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Biggest bet ever place des tendances

biggest bet ever place des tendances

I bet you will be as excited as me to add them to your swimsuits collection! Alors quelles sont les tendances de cette saison en ce qui. Distortion. One of the biggest and best city festivals in the world, Distortion is Copenhagen's annual blowout music festival. Every year the. Bloomberg delivers business and markets news, data, analysis, and video to the world, featuring stories from Businessweek and Bloomberg. FOX SPORTS NHL

Mohamed Badaoui Najjar — Google review One of the best third wave coffee spots in Lyon, has as modern offerings as most indie cafes in Berlin and London with a French twist smooth and strong flat white options I mean. Its location is great for passer-by where only less five minutes walk from the main shopping street.

I found it's so accessible, very easy to find but still in a quite corner to be able to relax from the crowd. My friend ordered an espresso while I got a bottle of cold brew, as any other cafe in big cities, simple and good. The staff was very friendly to a non-French speaker, me, which is always the most important ingredient to me.

Their for-sale coffee bean selection amazed me a lot, I discovered a few I have never seen before! I would say this is definitely a must-visit for coffee lovers who come to Lyon the French food capital. By , this plan had grown into an East African concept, aimed at pro- viding higher technical education for East Africa. In September this concept received a Royal Charger, under the name «Royal Techni- cal College of East Africa» and the foundation stone of the institution was laid in April To avoid duplication of effort, the Gandhi Memorial Academy Society agreed to merge interests with those of the East African Governments.

The Royal Technical College opened its doors to the first intake of students in April No sooner had this been done, than the need 56was felt for expert advice on the pattern of Higher Education in East Africa. This led to the appointment of a Working Party in July On the attainment of «University College» status, the institution was admitted into Special Relation with the University of London in February , and prepared stuclents in the Faculties of Arts, Science and Engineering for the B.

General Degrees and the B. Engineering Degree of the University of London. Students in the other faculties, namely the Faculty of Arts and Architecture and the. Faculty of Special Professional Studies which was later renamed the Faculty of Commerce continued to work either for a College Diploma or for the qualifications of Profes- sional bodies. Further development in the academic field came in , when the Faculty of Veterinary Science was transferred from Makerere University College to the Royal College Nairobi.

In the following year Extra-Mural Studies which hitherto had been organized in Kenya Makerere was also transferred to the College. At the same time the College of Social Studies, Kikuyu, which had been in opera- tion as an independent centre for residential adult education since , was absorbed into the College. In , the Faculty of Medicine admitted its first students. Based at Chiromo for its pre- clinical teaching, the Faculty's clinical work is carried out at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

The University opened the faculties of Agriculture at Kabete and Law on the main campus in July In April , the School of Journalism was opened. In addition to these major units, further academic re-organization took place through the re-organization and creatioR of new depart- ments.

The only exceptions to this were students in the Departments 57of Domestic Science and Land Development who continued to work for the University of Manchester and the R. Students who had enrolled under the Special Relation Scheme continued to work for the degrees of the University of London, the last examinations for which were held in.

June The new enrolments studied for the University of East Africa degrees at the College with the exception of the Department of Domestic Science. The University of East Africa was dissolved with effect from lst July , and the three East African countries set up their national Universities.

Nursing were. The Departments of Pharmacy and Dental. Anothet developmen't was the establishment of the Institute of population Studies and Research, the Department of Range Manage- ment in the Faculty of Agriculture, the transfer of the Faculty of Education to Kenyatta University College campus, the establishment of two independent departments namely, the Department of Philo- sophy and the Department of Religious Studies within the Faculty of Arts, out of the former single Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies ; and the transfer of the Department of Forestry to Moi University in September, The majority of the students' Halls of Residence and the Central Catering Unit are also within this campus.

Halls of Residence of Medical students are also sited there. The Kabete Campus is situated' close to the north-western city boundary off Kapenguria Road and sorne 13 km, from the Main Campus. Thus is constituted the College of Agriculture and yeterinary Scie-nces. The College of Adult and Distance Educatiop. Colleges of the university The latest development was the establishment of Campus colleges under the University of Nairobi Act.

The College of Adult and Distance Education; 2. The College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences ; 3. The College of Architecture and Engineering; 4. The College of Biological and Physical Sciences; 5. The Col1ege of Health Sciences; 6. The Col1ege ofHumanities and Social Sciences j 7. The Egerton College as a constituent College. The British Government had developed and established the site as a military base known as Templer Barracks.

Immediately after handing over, the base was converted into an institution of higher learning. The lower classes and the sixth form Arts classes were phased out in , leaving seven science streams. The latter was the main supplier of science under- graduates in science oriented courses in the University of Nairobi and their performance in the University was excellent.

The Secondary Education Section was phased out in The impact of the Teacher Education Section was no less dramatic. Between and the College was the country's largest institution in producing trained mm- graduate secondary school teacher. However, the Teacher Education Section was phased out in The College has now the responsibility for all undergraduate and postgraduate teacher training programmes.

Courses offered a Bachelor of education Arts b Bachelor of education Science. Box , Nairobi, to reach him not la. Candidates from outside Kenya may apply for admission pre- ferably through their sponsors, subject to a guarantee the full cost of tuition, board lodging and other incidental expenses are met by their government or through an approved scholarship scheme.

Un i'J! AlI school candidates taking the Kenya Advanced Certifieate of Education or the Higher School Certifieate shall sit the General Paper and produce a Certificate from their School to the effect that they have followed a course of general studies in preparation for the General Paper. It is emphasized that the above are minimum requirements whieh do not in any way guarantee the holder of such qualifications a place in the University. Note: i That subsidiary level passes for the purpose of satisfying the entry requirements are passes obtained after following a full course and examination, for the Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education leve1 but failing to reach the required standard for Principallevel pass.

Or that they have attended a residential course at an Adult Educa- tion college in which case a recommendation from the Principal of the Col1ege attended will be necessary. Candidates are requested to see that the referees have consented to report on them, and that their address are correct. The examination will consist of papers of a general character for which specifie preparation is not possible.

Faculty and Deparlmental Entrance Requirements In addition to satisfying the Minimum Entrance Requirement, and in order to he admitted to a partieular course in a given Faculty, candidates must satisfy the Faculty and Departmental Entrance Requirements. Admission as an occasional student Limited opportunities occasionally arise for the admission of a few students to pursue parts of courses within a discipline, or in.

Candidates admitted for such a programme are known as occasional students. The Bureau continues the research" progJ:amme begun by the child Development. However, the Bureau has expanded its scope of activities to include all areas of education, the application of research finding to current problems, and co-operative research with other 'educational institutions.

The functions of the Bureau are to carry out long-term and fundamental educational research, to assist public and private bodies in the application of the methods and results and educational research to ongoing problems, to train Kenya Scholars in the methods of educational research, to document and disseminate information from local or international sources needed by kenya researchers, policy- makers, and educators, and to provide a venue for the objective discussion and analysis in the educational field.

At the same time, the re- search programme of the Bureau seeks to be responsive to problems which are of high priority. The Bureau seeks to identify the research needs of other educational bodies, to increase their capacity to under- take research, and their ability to utilize and apply research findings as part of the process of its own programme development. Training activities The Bureau provides a variety of training opportunities in order to assist in the creation of a cadre of local educational researchers.

It provides scholarships for Kenya graduates to study abroad. Research Assistance have an opportunity to learn research methodo- logy and techniques in field situations under the supervision of trained researchers. It conducts a serie of seminars which are open to all members of the University community concerning ongoing research projects. In its work with other organizations, the bureau requires that the institutions identify a suitable person to work with Bureau staff on the research project from beginning to end.

In addition each member of the Bureau's professional staff has a teaching responsibility in the department of his discipline. Staff do assist when reguired in the sl. Documentation and dissemination activities The Bureau has a collection of material concerning research and action programmes in education and child development. It is in the process of developing a system for a capacity to disseminate research findings to other researchers, and educational bodies in Kenya.

The President, Hon Daniel T. Arap Moi, President of 67the Repuhlic of Kenya. However, the idea of estahlishing a Second University to meet the growing demands of the rapidly changing modern and technological society started with the appointment of the Presidential Working Party on January 2lst under the Chairman- ship of Dr. Colin B. The Working Party, considering the demand for higher education and the resulting pressure on the existing institutes recommended the establisment of a Second University and also prepared the detailed plans and recommendations on how such a decision to start a new University could he implemented.

The President. The report was accepted by the Government and thus laid down the foundations for the establishment of Moi Univer- sity. The report of the Working Party recommended that the new University should be technically oriented and should focus on problems of rural development in. As a Technical University it should also develop linkage with the non-degree Technical Training Institutes in the Country.

These recommendations formed the nucleus of Moi University upon which the future development of the University would be based. This thrust of the University does not in any way imply a lowering of the academic levels to be attained by the University programmes, which must satisfy standards acceptable to employers, other Univer- sity Institutions and of course to the individual graduate in enabling him or her to settle quickly in Kenyan Society.

Following the presentation of the Report of the Working Party and. A one man Unesco mission visited the country on this exercise early in to be followed later by a four man mission which together with a Kenyan team, prepared the docu- ment entitled «Project Document for the Preparation of the Deve- lopment plan of the Second University». This document has been widely circulated in soliciting assistance for the preparation of the Development plan of the University.

On 30th of May, the Moi University Act, after having been passed by parliament, received Presidential Assent and commenced on 8th of June , Moi University Council was formally launched on 9th of July at Eldoret and was presided over by H. The President, Daniel T. Arap Moi who is also the Chancellor of the University.

On lst. October, aH students who had been admitted into the University of Nairobi for forestry training 83 in aIl were transferred to Moi University. Subsequent to this transfer exercise, teaching commenced at Moi University on lst October, with JO students who graduated on December 6, In October , the Department of Wildlife Management was established.

The campus is, by design, on a rural setting being on land which was originaIly a wattle plantation at the southern boun- clary of Eldoret Municipality. The University has a total of some 1, hectares of land of which some hectares will eveni::ually accommo- date administration, academic and staff quarters with the remainder graduaHy to be developed in to experinlental and commercial farms, a botanical garden and arboretum.

The University is in the process of acquiring off-campus teaching and research units including training forests, marine and fresh water fisheries research stations and experimental farms in various locations of the country. The departments of Forestry and Wildlife Management have already been established and are operational.

It was realized that 69there was an urgent need to expand professional leve1 education in wildlife management and in forest resources development. Thus a degree training programme was started at the University of Nairobi in This recom- mendation was based on the realized need for Kenya to expand high level training and research capabilities to meet the growing challenges in the proper management of her important resources impacting on energy and wood for industry and construction, environmental stabilization, and wildlife including fisheries.

Forestry Training Programmes The forestry training programme at Moi University lays specifie emphasis on : i Effective and efficient methods of managing high yielding planta- tion in the high potential areas. Wildlife Management Training Programmes The Wildlife Management training programme at Moi University lays specifie emphasis oh the following areas : i Better management practices for national parks and game reserve for recreational and wildlife viewing.

Wood Science and TechnologY:Training Programme Although the production and consumption of basic forest product is alarmingly rising, the technological status of forest product proces- sing industries remain low and almost stagnant. A drastic reduction in the export of raw material and an expansion in forest products in- dustries would definitely raise substantial revenues for the country. The first set of training programmes willlead to the award of M.

Forest Soils 2. Tree Breeding 4. Wood Science 5. Forest Pathology 6. Forest Entomology 7. Wildlife Management. Research Activiiies The Faculty is keen to pursue active research in the field of forestry and wildlife management. A number of projects have been initiated. Studies of insect pest associated with selected indigenous trees in Kenya. The biology of Icerya Purchasi which has proved notorious on trees in the general Acacia and Albizia will be studied. A study of different enzymes would give informa- tions on genetic variation in many forest trees.

The programme of the Faculty will be problem -oriented so that graduates from Moi University are able to solve the pressing deve- fopmental problems of the Nation. The raduates will be trained to accelerate research in development an application of scientific techniques in applied sciences such as Agriculture, Forestry and Industry. In the light of rapid scientific progress the Faculty will ensure continuing education for its graduates and the public. The Faculty will ensure appropriate specialization and productive collaboration with research institutions.

In the beginning the Departments of Electrical and Communi- cations Technology and the Department of Production Technology will established. Later, other Departments like the Department of Civil Engineering. Chemical Engineering, Textile Technology, will be established. An industrial research and consultancy unit and a machine design and building centre attached to the Fa culty will also be established in the future. The Faculty of Technology has been established in order to provide the nation technologists for the development of the na tional industry.

The graduates will have acquired the necessary knowledge about the indigenous technology and the advanced techno- logies and will be able to develop a national technology for the advan- cement of the industry and the national economy. The Faculty, in collaboration with various ministries. The initial mission was to 73train young men of European Ancestry to become farmel'lS in Kenya. In the 's the role of the college broadened to include training of personnel staff research and extension institutions.

Enrolment i,ncreased from about 50 in 's to slightly over at Indepen- dences. Since establishment in , Egerton has continuously expen- ded its role in. Egerton underwent a major change on 30th July, when it atta. An Act of Parliament establishing Egerton as a Constituent College of the University of Nairobi went through parliament and became fully operational on 23rd December, At the moment there are degree students.

It must also be noted that the College will continue to admit students into the current diploma streams. Plans are now at an advanced stage to regularize the whole process thrQugh a new act of Parliament. It is expected that by J uly the College will require full University Status. The law received Presidential assent On 11 July and came into operation on 1 August The main provision in the Universities Act is the establish- ment of the Commission for Higher Education which was appointed by His Excellency the President on 27 August and gazetted on 30th August , Kenya Gazette No During the parliamen- tary debate, the Honourable Members observed that the object of the Act was to provide a broad legal outline on university education and not specify everything because each university had its own law for that purpose.

This is the reason why the universities Act gives the Minister broad powers to enable him to work with others in the spirit of Harambee to produce qualified manpower. The Commission for High Education was seen as the body to be responsible for coordination of university education in Kenya. The Commission could also be expected to ensure that Universities were properly established so as to produce disciplined manpower.

Functions of the Commission The functions of the Commission which are legally defined in Section 6 of the Universities Act fall into four broad cate- gories, namely planning and financing of public univer! In this regard the Minister may formulate a development plan for the expansion of public universities consistent with the national plan for the economic and social development of Kenya.

There are also a number of private institutions that are known to be offering university education. The Commission is expected to work out criteria for advising the Minister regarding the establishment of new university institutions. The Commission is expected to develop a rational basis for advising th'e Government on higher education for public and private universities.

To co-ordinate the long-term planning, staff development, schorlship and physical development of university education a Co-ordination The specialized nature of university education requires co-ordi- nation in order to serve ,production efficiently, to avoid unneccessary duplication of effort and wasteful use of public funds, and to effect the proper planning of human resource development for the university institutions as well as the national economy.

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