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Cryptocurrency twitter data

cryptocurrency twitter data

By using a cryptocurrency-specific lexicon-based sentiment analysis approach, financial data and bilateral Granger-causality testing, it was found that. #Ethereum's shark & whale addresses (holding to 1M $ETH) have dropped M $ETH in just the Crypto Market Data Aggregation & Analytics Platform. litecoin-related tweets (using a customized version of J. Henrique's project [8], which itself uses the twitter API. [9]). The data acquired is from the. WCZASY LAST MINUTE DLA SINGLIFOREX

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Artificial intelligence real time crypto Twitter sentiment analysis is monitoring all tweets about Bitcoin and categorizing simultaneously "Pozitive, Negative or Notr". The coin graph provides that get actionable insights and metrics. The live chart is comparing bitcoin price with difference of "Positive" and "Negative" tweets. Moreover, The quantity of categorized tweets can be selectable.

The social Bitcoin metrics can be analyzed in a few ways; If you see number of "Positive" tweets reached peak on bullish market, It means that a lot of people think "Bitcoin Value will increase". Social analysis cryptocurrency says that If a lot of people interest in a cryptocurrency, It is time to sell.

On the other way around; If you see number of "Negative" tweets reached peak on bearish market, It means that a lot of people think "Bitcoin Value will decrease". Social analysis cryptocurrency says that If a lot of people don't interest in a cryptocurrency, It is time to buy. What is Sentiment Analysis? Sentiment analysis is the method of catogorizing a text is positive, negative or notr.

NLP Natural Language Processing technique, which branch of artificial intelligence that helps computers understand human language, is used for catogorization. Predicting the interests of people, even countries, and nations in masses is called social analysis. Our analysis found that trending topics did indeed hold sway over the pricing of cryptocurrencies. Based on our analysis, Twitter activity increases when the price is at its lowest, and when the price is high the negative tweets remain low.

The time period that we analysed was a volatile era for BTC. Two months after Musk told the world that his company would accept payment in BTC, he withdrew his words and made a full U-turn on the decision. Musk cited environmental concerns as the reason for his change of heart. Not long after, the price of BTC plummeted, and users took to Twitter in their droves to discuss the cryptocurrency.

However the spike in tweets and price were DOGE was roped into the situation, with feelings around this cryptocurrency being heavily influenced by its own work with Tesla and Elon Musk. In December , it was also announced that Tesla would accept payment in Dogecoin for some of its merchandise. During this period of time, we saw an increase in both negative and positive tweets about Dogecoin, but the upsurge in positive tweets was far greater than any rise in negative ones.

It began the year on a high, with prices doubling by mid-April. However, May saw the currency drop to half of its value. Based on our Twitter analysis, ETH was the only cryptocurrency in which the price increased inline with the negative tweets. Whilst the price then dropped again slightly, a similar pattern of negative tweets emerged in August — just before the price reached its highest point in the whole analysed time period. As a result, we saw another upsurge in negative commentary about the currency on Twitter.

In August , ETH split into two chains. Negative tweets spiked around this time as anxiety over security grew. There are complaints of ETH being slow compared to its rivals. It can process between 15 and 45 transactions per second, and energy costs are high in comparison to other cryptocurrencies. As an example, Solana SOL 0. Experts are predicting that will be a make or break year for Ethereum.

It attracted the least amount of attention on Twitter during our research period, despite being ranked amongst

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Mining Twitter data for research: Part 1

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