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Nfl sports betting newspapers

nfl sports betting newspapers

Breaking Sports Betting news and in-depth analysis from the best newsroom College football best bets for Week 9: Expecting a lot of points in Ohio State. NYSD covers professional sports franchises, college teams, and the mobile sports betting industry within the Empire State. football1xbet.website sports: The digital home for Arizona Republic sports coverage with scores, The ultimate guide to Arizona high school football. FOREX TURBO SCALPER INDICATOR DOWNLOAD

Feel like your team is a lock to win their division? If so, you need to look into NFL futures. Futures bets are those whose result is not determined until much later in the season. They're notoriously hard to predict, but if you manage to win, you're likely to win big. The Action Network has compiled future odds for just about everything related to the NFL season including team performance and individual awards.

Our NFL betting experts are here to lend some advice. Analyzing a variety of factors that could impact the outcome of a game, they make their picks on a variety of markets such as the spread, moneylines, prop bets and more. This is the place to go for some picking inspiration. On this page, we track not only the percentage of bets placed on a team in a match up, but also the percentage of money. Gleaming insights from this data can help users identify where the professional gamblers are placing their money, which can help boost win rates.

While this betting market tends to get significant action, it can also be one of the more difficult options. Because the spread makers are so good at what they do, their lines are usually pretty spot on, making it difficult as a bettor to pick correctly. Looking at team trends against the spread over the course of the season can help bettors make more informed decisions based on hard data for a particular team. The loss of key players can dramatically alter a team's prospect for winning games.

Not only that, but the absence of stars on the field will also impact a game's odds. Seasoned bettors know to scour the injury reports before making a wager to ensure that their selection is one that takes into account who might be missing from the field in a given contest. Plus there are some injuries to Michigan and Clemson has a specific edge in terms of defensive line vs offensive line.

As a result, the spread would be Clemson -8 to start 98 vs. Power ratings aren't the end-all, be-all for pro bettors but they are a huge piece of the puzzle and a great starting point in terms of handicapping any matchup. Once the oddsmakers release a line, professional bettors will consult their own numbers and look for actionable discrepancies. If the oddsmakers release a line that is far off from the line that pros think it should be, professional bettors will bet the game immediately once the lines are available.

For example, in the hypothetical Clemson-Michigan game mentioned above, a professional bettor might have their power ratings showing Clemson as a point favorite. Let's say the oddsmakers open Clemson as a point favorite. Pros would immediately bet Clemson as soon as the odds are released because they have the game pegged at As a result, they see an edge on Clemson of two points, which means it's a smart bet to jump on.

On the flip side, maybe the oddsmakers open Clemson as a point favorite. A common phrase to describe pro bettors is that they bet numbers, not teams. They view betting through the lens of value. If value is there, they will make a wager. If it isn't there, they lay off. At their core, professional bettors are mathematicians at heart. Their No. While a public bettor might only bet through one sportsbook, professional bettors bet through multiple sportsbooks, up to a dozen or more.

This is so that they have access to a wide range of different lines and can shop for the best line. This is also referred to as having multiple "outs. But that shouldn't stop you from giving it a shot. In doing so, you will find yourself studying the teams in much greater depth, which will pay dividends down the road when you start handicapping specific matchups.

Over the years, if you stick with it, your power ratings will get better and better with more experience. Favorites, Underdogs and the Point Spread For every game, regardless of the sport, the oddsmakers first must decide which team is the favorite and which team is the underdog. Many factors go into the process. Things like home-field advantage and injuries can help the oddsmakers decide that one team is more likely to beat the other on any given day.

The favorite is considered the better team that is expected to win the game. Favorites typically have superior players, more experience, better coaching, a better track record of success and match up better against their opponents. They might be less talented, less experienced and have inferior coaching. The spread is available in almost all sports, but it is most popular in football and basketball because the margin of victory can be vast.

Baseball and hockey also have a spread, but they aren't as popular because many games result in a margin of victory of one run or one goal. In baseball the spread is known as the "run line" with the favorite giving 1. This means the favorite spread is In hockey, the spread is known as the "puck line" with the favorite laying 1. If you bet either favorite, they would need to win by two or more runs or goals in order for you to win and cover your bet.

If they only win by one, or lose the game straight up, you lose your bet. If you bet either dog, they would need to win the game straight up or lose by one run or one goal. Because underdogs are getting an extra run or goal and a half with the spread, bettors must pay a higher price on them. In turn, the price of betting a favorite on the spread is much cheaper because they have to win the game by more than one run or goal. For favorites to win a spread bet, they need to win by any margin that is greater than the spread they are laying.

For underdogs to win the spread bet, they need to win straight up or lose by a number less than the spread they are receiving. You often see spreads featuring half points. The extra half point is critical and could end up being the difference between a win, a loss and push. This refers to how often a team covers, not how often they win. For example, the Jets might have a win-loss record of but go ATS. This means they've only won seven of their 16 games, but have covered 10 of them.

In terms of the standings, the Jets would be considered a losing team; in terms of betting they would be considered a winning and profitable team to bet on. What You Should Know About Money-line Bets After the spread, the second-most popular way to bet on a favorite or an underdog is on the money line, also known as the "ML" for short. The money line is only based on which team will win a game straight up. The margin of victory does not matter. It could be 1 point or points, all that matters is winning the game.

The oddsmakers set money-line prices for each team, which then bettors must pay in order to bet either side. The amount of money you need to risk depends on the price of the money line. If you win your money-line bet, the price of the money line also determines your payout. Unlike spreads where you are giving or getting points, money lines involve paying a specific price determined by the oddsmakers based on how likely or unlikely a team is to win the game. Because favorites win the majority of their games, the oddsmakers force bettors to assume more risk and pay a more expensive price when betting favorites.

In other words, a favorite lays "minus money. Favorites will have a minus sign in front of their odds and underdogs have a plus sign in front of their price. In both cases, this is the amount of money you would need to risk or stand to win if your bet cashes. The money-line price then increases based on how much better one team is compared to the other.

Money lines are available across all sports but are most common in baseball and hockey. This is due to the fact that they are lower-scoring sports and many games are decided by one run or one goal. As a result, it makes more sense to bet on who will win the game, not the margin of victory. So while favorites win the majority of their games, they also come with big risk. When they win, you only win the pre-determined amount you stood to gain.

But if they lose, you lose much bigger amounts. In essence, because underdogs are less likely to win the game, you assume less risk betting on them and receive a bigger reward when they pull off an upset. The plus money and additional payout is what makes underdogs appealing to bet on. Money lines are available in football and basketball, but they are less popular to bet on than the spread.

With football and basketball, the oddsmakers convert the spread into a moneyline price, which bettors can then pay. For example, let's say the San Francisco 49ers are point favorites on the spread against the Arizona Cardinals. The 49ers would translate to roughly on the money line. Despite paying the massive price, you would think betting the 49ers would still be worth it. But remember, there are no locks in sports betting.

There is no such thing as a guarantee. Upsets happen. This is why point spreads are much more common in football and basketball: They carry far fewer risks than the money line. Sure, favorites will win the majority of their games, but when they lose, you lose big because you had to risk so much to bet on them. This is why bettors should be careful betting huge favorites on the money line.

In the end, it's all about risk vs. Always ask yourself: Is the juice worth the squeeze? In addition to setting the line for favorites and underdogs, oddsmakers also set a line on the cumulative amount of points, goals or runs scored in the game by both teams combined. For example, if both teams are struggling on offense and possess great defenses, the oddsmakers will set a low total for the game. On the flip side, if both teams possess high-scoring offenses and play porous defense, the total will be set higher.

The weather can also have a big effect on totals. One of the biggest factors is the wind. This would lead to oddsmakers setting a higher total than usual because a warning -track fly ball could be pushed over the fence and become a home run thanks to the wind, leading to more runs being scored. This makes it harder to throw the ball and kick field goals, which would force the oddsmakers to set a lower total.

Meanwhile, if a game is being played indoors inside a dome or closed roof stadium, the total would be set higher due to the perfect conditions. Once a total is set, bettors can then wager on whether the amount of points scored will be above or below the total. This is popularly referred to as a betting the "over" or betting the "under.

Betting on totals is a completely different way of betting compared to spreads and money lines. If you bet the over, you are cheering on both offenses and rooting for both teams to score a lot of points. If you bet the under, you are cheering on both defenses and rooting for both teams to score a low amount of points. Totals are available in all sports but are most popular in basketball and football where there are a higher number of total points scored.

An average total in the NFL is roughly 45 points. MLB totals are typically 8. If you wanted to bet the over, you would need both teams to combine to score points or more. It doesn't matter which team wins the game. If the Lakers win or the Bulls win , you win your over bet. If you bet the under, they would need both teams to combine to score points or less. So if a game goes to overtime, that counts toward the total. Anytime you have a bet that is winning for much of the game and loses in heartbreaking fashion at the very end, that is referred to as a "bad beat.

However, sportsbooks also offer totals for the first half and the first quarter abbreviated 1H and 1Q. Once the first half is over, the second-half line is released, abbreviated as 2H. Sportsbooks also offer a live-line total for in-game wagering. In baseball, the first half line is called the "first five," short for the first five innings and abbreviated as F5.

It can be a popular bet among sharp bettors, especially if there is a stellar pitching matchup. The full game total might be set at 8 and the first five total might be set at 4. With two of the best pitchers in baseball on the mound, you might want to take the first five under 3.

However, you bypass the full game under 8 because both teams possess poor bullpens and could give up several runs in the last four innings to sink the full game under 8. In additional to the full game total for both teams combined, you can also bet on how many points a specific team will score during a game. This is referred to as a team total, abbreviated as TT. So while the Bulls-Lakers game might have a full game total of Maybe you are worried about the full game total going over because the Lakers have a potent offense but see value on the Bulls team total under because Los Angeles has a stellar defense that the Bulls don't match up well against.

Books also offer win totals for each team prior to each season. These are season-long bets based on how many games a given team will win over the course of a year. Then they get adjusted throughout the year based on how each team is performing. For instance, before the season starts, the Atlanta Falcons might have a win total of 8.

If you think the Falcons will win 9 or more games in the upcoming year you could bet the over. If you think Atlanta will win 8 games or less you could bet the under. You would then have to wait the entire year to cash your ticket if it wins. What Betting Advice You Should Take And Avoid Once new bettors have abandoned their long-held allegiances and learned the pitfalls of betting like a fan, the next step is to block out media hype and bias.

This means ignoring the noise and not falling into the trap of betting games based solely on the opinions of sports talking heads. Over decades, an entire entertainment empire has been built around covering sports. There are hundreds if not thousands of televisions shows, radio stations and web sites devoted to sports. Some media outlets provide worthwhile analysis and content, but the vast majority aren't in the business of informing or teaching their audience, especially when it comes to betting.

Instead, they are focused on spewing hot-takes. Because hot takes generate buzz and discussion, which causes viewers, listeners and readers to continue tuning in. The truth is that the coverage of sports is a largely opinion-based industry. And it's all about ratings. The loudest, most outlandish and most controversial opinions generate the most clicks and eyeballs.

Their coverage can influence opinions and shape how the "betting public" views a game. It's a Monday and the game is several days away. All week, you turn on ESPN and see show after show, commentator after commentator hyping up the Seahawks. They air a non-stop stream of highlights showing the Seahawks crushing their opponents. They feature a one-one-one interview with Seattle's star quarterback Russell Wilson, cutting away to clips of Wilson throwing touchdown pass after touchdown pass.

The Seahawks look like an unstoppable juggernaut and the greatest team in the world. Then it pans to each "analyst" to give their picks. All 10 select the Seahawks. Now imagine four straight days of this kind of coverage. Throughout the week, a media narrative forms around how the Seahawks are a much better team and "guaranteed" to blow out the lowly Lions. However, it's important to note that these talking heads are mostly driving opinions based on who will win the game. The conversation is rarely ever about which team will cover the spread.

If you turned off the TV, were unaware of this media bias and decided the Seahawks were the smart bet based on your own research, that's fine. But if you failed to really do your homework and decided to bet on Seattle because the media manipulated you into thinking it was a lock, that is a mistake. Betting games based on opinion, especially the opinion of others, is a losing strategy.

Instead, bettors should rely on hard data that you can quantify and weigh. Bettors need to make informed decisions based on facts, statistics, line movement and value. One of the main reasons it's important to ignore media hype, aside from the fact that network bias can talk you into a bad bet and out of a smart bet, is the harsh reality of shaded lines.

You have to remember that if you're watching ESPN pump the tires of the Seahawks all week long, it means hundreds of thousands, if not millions of other bettors are watching the same coverage you are. They're hearing and seeing the same pro-Seattle highlights and opinion-driven analysis. And as a result, their opinions will be influenced by the talking heads. They, too, are likely to jump on the bandwagon and want to bet on Seattle.

Unfortunately for the public, the sportsbooks are fully aware of this. They are conscious of which direction public sentiment is trending and will shade their lines accordingly. This means adjusting the line further toward the popular side. Oddsmakers don't set lines in a vacuum. They also take public bias into account.

For example, maybe the oddsmakers came to the conclusion that the Seahawks should be a 6. However, they know that the public, with the help of the media hype machine, will be all over the Seahawks no matter what the number is, so they raise the line to 7.

Then, throughout the week as the media bias builds in favor of Seattle, the public, influenced by the coverage, loads up on the Seahawks even more, which causes the line to rise further to This causes late Seattle bettors to lay a bad number a full point higher than the true opener. Anything can happen. The Seahawks could win by 10 and cover. The Lions could lose by 6 or lose by 3 and cover. The singular outcome in and of itself isn't the most important thing to remember here.

The idea is to beware of shaded numbers and not let the media noise machine influence your opinion of a game. By buying into the popular and overvalued side, you are playing right into the sportsbooks hands by betting a shaded an overpriced number.

Ignoring the noise isn't just about disregarding the opinions of national TV shows or talk radio hosts. It also applies to social media. Twitter is a fantastic medium that has countless benefits for bettors. It's the best way to monitor breaking news in real time like key injuries. It also allows you to follow on-the-ground reporters for each specific team. The local beat reporters, especially in college sports and student newspapers, can be a great resource for bettors because they give you unparalleled insight into little things that fall through the cracks that the national talking heads might be completely unaware of.

On the flip side, Twitter can have its faults as you are inundated with a constant stream of opinions, many of which come from Average Joes and questionable accounts. There is an entire subculture around betting called "Gambling Twitter" where bettors discuss games, tweet their picks and give their reasoning behind their bets.

On the one hand, it's great that the platform provides everyone the opportunity to speak their mind. But on the other hand, very few of these opinions are data-driven and actionable. A smart way to make sure you're avoiding bias is to cover up the names of the teams and diagnose the matchup based purely on the merits themselves.

They bet numbers, not teams. They let the data do the talking, not the media. By covering up the names of the teams, you force yourself to dissect the game from a more objective- not subjective- perspective. You are less likely to talk yourself into a bad bet, or away from a good bet.

Also keep in the back of your head that the popular side doesn't always win. Sure, the Seahawks could cover this individual game despite the lopsided public betting and shaded line, but over the long haul this is a losing endeavor. The house always wins, which means more often than not, the public loses, especially when they're betting the worst of the number after it moves.

Always remember: You are your best analyst. Always trust your own process, you own data and your own methodology, not some talking head or a random person on Twitter. The goal is simple: Do your homework and always try to make the smartest bet possible.

But what good is this if you don't know how to actually place a bet? Generally speaking, there are two different options for placing a bet. You can either bet in person at a physical sportsbook usually located inside a casino or online through a computer, tablet or mobile app. Betting at a physical sportsbook can be intimidating if you've never done it before. It's usually loud and full of bright lights with lots of people congregating and cheering on their bets, also known as "sweating" their bets.

The walls are covered with massive televisions showing every game under the sun. There are huge scoreboard that display countless sports, teams and various numbers. A long line of bettors patiently wait for their turn to place a bet at the cashier, which is also known as the "ticket window" or "window" for short. If you're new to betting, the last thing you want to be is the person who doesn't know what you are doing when it's your turn to place a bet.

Before you place your first bet, it's important to know a few things beforehand. When you first walk into the sportsbook, do yourself a favor and find a seat. The "book" will likely be packed with patrons. It makes everything a lot easier if you can find a seat instead of having to stand. By claiming a spot, you can set up a work station where you can study the games and go through your bets. Once you've found a spot, the next thing you want to do is search for the betting sheets. They are typically located in front by the ticket windows.

Every sportsbook will print their daily offerings onto sheets of paper, which you can then grab and keep for yourself, free of charge. It will show every sport, every game, the lines and the ID numbers, also known as the rotation numbers.

The sheets will show the opening lines, which will have surely moved by the time the sheets are in your hands. You can compare the opening lines to the current lines listed on the big boards to see how the odds have changed. Circle games of interest and write notes in the margins. Another suggestion is to bring your smart phone and an iPad or tablet, which you can use to look up stats, matchups or access a live odds page, which can help immensely.

Once you've identified the bet or bets you want to make, it's time to walk up to the window and get in line. Make sure you have the betting sheets to lean on and your wallet ready. Remember: They only accept cash. So don't expect to pay for your bets with a check or credit card. Some sportsbooks allow bettors to bet on credit, which is like a loan that you must pay back.

But that is only reserved for high rollers who have passed extensive financial background checks. You will need to know a few key things when it's time to place your bet: the ID number of the game located on the betting sheet or the scoreboard , the team you're betting on, the bet type and the bet amount.

When it's your turn at the window, have a friendly attitude and be courteous to the ticket writer. Say hello and then tell them how much you want to bet, the game number and the bet type for each of your bets. They also don't know if you want the moneyline, spread or Clemson to win the national title.

The goal is to be efficient and limit confusion. The ticket writer will then hand you a receipt, also known as a "ticket" or "bet slip.

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NorthStar Bets line: Baltimore The Ravens rank 28th in the NFL, allowing NorthStar Bets line: Tennessee Coming off a bye, and riding a three-game ATS win streak, the Titans should be ready to roll at home. Pick: Titans The Giants are and the Jaguars are Jacksonville has lost each of its last three contests by at least seven points, including a home loss to the Texans.

Expect him to rally the troops as a road dog. The Panthers are awful and you can make the case that the Bucs are, too. Tampa has lost three of its last four and is coming off a humiliating loss to the Steelers. Both the Texans and Raiders are coming off bye weeks, so neither side should have the upper hand in terms of preparedness or rest.

Pick: Broncos -1 Chiefs 49ers: Sunday, Oct. NorthStar Bets line: Kansas City The Chiefs will present a different challenge in a bounce-back spot for Patrick Mahomes. Live betting would enable you to wager on the Giants to win the match, at perhaps greater odds than you would have found before the game started, given the current state of the gamer.

If you think the Eagles will convert the third down and move the chains, you could also back them to win the match in-play. Most of the very best online NFL betting sites now incorporate live betting and have done for several years. Check out the best live betting sites NFL Promotions All of the NFL betting sites in this piece will offer welcome bonuses and promotions to bettors of all sports.

The best NFL sportsbooks that spend the most on advertising and partnerships, such as BetMGM and FanDuel, tend to come out top when it comes to fan interactions with these offers. Usually, for the big games and events in the NFL, you can expect to see an enhanced odds offer from the best sportsbooks.

The biggest contests and occasions will attract the best offers, such as opening weekend, or most obviously, the Super Bowl. There are also other existing customer NFL betting offers available on regular season weekends. These come in the form of Parlay bonuses, same game parlay insurance and plenty more. Often there are promotions centered around the Primetime games that week, on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights.

Depth of Markets The game of NFL betting has changed significantly with the advances in statistics, coverage and the developments in sports betting. Gone are the days of just betting on Spread, Moneyline and Totals markets. Naturally, bettors want to be able to stake on a wide range of markets.

The NFL betting sites that offer the most markets and unique wagers stand out in our rankings, providing more markets for you to bet on. All the NFL betting sites in this piece will offer the standard, Spread, Moneyline and Totals markets, and most will offer methods of victory bets. If a sportsbook regularly takes a lot of juice on its lines and provides underwhelming prices on props and moneylines, look elsewhere.

You want to get the best value on your NFL Lines. However, the best sportsbook will give less juice on their bets, meaning you may find odds of for the same bet. This means you will receive more profit should your bet win. Types of NFL Betting Sites sign-up offers available One of the most important factors to consider when choosing your NFL sportsbook , is the new customer offer available. Newcomers can often have difficulty understanding the various bonus offers available, so the Post takes you through some of the most common sign-up offers available.

As with all sign-up offers, it is vital you remember to read through all of the terms and conditions of an offer before signing up to ensure you know exactly how they work before taking advantage of them. For example, FanDuel offered new customers enhanced odds of for either team to win Super Bowl Simply put, free bets allow you to place a bet on any market of your choice, or pre-selected markets depending on which sportsbook you decide to use, without the risk of losing any money should your bet not be a winner.

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Gamblers Like Me: The Dark Side of Sports Betting - BBC Africa Eye documentary

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