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Illinois sports betting

illinois sports betting

Illinois sports betting is live. We review the best IL sports betting apps, welcome offers and signup bonuses for new bettors. The Sports Wagering Act ( ILCS 45) is available online on the Illinois General Assembly website. A hard copy of the Act can be found in the printed Illinois. Sec. Sports wagering authorized. (a) Notwithstanding any provision of law to the contrary, the operation of. ST LEGER BETTING ON SPORTS

Our experts know what bettors want and sign up for accounts to determine which offer the best mobile apps and overall experience. Among the key factors we consider: Safety: We only review sites that are legal, regulated and licensed by the Illinois Gaming Board. We do not review or recommend any offshore sports betting sites. Pricing: Bettors should always be looking for the best betting odds and prices, which can vary significantly between sportsbooks in Illinois.

Bonuses and promotions: Each IL sportsbook offers a variety of bonus offers and promotions. We read the fine print to determine which offers are the most lucrative in the growing Illinois sports betting market. Mobile options: Most sports wagers are placed through mobile devices. We test Illinois sportsbooks apps for ease of use and speed to determine which provide the best overall mobile experience. You can check out the best Illinois sportsbook promo codes here.

Among the great most popular sign-up offers are deposit matches and risk-free first bets. Some Illinois sports betting apps have a one-time playthrough requirement, while others have more onerous requirements. Be sure to read the terms and conditions.

Risk-free bets remove the risk of our first bet with the promise of refunding the full amount of that wager - almost always as side credit - should your first wager lose. If your first bet is a winner, there is no credit given. If you win that wager, you keep the winnings unless there is a playthrough requirement but not the free bet stake. The most popular promotions are odds boosts, parlay insurance and free bets as a reward for regular customers. An odds boost provides more favorable odds on a specific team, game or prop bet.

How to Sign Up and Place a Sports Bet in Illinois Illinois residents can now sign up for a sports betting account on their phones or computers. The in-person registration requirement expired on March 5, , making Illinois sports betting fully mobile. To register for an online Illinois account: Choose your Illinois online sportsbook.

Spend time on several sites and select the one that best fits your needs. Fund your account. When the funds appear in your account balance, you can begin wagering. Find the betting line of the game you want, enter a selection and the amount you want to wager. Deposits and Withdrawals The best online sportsbooks want to make transactions as easy as possible, but some methods work better than others.

Deposits can be processed in minutes; withdrawals usually take longer. Few online casinos permit credit card withdrawals. Bank transfers do the same, though transactions take longer. You can also make withdrawals from the cashier cage.

Paper checks: These remain a viable method for withdrawals at most operators. Illinois online and in-person sports betting was signed into law in Six Illinois online sportsbooks are currently operating. Mobile betting is expected to flourish now that the in-person sign up requirement no longer is in effect as of March 5, Illinois was one of the few states in the U.

Under Illinois law, the in-person registration requirement expired on March 5, The online-only licenses are untethered, meaning they do not require a partnership with any Illinois casino, horse track or pro sports venue. FanDuel gained access by purchasing an interest in Fairmount Park. Among the benefits: Convenience and access: Online sports wagering in Illinois allows bettors to wager from the comfort of their home or on their smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the state, rather than making a potentially long trip to a casino.

Value: Having multiple online accounts allows sports bettors to shop and compare the best odds and prices in minutes. Bonuses and promotions: Online operators offer sign-up bonuses and valuable promotions such as odds boosts and parlay insurance, none of which are offered at in-person IL sportsbooks. Payment options: Illinois allows a wide range of banking options to deposit and quickly withdraw funds from your account.

Features of an Illinois Sports Betting Site Most Illinois sports betting sites and apps utilize the latest state-of-the-art technologies. Among the features you should expect to see when betting in Illinois: Intuitive User Interface Your Illinois sports betting app should have a player-friendly, clutter-free interface that is easy to navigate and becomes more intuitive the more you use it.

Menus make it easy to find the sports and betting lines you want. The app should be compatible with all of your mobile devices. In terms of handle, Illinois now ranks among the top five states in the country behind New York, New Jersey and Nevada and in close competition with Pennsylvania.

Illinois sports teams to bet on Illinois has a lot of professional sports franchises, all located in Chicago. Most have titles to boast about, in some cases many of them. Each has large fan bases in the state and beyond, making them favorites for Illinois sports bettors wishing to bet on their favorite franchise. You can place moneyline or run line bets on the Cubs every time they play.

You can bet on Bears games or on team and individual props. You can also try live betting, even on individual plays. Futures bets provide still more options, including wagering on the Bears to win a certain number of games, make the playoffs, win the NFC North, win the National Football Conference championship or even win the Super Bowl. Like the Cubs, the White Sox have won three World Series titles, a couple early in the 20th century and one more recently in And as with the Cubs, you can wager on White Sox futures to win the AL Central, the American League or the World Series, as well as a large menu of single-game bets and props each time they take the field.

The team has six Stanley Cup titles, with its most recent in You can also place a host of bets on the team or individual players each time they face off against a new opponent. The Illinois Fighting Illini of Urbana-Champaign has an especially large fan base, especially for basketball, in which the program has made the Final Four five times. Every spring, the three weeks of March Madness represent one of the most popular sports betting events of the year.

Editor's Note: NJ. CO Gambling problem? We advise you to read these carefully as they contain important information.

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Illinois sports betting Spend time on several sites and select the one that best fits your needs. Others are just waiting on the red tape to be completed. The legendary Bull played for Chicago betweenbefore rejoining the team again from The Prairie State's original plan required in-person sign-ups, which made sports betting adoption less inclusive. Other states do require sites like FanDuel illinois sports betting DraftKings to partner with existing casinos to offer their products online. Under Illinois law, the in-person registration requirement expired on March 5, Among the great most popular sign-up offers are deposit matches and risk-free first bets.
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Promotions And Welcome Offers At Illinois Sportsbooks You are going to be bombarded — and that's a good thing — with Illinois sportsbook promos when looking for a new sportsbook. Each offer is different, and it's important to know the different types of bonuses offered to get the best deal.

Anyone looking to sign up at an online sports betting site should always use a bonus or promotion that is offered,. This is the best way to boost your account before even placing a wager. You're a valued member of the Illinois sports betting community. Operators are competing for your business. Risk-Free Bets A risk-free bet is a common promotion that will be offered by online sports betting apps, and it's a good offer.

Think of a risk free bet as an insurance policy because you'll get your money back if your wager does not hit. This risk-free bet usually applies to the first wager made at the sportsbook, but it can be a promotion offered to existing customers as well. You'll receive risk free bets in your account for the amount you wagered initially.

The fact that your bet is insured is great, but you'll have to wager that amount again before making a withdrawal. Deposit Match A deposit match is another common bonus found with online betting, and it can be a signup offer or a bonus for returning customers. This simply means that the sports betting apps are going to match the amount of money you put into your account. The biggest negative to this promotion is that it's not common with most of the online sportsbook options in Illinois.

It's a huge advantage to have more money in your account right from the beginning to place a legal sports bet online. Referral Bonus A referral bonus is paid to customers as a way to thank them for getting more customers to the site. Even though the operators in Illinois are popular, they still need some help attracting new business. The person you refer to the online sportsbook will have to make a deposit before you get your referral bonus, and there is going to be a minimum deposit required from the person you're referring.

Still, getting free money for simply getting a friend to bet on sports is a pretty good deal. Odds Boosts An odds boost is going to be available to Illinois sports bettors as well, and all of the sites will offer them in some fashion. Most odds boosts will only apply to specific games or betting markets, but it's still something you should take advantage of.

With an odds boost, you are going to have the chance to earn a bigger payout on the game that is selected. The only negative to an odds boost though is that there is usually a maximum bet amount that can be used. Parlay Insurance Parlay insurance is a great promotional opportunity for those who enjoy placing parlay bets.

Normally, winning a parlay requires each leg of the bet to win. Even if just one leg is unsuccessful, the bet is lost. Parlay insurance provides a solution to this dilemma. With this promo, one leg of your parlay wager is insured. This means that if a single leg of the entire bet is unsuccessful the sportsbook has you covered. As opposed to losing all the money that was placed on the bet, the amount you wagered is refunded to your account. This promotion is a great way to reduce the risk associated with parlay betting.

How To Pick The Best Illinois Sportsbook Sports betting in Chicago and all of Illinois has taken off because of the worry-free online sports gambling apps that are available. These apps make your betting experience more personalized because some features provided can't be found on a basic Illinois sports betting site.

Below you are going to find some of the top features on an online sports betting app, and how these features can set an operator apart. Some features will mean more to you than they will mean to others. Great Reviews It is always a good idea to check out online sportsbook reviews. This allows you to get a sense of other users' experiences and some things to keep in mind if you decide to sign up for the sportsbook.

Online sportsbook reviews can encompass a wide range of important information, from customer service options to promotions and bonuses. These apply to both desktop and mobile app platforms. A great review will maintain a positive tone throughout and clearly indicate a liking for the sportsbook.

These are the sportsbooks you'll want to use. Variety of Bets Allowed When looking for a top sportsbook, it is important to find one that offers a wide variety of betting options. This includes both bet types as well as sports that are offered.

There won't be much difference when it comes to professional U. Moneyline odds are going to be extremely different, and following those lines can be to your benefit. It will be to your benefit to sign up for a sports betting account at several different sites.

This will give you the opportunity to "shop" around and find the best Illinois sports betting odds and lines that are available. Sports Betting Promotion Frequency Finding a site that has a welcome bonus is a great way to start betting in Illinois.

It's also nice to find one that will reward its loyal customers with additional offers. Sports betting sites have to offer bonuses to attract customers in this competitive market. The more competition, the bigger the rewards are going to get. Every sportsbook that we recommend will offer some sort of bonus.

These bonuses can change often and it's important to check back frequently to get the best offers available. Excellent User Interface and User Experience Because you could be looking to place a bet against the clock, it's important to find one with a good user interface, and one you like to use.

The look and feel is extremely important, but you also want one that is fast and responsive. Online betting apps make this feature even more important, and you can notice a major difference with the top sports betting apps.

Easy Deposits and Withdrawals This isn't always true, but the more deposit options, the better the site is going to be for you. Online sites and sports betting apps continue to come up with new options, and we rank sites based on what will be available. When we are ranking our best Illinois sports betting apps, we take a close look at the time it takes each site to make a withdrawal payment.

Customer Service Options Hopefully you won't have any issues at any of the sites in Illinois, but on the chance you do encounter an issue then you'll have to reach out to customer service. All of the betting sites on this list have some sort of customer support. Typically live chat is the best to use, because you can get an answer right away. In fact, you don't have to register at just one, but instead can set up multiple sports betting accounts to try things out and see what you like.

Here are some things to consider when you are looking for the top sports betting app. Get The Best Line It's important to compare betting lines and odds to ensure you are getting the best deal. This can affect the amount of money you win when placing a wager, and that money can add up in a hurry.

Take Advantage of Multiple Welcome Offers Promotions come in many different forms, and you always want to be on the lookout for the best options. These promotions can set sports betting sites apart from the competition, and that will affect how we rank them. Diversify Your Betting Options If you are going to give yourself the best chance to win, then you want to diversify your betting options.

This means finding a sportsbook that has a wide range of options available is essential to your success. You'll have to look closely to find out which sites will have more betting options than the others. Feel for The Sportsbook Every sportsbook is unique across a variety of dimensions.

Signing up for multiple sportsbooks allows users to get a sense of which is the best option for them. Some may find certain online sportsbooks to be more reliable in terms of withdrawals and deposits while another to be more user-friendly and easy to navigate. All of these details combine to define how users enjoy their sports betting experience.

Only through using multiple sportsbooks is it possible to find the best option for you that suits your specific needs. Sportsbook Rules There are a number of specific rules and policies unique to each online sportsbook. While most of the time these rules might seem negligible, there are moments where they may in fact influence your ability to place the bets you want. Things like minimum deposit requirements, withdrawal options or allowed bet types are all features that may vary between sportsbooks.

It is especially important to keep an eye on this when it comes to promotions, as similar-looking promos may have very different rules in order to be eligible. For example, free bet bonuses on different sportsbooks will have a variety of minimum requirements or allowed betting options. Make sure to always read the find print to find the sportsbook that works for you. This section will discuss some of the top wagering options that can be found when online betting.

Moneyline A moneyline bet is the simplest form of sports wager, because all you have to do is pick a team to win. There are different payouts set for each side of the bet, and that is where the decision comes into play. An example of a moneyline bet would be betting on the Chicago Blackhawks over the St. Louis Blues. Parlays A parlay is a combination wager, and it is one that can come with a pretty impressive payout.

There is also more reward with this type of bet though, but bettors are able to add as many legs to the bet as they choose. A three-team parlay in January might include the Bulls, Blackhawks, and Bears winning a playoff game. Totals Totals betting has nothing to do with the winner or loser of a sporting event. This bet instead focuses on the total number of points scored, and bettors simply take the over or the under. In the summer. Point Spreads Point spread betting is extremely common and popular, especially with basketball and football.

Not only do you have to pick a winner, but you also have to predict how far apart the final spread will be. Taking the Chicago Bulls Futures A futures bet is one where the outcome won't be decided until the future, usually at the end of the season.

Making a bet on a team to win a championship, or a player to win a certain award are the best options available. Prop Bets Prop betting provides some additional fun and excitement into sports betting as there are some unique options available.

This form of betting became popular during the Super Bowl, but it is now offered for most regular season games in all professional sports. One example of a prop bet would be: Will the Chicago Bulls lead in all four quarters against the Cleveland Cavaliers? These bets are placed while a sporting event is taking place, and the odds are updated in real-time.

Prohibited Bets A prohibited bet is one that isn't allowed by the online sports betting sites. This can be due to a law from the state, or the sportsbook could decide that this betting market is simply not available. You can't place a wager on the DePaul Demon Deacons basketball team as all in-state college betting is illegal. Other Popular Betting Types After covering some of the most popular teams in Illinois, this section will cover the other popular betting types in the state. Betting on sports in Illinois still has some restrictive rules in place when it comes to some betting options.

Illinois betting apps can come with DFS options if that operator specializes in both options. Louis, the Argosy sportsbook is operated by Penn National and features a large Barstool Sportsbook-branded retail location. The book features teller windows, multiple kiosks, and plenty of TVs.

Bettors will find ticket windows and self-service kiosks in the sportsbook, which is located in the center of the casino floor. Penn National is the operator, so the sportsbook naturally has some Barstool-affiliated promotions and branding present. The property opened the same day as its sister venue in Aurora, and on Aug. There are additional kiosks spread around the casino floor.

Like the other Penn National-owned casinos in the state, Hollywood Casino Joliet partnered with Barstool Sportsbook for both their retail location and online sportsbook app. DraftKings Sportsbook was able to do so relatively quickly, when it opened a sportsbook at Casino Queen on Aug.

Louis, which will give at least some Missouri residents a chance to place sports bets sports betting is not yet legal in St. Online betting customers can currently sign up remotely for the DraftKings Sportsbook at Casino Queen Sportsbook digital platform, where DraftKings Sportsbook is offering a variety of unique promotions for new customers, including a deposit match or a risk-free bet. The book at Rivers has stadium seating and a high-definition wall for an immersive experience.

Patrons can bet at teller windows or kiosks, and Rivers also offers BetBuilder technology online for a more streamlined experience. Through BetRivers, Rivers was also the first to offer online sports betting in Illinois on June 18,

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