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racola jam place your bet

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A l way remember that the cuff on such occa ion i the most ob erved of all article of dre. Do not, during examination , keep continually look ing at your watch to see what Lime it is. Che-tedield say that while in company one should nev r appear unea y or act a if he wi hed h i msel f elsewhere. Do not, i n exam i nation, be t o o eager to tell the officer that you hav found the irregular verb pa ted i n the back of your French Reader.

This o n your part will be unnece sary, for he w ill fiud it out oon enough and give the book to ome one else. Do not ask your boarding m i tre if t here are any oy ters i n the oup. It hould alway be your duty to keep your fello w-man from prevarication as well as your elf. Thi i an old rule but it will bear repeti tion. Endurance is another great virtue, and an unconcernedne , even if it i f igned i far better than open frankne. Re member that Dr.

Do n ot, if you should happen to go to church, stand on the tep until all the profes ors have een you. W e hould n e ver waste ti me. Let one see you and that w i l l b e ufficient. D o not, when try i ng t o tudy o n the campu , appear deeply i n terested in your book just a a profe or i going by. Do not fail to attend al l the elocutionary ex rci e. There i s a ti me when endurance cea e to be a virtue, but trange a it may seem thi is not the occa ion.

Do n ot fai l lo touch your hat to every member of the Faculty, a Ii t of whom may be foun d i n the la t catal ogue. Do not i magine that the e are the on ly rule of college etiquette. I I price. Richard Blank: Well, not trying to correct a doctor, but I would initially say, How may I assist you , You know, so these are certain things I would replace the can to the May.

Richard Blank: I'd replace the help with guide, assist or lend a hand instead of asking you to repeat something. I would say, Jeremy, for my clarification, was it C or 1, 2, 3? I would make sure to do a five to one name drop to pronoun. I would constantly saying, Your, your, your are. Does that make sense, Jeremy, at the end? Richard Blank: So there's certain checkpoints and also if you're making outbound phone calls and imagine if I was pawing inspired insider and you had somebody answering the phone for you, I would definitely try to do a positive escalation.

So once I got transferred to you, I would let you know how amazing these individuals are that are working with you. Richard Blank: I would do it verbally and then at the end of our conversation, I would also have mentioned to that in writing. So when the Richard Circle comes back and I call the inspired insider, and this individual answers the phone, a, they're gonna remember me.

They're gonna thank me very much for that compliment, and we're gonna separate ourselves from the other people trying to angle their way into meeting you. Richard Blank: And also these individuals working with you could be giving you additional company information in regards to anniversaries, promotions, or company culture. So instead of trying to squeeze a fit, just do some due diligence on a website, a LinkedIn profile, Take a little bit of extra time to show some more active listening.

Richard Blank: So when I'm repeating questions to you, it shows that I'm up to speed with you and there are certain checkpoints. And so a lot of the times with my agents, they might come into the center with bad habits. And that's okay.

I mean, they've worked at other places and they have the experience, but what I like to do is not to have them so well rehearsed. Richard Blank: They should always be more, uh, raw and have that sort of essence where they can once again, be more of a painting and make almost every call unique. And there are certain areas of a call where since people are working from home, you could hear something in the background like a dog.

And instead of just asking about the dog, ask the dog's name and find out certain things to. Richard Blank: Topics in common, a me too technique, and so besides just grading your performance on the questions to qualify the client, I'm more focused on the soft skills of when you used rebuttals of positive escalation or certain areas for clarification in order to be able to prolong the conversation for first call resolution.

Richard Blank: And so as long as somebody is increasing those sort of active listening and participation skills, They should become phenomenal on the phone and their earnings potential and their marketability should be limitless. Richard Blank: Marketability should be limitless.

Jeremy Weisz: What are some examples of bad habits people come in Richard Blank: with? I, I think that what happens is they'll give up to easily, I think if a phone call, if someone hangs up on you, that's fine, but if somebody is there, and even if they are, let's say their tone may be aggressive, you can adjust that compared to matching that we spoke about more diplomatic vocabulary.

Richard Blank: But then again, if somebody, uh, can use deductive reasoning and do listening twice speaking, one, I can almost know what you know and then focusing my attention on that for you. And, and a lot of the times people will leave a door open. They will just be rushing so much to get an appointment or to get a yes out of somebody that they overlooked an area where they could have done a follow up question or gotten some more information out of.

Richard Blank: But I will tell you what's a terrible habit that certain companies do. They only communicate with their clients via chat or email. And, and that's okay in certain circumstances if you have to fill out a form first to be able to get assistance. But in my opinion, what what can happen is it can elevate stress. Richard Blank: If you're not speaking with a client, you're eliminating any chance for retention, a referral, and upsell.

And how about this in a mature way, Jeremy? In exit interview, worst case scenario, we lose the business. But somebody is willing to walk me through areas of improvement or what our competition had done in order to earn their business. Richard Blank: So even though people think that today it should be just texting, texting can be very much misinterpreted and you're also not getting the sort of mileage out of a relationship that you could if you would build a certain rapport through speech.

And so some of the bad habits we have today, Or that a lot of the agents are coming in preferring that sort of inbound support that's nonverbal. Richard Blank: And so for me, I believe that they're almost limiting their potential. At least give it a shot and just to see if you have the sort of skill set to be able to have a specific conversation with somebody to be able to get a positive.

Jeremy Weisz: So Richard, let's say there's a company and um, they have a list of whatever every month of clients who decided not to use a service, they can hire a company like you to go, Hey, Richard, here's the list right now. We don't offer support via phone. Here's a list of these clients every month, and your company would call them and almost do kind of like an exit type of interview.

Jeremy Weisz: Sure. Is that. Richard Blank: We can, I'd be very much interested to see the tone of the script, the voicemails, and the email templates that you have to offer me. If I have to start that, I'd like to start off positive or one of the first things I could say is, Hey, we didn't forget about you, and unlike other companies that just sent emails, I'm giving you a personal courtesy call.

Richard Blank: May I have a few moments to be able to find out what we could do in order to earn your business? What the competition did to get your business. And I'd like to see if I could match it or to be able to exceed those sort of expectations. And so as long as I mentioned before that you could almost custom make this, you'd have to gimme the exact vertical, how long you communicated with them, the sort of communication they gave to us services we were offering.

Richard Blank: So as I say before, there's certain ways there. There's a philosophy of Woo way. Where it's least resistance. I don't want to call you and badger you on why you're not giving me the business, but if you're kind enough to spend the time with me, even if I'm starting five touchdowns behind, there is a chance we can come back and win this game. Richard Blank: It's just a matter of earning time.

At least let me get the first 30 seconds and if I can get the 30 seconds, maybe I can get a 10 minute conversation out of you and we can take it step by step and piece by piece. And even if I have to stop midway, To reschedule it or to follow through with information to pick up where we left off.

Richard Blank: That's your protocol and I'm okay with that. As long as your clients can build a pipeline, depending on sense of urgency and the sort of company culture, I think you can then once again readjust your prospect rich. Richard Blank: And this sort of company culture, I think you can then once again readjust your prospecting accordingly, Dr.

Jeremy Weisz: Richard, in that situation with a company, go, Great. We want you to actually. You know, these are customers that aren't using, decide not to use this anymore for whatever reason. And what volume does it make sense for them to call you? Jeremy Weisz: Like let's say if they have one a month, it probably doesn't make any sense, right?

To have them use your services. Is there a certain volume of calls that make sense for a company before they, you know, uh, I guess a baseline of a volume? You're like, Yeah, this makes sense to work with us. Richard Blank: I think as long as they get full-time work for somebody.

Richard Blank: Cuz I, I, by labor laws, I don't do part-time work here because they won't be able to get their benefits. But if somebody only has enough leads to call for one month and it's an individual working out of their home and it's a startup company. Not saying that I have a preferred child, but I was in those shoes back in the day. Richard Blank: So I guess I have more, uh, empathy and compassion towards the startup company.

That might even almost be embarrassed that they're not able to give me a hundred seat, 10 year commitment. Well, once again, everybody had to start with their first step. And it's almost like when somebody says, How do I get job experience if somebody doesn't hire me? Richard Blank: Not saying I'm willing to take any campaign. I'm extremely selective of those that come in here. But if they make their case and if they're willing to, you know, invest in a process and there's no surprises, and we can share resources, It's my pleasure to see what happens.

I mean, Pete Rose should have been in the Hall of Fame for singles. Richard Blank: It's still okay and singles opens up to a huge seat account. And so, as I mentioned before, uh, a little at a time equals a lot in the end. And from time to time, a client may be testing you small or it might be an iceberg where they want to see how I would react to a one seater before they give me seats. Richard Blank: And for me, as I mentioned before, everybody gets the same red carpet treatment and everybody gets the same sort of attention, and I would love to earn their business.

And so I have had certain clients, as you were mentioning, test me on a certain volume just to see what my reactions are and I've earned that business. Richard Blank: And so anybody out there, you should be extremely appreciative of anybody that walks into your door that orders one slice to 20 pies. You just never know because the 20 pi guy come is a one and a done.

The one slicer could be there for the next 20 years. And so as I mentioned before, I believe in good faith and stars being aligned in energy. Richard Blank: And as somebody has that sort of, uh, interest to contact me, it's my obligation to be able to share ideas with them. So, on an educated point of view, Jeremy, they can make a decision to move forward with me. Jeremy Weisz: Richard, you mentioned from an outbound perspective, so there's different kind of parts to the call.

So I'd love for you to break that down, especially the opening part. Cause if you, you know, you've mentioned before, if you don't get past that, it doesn't matter what you have planned Richard Blank: for the rest of the call. Richard Blank: That's a great point. Well, every conversation has an introduction of body and a conclusion. You can't land that intro. There is nobody in conclusion.

I also believe that every conversation and attention span is 30 seconds to two minutes. And so when we're touching base with somebody, there is a give and a take initially before that positive escalation for the assistant that's answering calls for your company. Richard Blank: What I love to do is a company name Spike.

I'm not anonymous for the entire phone call, but the first thing that comes outta my mouth is the name of your company, how your company is doing. You know, before I even introduce myself, so I'll say better than somebody that answers the phone at your company.

Richard Blank: And then from there, a lot of the times they'll be asking me questions. And what I have here is a certain technique, it's called the buffer boomerang technique. Hypothetically, Germany, if somebody is answering with a negative tone, there's a way to be able to buffer that negative tone. Do a name drop, let them know that's an Exxon question.

Richard Blank: Repeat the question to show active. Then boomerang it back as a plus two. And so initially somebody could ask what my name is, and now I'd say, Jeremy, that's an Exxon question. My name is Richard Blank, as an example. And so what happens is you're able to show the active listening, readjust the tone of a call, but then in the middle of a call there is something that I like to consider. Richard Blank: Micro phonetic, micro expression reading, and what I have here, As an actual chart, it's very simple.

You're focusing on phonetics, which is your tone, rate, pitch, and duration. Your tone should be the consistent variable of empathy and confidence. There's a mirror imaging technique, but I believe that should be done every 30 seconds to two minutes with your rate of speech and your pitch. Richard Blank: You're speaking level. I need to match you with this. Because if you do a spike or a dip, that's usually when I ask a tie down or a pin down question if it makes sense or sounds good.

And then also when people are on the phone and they're explaining their services. A lot of times they'll do desert pitching, Jeremy. Richard Blank: Well, they'll just talk without any sort of oasis for drinking and resting. And so what I like to do is to give my list pause in between each one, like a dessert tray to see if there's a reaction at the end.

Say in a brazen way. I'm sure you'll like at least one, so I can break the sort of questions that I have. Richard Blank: And then sort of positive or negative reinforcement in these conversations. Once you see it, you can't unsee it. After three weeks, it becomes practice. I believe in a five to one name drop to pronoun, where in every sentence you're either saying R or your, and then usually use a name drop for the tie down question.

Richard Blank: And then at the end you can also rake one last tongue by saying, Listen, since you have me on the phone today, Jeremy, are there any other additional questions that you have? Usually you might mention something else after I repeat the. I repeat information in military alphabet because instead of concluding the call, there's a very good chance we could be talking about how proud we are of the military and those that have served.

Richard Blank: And then as I mentioned before, giving you a positive written escalation regards to those that are working with you. And so these are things that I believe won't compromise ethics, values and morals naturally. I'm skimming over this quickly, but there are certain things as expression reading. And since we're losing three of our senses over the phone, our taste, touch, and smell, the doctors and scientists say that your other senses should be expanded.

Richard Blank: Besides your active listening. I believe in image streaming where they say that books are better than movies and there's no reason why your imagination, your adjectives and your descriptions could be incredible. It could be illuminating. It could really put some insight in where you're going on some of these phone calls.

Richard Blank: And so as I mentioned before, as long as you become animated, engaged, and you are this individual's biggest fan, and you really take in the information and energy that they're giving with you, you'll find your job very fulfilling. It's because most people today see a telemarketing job as transitional or they look down upon it, but there is a ton of people that make and receive phone calls for every type of business.

Richard Blank: And some of the greatest people that you could speak with in the world do show this empathy because I, I'll share an example with you. I have a law firm account here, and we have intake coordinators for, it's a disability and wrongful termination. And so what happens is, and you being a doctor as well, you might be meeting people when they're most vulnerable in having the worst day of their life.

Richard Blank: And so if you are capable. Of having somebody calm down, find their focus and move forward with you. You could be one of the greatest individuals there when they needed you the most. And so a lot of my agents, instead of they can earn a living so many different ways, but if they can get this sort of fulfillment by knowing that success is built on a million thank yous and that they get all these positive written escalations to our company about how great they're doing. Richard Blank: They know that they are on the right path and that once again their karma's gonna kick it, and that if they do leave this company and I am the last boss that they ever have, they will be prepared to build an incredible organization.

Richard Blank: An incredible organization. I love Dr. Jeremy Weisz: the law firm example. Richard, I'd love for you to talk about, I know you do lead generation for, uh, industrial real estate, and I'd love for you to walk us through what that Richard Blank: looks like. It's changed a bunch because a lot of the times people are working from home or it's just going through and answering service.

Richard Blank: Or just sending in emails. And so our call to contact ratio dropped considerably. And so what we're doing right now is, as I mentioned, spending a little more time on LinkedIn and company websites to custom make emails and voicemails for people. Now, as I mentioned before, our efforts are bringing a little bit less of a return because of the lack of contact ratio verbally, but I have seen this when people do custom make an email or leave an incredible voicemail.

Richard Blank: For an example, if you sent me an email and mention my pinball machines, you'll get my attention. It's almost yours to lose. And so a lot of people have thanked us for taking the extra efforts to research their company or to compliment a promotion. And so what we had to do was just adjust accordingly in regards to that aspect after Covid.

Jeremy Weisz: So it's kind of like, Dr. Jeremy Weisz: Will you, when you do the outbound uh, calls, will you also do emails and texts as well? Or is that, or the company handling those things and you're following up with the call? Richard Blank: It really all depends. Um, a lot of the times we're logging into their system, so something is automated or if they're not doing it, I would make a suggestion to do it, just to make sure it's not too labor intensive.

Richard Blank: But then again, I just don't want them clicking an email template and just sending it to you, calling you, sir. I mean, that's, that's nothing special. You're probably not gonna look at it. It's like, almost like jump bail and you're gonna throw it away. And so if I could have some takeaways as I mentioned it, either on a phone call, a positive escalation, where if I didn't even speak with you, but I spoke with in your coworkers.

Richard Blank: I could almost once again separate myself, and instead of doing half court, not even three point, now you and I are looking at foul shot percentages. I'll never give you a hundred percent slam dunk. I mean, nothing is a hundred percent. There's not even straight lines in nature. But what we can also do is just increase our percentages by doing things that are not too aggressive or misleading.

Richard Blank: We're just, once again, trying to separate ourselves from others that are trying to earn your. Jeremy Weisz: From an inbound perspective, So that was the outbound from inbound perspective. Talk about some of the things that you do in the, in the movie and music space. Richard Blank: Well, this is a wonderful demographic. It's a 55 plus female, so they get like almost a, a, uh, phone book sides book of movies and music that they get to go through every year. Richard Blank: And this company's actually outta Chicago.

They're an incredible company. We've had them for over a decade, and what's beautiful about this account is that these are existing clients and they already know. So we call, we, you know, once again, their contact information so we can get into their account. But when they're explaining the sort of movies that they like and the music, most of the agents here are so young that they've never seen a Humphrey Bogar movie before.

And so the agents, little by little, when they'll go home at night, they'll YouTube some of this stuff and get to know it. So the agents that have been on this campaign for a long time will know these genres and the most beautiful thing. Richard Blank: And I will say this is how excited. The client gets when we can find their movie because then they, for a moment tell us on how that was the first date they went to with the drive-in with their husband X amount of years ago, where this is the music that they danced to at their wedding back in , or this is what reminds them of Sunday afternoons with their grandmother watching that movie.

Richard Blank: And I love. I find it fascinating because you're learning so much about these people and when we do have their information and what they're looking for in stock, you should really hear the reactions of them. Are the talk times longer? Of course they are because besides double checking prices and shipping information and, and what they ordered, I want them to explain the passion for each thing that they're purchas.

Richard Blank: And do you remember Columbia House? It was like when you were ordering those CDs for a penny? As I say before, most people can order things online with Amazon and they could just click a button, but, but not these clients, they love to go through the book.

They love to call us. They usually ask for the same individual that assisted them a couple months ago cuz they have that sort of relationship. Richard Blank: And the reason I believe that I grew so much was the ups. When we were on the phone with them, you might hear, as I mentioned in this, I have a funny story.

They, they, they were ordering Elvis Pres. And we heard dogs barking in the background. So the agent mentioned the dog, and then this client loves dogs. Richard Blank: So we had this Beethoven special of like six movies that you could just include without the shipping.

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However, there are other ways to get up against various numbers — you can place against numbers. There are two ways to do this. You can use a strict don't place bet or you can use a lay bet. Not all casinos will allow don't place bets, though almost all allow lay bets. The house edge is 1. The house edge is 2. This is a so-so bet.

The house edge is 3. Not a good bet at all. The second way to bet against numbers is to use a lay bet. Hersha: You hold me back! Latoya: Not every idea you have is pure genius. You think everything you imagine is great. Some of your ideas are insane. Hersha: How are we going to keep moving the needle? Latoya: We can move the needle without betting the company.

If we spend our entire budget on this one creative campaign for our biggest client and we fail, we lose everything. Hersha: But what if we win? Latoya: What if we lose? Hersha: Damn it! I know you like the idea. I know you dig the concept. Everybody on our team loves the concept, including our client. This is the way to go. Latoya: I do love the concept. Hersha: Half the company? You know what I mean. Latoya: Without a doubt. Hersha: I mean, if this thing fails, it will blow up in our faces and the company will crumble within months.

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