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Alvarado vs provodnikov betting odds

alvarado vs provodnikov betting odds

Like his opponent, Mike Alvarado is on a downspin. He is in his last four fights. He was battered into submission by Ruslam Provodnikov, lost a unanimous. Alvarado avenged that defeat in another classic match with Rios on March 30 in Las Vegas. The pair appeared headed for a rubber match until. Rios vs Alvarado II: Fight preview and betting odds Bradley vs Provodnikov: Betting odds and fight preview. By Tom Craze Mar 16, GR8 CSGO BETTING PREDICTIONS SPREADSHEET FOR IPAD

Provodnikov is very aggressive and also quite accurate with his power shots. He needs to get on the inside against the champion and throw his power shots to the head and body. He might not throw as many punches per round as Alvarado, but every shot is thrown with bad intentions.

The challenger would rather turn this bout into a brawl rather than a boxing match, but the key is getting close to Alvarado. Overall, Alvarado is the better boxer of the two, but as Rios proved, he can be hurt and stopped. This is an excellent matchup that could really go either way. Top Boxing Sportsbook: 5Dimes. Prediction This is another tough one to predict with the champion being a boxer with good power and the challenger being a non-stop aggressor, also with good power.

Alvarado has a three-inch reach advantage which needs to be utilized and he has to stay off of the ropes. If he can do this then look for him to retain the crown in an entertaining match in which Provodnikov has his moments. Odds Sportsbook 5dimes. What does that have to do with Alvarado?

Well, he may be known as a brawler and be more comfortable in that role, but long-range boxing was a key part of his rematch win over Rios. That versatility could have him in good stead against Provodnikov. In sequences where the two men are going to war, Alvarado will not be out of his element. But if he can sprinkle in enough stretches where he puts his superior length and skills to use, that should enable him to hold the upper edge. There may be some super-skillful fighters where we can picture them shutting Provodnikov down with great boxing, but Alvarado is not one of them.

Fighters are what they are. History points to the eventuality that Alvarado will give his opponent ample chances to land something. Alvarado vs. Provodnikov Prediction Provodnikov is among the more insistent fighters in the sport. Alvarado is not invulnerable. He has been rattled before and was stopped by Rios. He can be gotten to. At home, headlining the big show, and finally in a position where he can make some money in this business, Alvarado will be clawing to maintain his stature.

I see him using a combination of brawling and boxing, much as he did against Rios in their rematch. He could easily clip Alvarado with something big and render this analysis moot.

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He has a pretty good chin, and in a way that may have hurt him against Provodnikov since it means he took a lot of punishment while most boxers would have been stopped a lot earlier. It seems the best way to beat the Mexican Warrior is to utilize superior boxing skills, but Alvarado is more of a brawler than a boxer.

Marquez is an excellent counterpuncher and a guy like Alvarado could be just what he needs to get back on the winning track. Top Boxing Sportsbook: 5Dimes. Everything will depend on their tactics and who can pull off their game plan the best. It should be an intriguing fight with plenty of action. To more casual observers tonight, he's going to represent somewhat of an unknown quantity, a relatively obscure eastern European fighter with a fairly knockout-heavy record.

Boxing, however, is all about levels, and the fact is that Bradley should prove here that he's several above Provodnikov, who's consistently an entertaining watch, albeit one that's fairly crude and defensively suspect. It's hard to see how he troubles Bradley here, but all logic suggests he needs to do the usual Provodnikov thing: go out hard on the front foot and see if any complacency has crept into Bradley. When you consider that shorter prices are available with several books on him getting a decision, against the far better-rounded, technically-superior Bradley, it should be a simple decision to take from those backing Provodnikov as to which route to go down.

There's been much said about how important it is for Bradley to get into the ring here, how he needs to keep active, how he needs to be wary of rust against an opponent who could catch him cold early. Worth remembering, however, is that Provodnikov has had a nearmonth layoff too, last fighting just three weeks after Bradley's big upset win at the MGM Grand.

It's difficult to envisage the upset here - Bradley appears to be just plain better, and made his way, largely untroubled, through the best had to offer - Alexander, Peterson, et al - during his stint in the division. The fact is that Provodnikov's not among the best has to offer even now, only ever really flirting with fringe top-ten status but never really establishing a solid case of his own.

The shorter prices around in the Method of Victory markets suggest that this is only going one way, and that's a clinic for the beltholder against his over-matched challenger. It's unlikely to be too pretty, but a near-whitewash decision is the most probable outcome, as the indicates. Those odds factor in all possible Bradley wins on the cards, including the technical decision, which could be worth bearing in mind for those looking for a more cautious play, given the likelihood of yet more clashes of heads in a Bradley fight.

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Mike Alvarado vs. Ruslan Provodnikov

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alvarado vs provodnikov betting odds


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Alvarado vs. Provodnikov: Fight Night, October 19, 2013

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