare, sono estremamente vulnerabili. Il Segretario generale dell'ONU ha chiesto al governo siriano di concedere agli operatori umanitari un maggiore accesso al paese. L'uso indiscriminato da parte del governo delle bombe barile ha provocato centinaia di vittime civili innocenti e non sembra esserci alcun rallentamento nell'uso di tali tattiche. I colloqui di pace di Ginevra 2 sono terminati il 15 febbraio , con un accordo provvisorio per un terzo ciclo di colloqui in una fase successiva.

Quali sforzi sta compiendo la Commissione in paesi come il Libano, dove i bambini siriani rischiano di morire di fame? Risposta di Kristalina Georgieva a nome della Commissione 10 luglio 1. Sin dall'adozione, nel febbraio , della risoluzione n.

La Commissione sostiene l'iniziativa «No Lost Generation» che mira ad affrontare le conseguenze immediate e a lungo termine della crisi sui bambini e sui giovani, migliorando l'accesso all'istruzione e fornendo un sostegno psicologico in Siria e nella regione. Approximately 9. Children in particular are extremely vulnerable. In Lebanese refugee camps, nearly 2 Syrian children are at risk of starving to death and 10 Syrian children aged five years and younger are suffering from acute malnutrition.

But the case for STEM education is even more fundamentally flawed, because it treats an economy as an equation. According to this logic, job creation is a matter of slotting humans into identifiable opportunities, and economic growth is a matter of increasing the stock of human or physical capital, while exploiting scientific advances.

This is a dark view of modern economies, and a depressing blueprint for the future. The fact that innovative ideas have arisen largely from the dynamism of people belies the conclusion that all economies require widespread STEM-focused education. Though a larger STEM base can benefit some economies, most advanced countries already have sufficient capacity in these fields to apply foreign technologies and engineer their own.

What economies need instead is a boost in dynamism. The problem is that the historically most innovative economies have lost much of their former dynamism, despite retaining an edge in social media and some high-technology sectors. And others — for example, Spain and the Netherlands — were never particularly dynamic. Meanwhile, the emerging economies that are supposed to be filling the gap — notably, China — are still falling short of the levels of innovation required to offset the declining benefits of technology transfer.

In other words, economies today lack the spirit of innovation. Labor markets do not need only more technical expertise; they require an increasing number of soft skills, like the ability to think imaginatively, develop creative solutions to complex challenges, and adapt to changing circumstances and new constraints.

That is what young people need from education. Specifically, students must be exposed to — and learn to appreciate — the modern values associated with individualism, which emerged toward the end of the Renaissance and continued to gain traction through the early twentieth century.

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Solo nel , sfiorava i 3 milioni di barili al giorno. Decenni di sotto-investimenti hanno privato la compagnia statale PDVSA dei capitali necessari per trivellare nuovi pozzi e aumentare la resa di quelli attivi. Se al Venezuela fosse consentito nuovamente di esportare petrolio e di stringere alleanze commerciali per estrarlo, con il passare dei mesi la produzione aumenterebbe. Ma difficilmente di molto.

Pensate solamente che un embargo totale contro il petrolio russo priverebbe il mercato globale di 5 milioni di barili al giorno. Il solo Venezuela non basterebbe minimamente. Il rapporto con gli Stati Uniti Per Donald Trump Maduro sta sbagliando, e sta cercando di contenerne le ambizioni dittatoriali minacciando di bloccare le importazioni di petrolio. Pochi giorni fa l'America ha congelato i conti correnti di una decina di funzionari molto vicini a Maduro impedendo loro di intrattenere qualsiasi tipo di rapporto con cittadini statunitensi.

Gli Stati Uniti importano il 10 per cento del petrolio venezuelano. Una difficile via di uscita Secondo le stime del Fondo monetario internazionale nel il tasso di disoccupazione potrebbe passare dal 25 attuale al 28 per cento nel era al 7,5. L'economia, in rosso da tre anni, ha subito negli ultimi dodici mesi una contrazione del 18 per cento.

Per non parlare dell'inflazione, che potrebbe raggiungere quota per cento.

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