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Jp morgan rockefeller impact investing report

jp morgan rockefeller impact investing report

Just over 10 years ago, JPMorgan and the Rockefeller Foundation, together with the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN). The Rockefeller Foundation''s impact investing initiative has sought to In turn, the J.P. Morgan report interpreted that as requiring. MacPherson, Director of The Rockefeller Foundation's Evaluation Office, Olazabal and been convening thought leaders in both the impact investment and. SHERGAR CUP TOP JOCKEY BETTING WEBSITES

Here are a few ways investors have seized this moment that show a way forward: Backing diverse entrepreneurs Social movements like Black Lives Matter and MeToo have resounded well beyond the protests on the streets in They have spurred investors and corporations to act on systemic racial and gender inequalities, particularly when it comes to access to capital and economic opportunities.

These recent commitments are building on a trend developing over recent years. Historically, much of the funding targeting women and minority homeowners or business owners in the United States came through community development financial institutions CDFIs , private entities whose primary mission is to help communities traditionally underserved by the banking and investment system.

In turn, CDFIs were for many years largely funded by the regulation-mandated capital made available through the Community Reinvestment Act of Philanthropist Mackenzie Scott has provided traditionally scarce unrestricted funding to more than 30 CDFIs, allowing them to expand their balance sheets. Additionally, an increasing number of CDFIs have accessed the capital markets with rated bond issuances.

Another factor driving this trend is the business case. Companies in the top quartile for gender diversity were 25 percent more likely to have above-average profitability than companies in the fourth quartile, according to McKinsey. The boost is even more apparent for firms demonstrating the same top-tier levels of ethnic diversity—they are 36 percent more likely to have above-average profitability than organizations doing the least to variegate their workforces.

This distinction in earnings is growing more pronounced over time as stronger firms pull ahead in the marketplace, increasingly solidifying the connection between DEI and a robust business. Investors who ignore this trend risk making less money while also missing an opportunity to get more capital to women, Indigenous groups, and communities of color. Pioneering technology to reach people outside of cities Metropolitan centers have for decades attracted the bulk of economic activity.

With attention focused on urban areas, people living in peri-urban and rural communities have been left behind, consistently lacking reliable access to high-quality, affordable goods, despite a decade of investment. However, technologies have been emerging that can help solve this problem.

At the same time, the COVID pandemic has turned remote work from a perk to a priority, increasing job opportunities for internet-connected people all over the world. In India, for example, Loadshare strings together small, local logistics providers to create a delivery chain that reaches remote areas.

The company has around 6, workers and suppliers in its network, and over the past four years has expanded across 18 Indian states and established branches. It has almost 3, employees, with 80 percent from under-served regions in India, Bhutan, Europe, and the United States.

Over half of the employees are women, who in some nations often have limited access to jobs outside the home due to cultural factors. A large portion of the platform's 10 million workers has blue-collar backgrounds. Firms like Workex and others began offering tools for working with remote employees in Africa and South Asia several years ago, and there is plenty of room for the industry to grow. However, as regulation struggles to catch up with the technology, some of these gig platforms come with a significant risk of exploiting the labor and data of those who use them.

Impact investors need to identify those that holistically protect and support their workers, such as Steady. Aggregating demand for smaller buyers The affordability and geographic reach of many basic products and services have long been prominent issues for impact investors, but the COVID crisis shone a light on a related challenge: volume.

Some low- and middle-income African nations, for example, struggled to buy COVID supplies because high-volume purchases—which G7 nations could more easily execute—became a pre-condition for successful procurement. As a result, global supply chains, typically a source of cost efficiency, became points of vulnerability, raising awareness of the importance of local production. This is the type of funding gap that impact investment could fill through the use of innovative instruments like guarantees , advanced market commitments , and global access commitments.

For example, the Gates Foundation-backed Adjuvant Fund, which finances the development of treatments for neglected diseases and child and maternal health challenges, is using global access commitments to guarantee benefits are made available to vulnerable populations.

While there is an opportunity for impact investors to play a role in supporting equality of access through this kind of partnership, success will depend on public and philanthropic capital working together with private capital. Renewable energy opportunities have often been the focus of such funding—the same two years, they made up 58 percent of climate finance. The investments can be categorized in two ways: those focused on adapting and increasing resilience to climate change, and those targeting carbon sequestration.

Adaptation and resilience More businesses are offering products and services to enable smart cities and circular economies that tackle climate issues through adaptation and resilience. For instance, the wastewater management firm Roserve in India provides technology and financing solutions for sustainable water use in industries ranging from tannery to paper to steel. The company is expanding from India into Africa, where providers of wastewater treatment and recycling are practically non-existent.

While Roserve is generating revenue from goods and services focused on climate change resilience, other companies are also adapting operations to reduce their potential exposure to costly climate change risks, creating other benefits in the process. Zephyr Power , a renewable energy firm, is developing a 50MW wind power plant on Pakistan's coast, which is threatened by rising sea levels. To counter the risks of flooding, Zephyr invested in a program to protect and rehabilitate the local mangrove trees that provide a natural barrier against the ocean.

The investment will attract more fish and other creatures that rely on the trees—boosting the livelihoods of fishermen in the process—and reduce the cost of maintaining the area's infrastructure by making the soil more stable. We expect this investable universe to grow significantly over the next ten years as calls for climate action intensify.

Carbon sequestration Institutional investors are increasingly transitioning their portfolios to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by The report also includes the first large-scale data analysis of return expectations from more than 1, impact investments and compares them to established benchmarks for emerging and developed market debt and equity returns.

The analysis shows that investors have broad expectations for impact investment financial returns, ranging from concessionary to market-beating. The report also estimates significant market opportunity for impact investment over the next ten years. Back to Top Close We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyze site traffic, personalize content, and serve targeted advertisements. Read about how we use cookies and our use of data by reading our new Privacy Policy.

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