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Mbmax forex trading

mbmax forex trading

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Successful competition of this online exam will result in your Mini MBA certification. Your understanding of the Forex Market will be head and shoulders above the average trader. We encourage practising your trading skills and abilities on a demo account before real trading. In this Mini MBA program, you will learn how to interpret the vast amount of economic data that is regularly released and analyse the data to create an overview of the relative strength of any given currency and use this to predict future prices.

Our Mini MBA program teaches you the most effective Technical Analysis tools to use to avoid getting lost in the maze of technical indicators as most traders do. Our systematic approach to Technical Analysis will transform your trading forever.

Our systematic approach to Technical Analysis will transform your trading forever. Risk Management — Managing risk is very important in trading. The number one reason most forex traders fail is that they ignore Risk Management and over-expose their portfolios on any one or few given currencies with high correlations. Our Mini MBA program teaches you how to avoid this concentrated risk and manage the risk of any given trade and the risk in your overall portfolio.

Trade Psychology — Managing your emotions whilst you are trading is paramount as it enables you to make rational decisions in high-stress situations, a skill in trading that is often overlooked. We teach you how you manage this. Former University Academic turned Professional Trader, Sachin Kotecha excels in training traders to be independent thinkers that can generate their own high-quality trade ideas and execute them with perfection.

The key to successful trading is to have a proven systematic process that you can consistently use for every trade, allowing you to be very methodical and disciplined in your approach to trading the Forex Market. To achieve this, you need to have a very in-depth knowledge of Macroeconomics and what drives currency exchange rates.

Upon completion of this program you should be able to: Understand currency exchange rates. Identify exchange rate regimes used for various currencies. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of fixed and floating exchange rate regimes. Understand and identify the conflicts of interest that exist in the forex market.

Understand the workings of the international forex market and its infrastructure. Categorise currency pairs according to their tradeable opportunities based on volatility. Understand who the participants of the forex market are and their involvement. Understand macroeconomics and how it drives the international forex market.

Use macroeconomic data in excel to generate high quality fundamentally driven trade ideas. Use a charting platform to conduct technical analysis Use advanced technical analysis to identify entry and exits points into trades.

Understand and implement risk management strategies that can be applied to trading. Create a trading plan based on individual strengths and weaknesses. Understand how trading psychology can affect trading results. In Sachin left his role teaching and researching Engineering to trade full time and in setup Sach Capital — a trade education provider based in London, UK. Sachin has taught hundreds of students worldwide to become better traders and is a respected and reputable trade education and analysis provider.

You have 12 weeks from the date of sign-up to complete the Mini Program. Is the Mini MBA program accredited? Yes, the Mini MBA program is accredited. Can I upgrade to the mentoring program after starting the non-mentored program? Yes, you may upgrade to the mentoring program whenever you wish. It is highly recommended that you complete the Mini MBA program and then practice using paper trading.

Trading with real money is entirely up to you, a decision that only you can make.

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