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Dtosc esignal forex

dtosc esignal forex

Trade The Markets with Fast Direct Execution and Support in 30+ Languages at XM. For futures, stocks, ETFs, indexes, Forex and mutual funds. Now Available for Real-Time with eSignal and Qcharts data. FX Sniper's SideWinder football1xbet.website4, 6 K, football1xbet.website4 football1xbet.website4, 2 K, football1xbet.website4, 7 K football1xbet.website4, 4 K, football1xbet.website4, 1 K. BETTER PLACE RACHEL PLATEN PIANO MUSIC

How valuable to your trading would it be to be prepared for the probable trend and reversal targets in advance for any market and any time frame whether you are a day, swing or position trader? You are not going to be left alone to figure out how to use DT for practical trade strategies. We will provide you with a wealth of educational materials with the software purchase. With one click, scan an entire portfolio or group of portfolios of stocks, ETFs, futures or Forex for the best trade setups.

In less than one minute, DT scanned 22 portfolios of stocks to identify only those few stocks with the highest probability of trend continuation and those stocks that made Dual Time Frame Momentum Reversals that day. This is an incredibly powerful scan alert report for high-probability and low-risk practical trade setups. The DT Trade Setup Scanner can scan a portfolio for 25 different reversal, trend continuation, and volatility breakout setups.

The DT Trade Setup Scan results page will identify the market, and buy or sell prices that confirm the setup pattern. It is not enough to have a unique software program. The following is an example of a swing low trade entry strategy. Chart 1 is continuous data for 30 year T-Bonds. The daily oscillator is bearish and in a bearish divergence with price plus price is approaching the The Sept.

Chart 2 shows TLT also made an outside-reversal-day with the daily oscillator bearish. The larger time frame daily chart is in a position for a reversal. Go to the smaller time frame 60 minute data for the swing entry set-up. Chart 3 shows TLT 60 minute data up to the Sept. The 60 minute oscillator is in the same direction as the daily oscillator, bearish.

The swing low trade entry strategy is to set sell-stop, either after the market is closed on the 28th or before the market opens on the 29th, at The protective buy-stop is placed at If TLT trades above the Sept. TLT continued to decline sharply. By the way, this is not an after-the-fact example.

The swing trade entry is not a method to indiscriminately enter swing trades each time a new high or low is made. It uses the larger time frame to first identify the trade direction. The trade is executed on the smaller time frame. We rely strongly on the DTosc position of the larger time frame to identify the trend direction. Long trades are only considered if the larger time frame DTosc is bullish or in the oversold zone.

Short trades are only considered if the larger time frame DTosc is bearish or in the overbought zone. For more info, go to www. The Dynamic Trader Software and Trading Course is a complete and practical integration of Gann, Elliott, Fibonacci trend analysis and trading strategies plus a comprehensive trading course. I first wanted to get an idea of your background and what have you done in the last twenty years.

Kurt: I have a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and I spent the last twenty years as a computer programmer in the financial district, mostly in the back office. I was the guy who was chasing down lost emails or even missing nickels in accounts and that sort of things. Larry: How did you start trading? Kurt: I started trading in June of So I bought the stock in the twenties. That got me started in trading. Larry: Where did you go from that point?

Kurt: From there I had to learn a lot of lessons from the market. So I did not have another winning trade for almost two years. Larry: What did you learn in your years of trading and what are you now using today? Kurt: I use seasonal patterns in commodities.

For example, heating oil is more valuable in the winter than in summer. In summer, it is just an expense. You have to maintain storage. In winter, everyone wants it because their houses are cold. Larry: With your extensive programming ability have you applied this knowledge to your trading? Kurt: Yes, with my current model it takes my computer about 9 hours to run. The computer I use is one I got about 5 years ago. It is only a MHz.

Kurt: You just need to know how to use what you have. Larry: Do you use computer oscillators such as Stochastics, Relative Strength and the like in your trading? I have joked that one time I went down to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and was taking a trading class and I got an idea. You should just cross your arms and take no positions.

You have to be careful about not loading yourself with too many factors. Larry: What about money management. Do you use that? Kurt: Yes I do use it and it is very crucial. All systems have guaranteed losses. You do not want to expose yourself to too much risk with one bad trade. That is something that I am spending a lot of time thinking about. Larry: What about stocks. Do you trade them also? Kurt: I have a stock picking system that is triggered by large moves. It is based on price earnings ratios.

But it makes only a fraction of the money produced by the futures trading system. Larry: Do you believe in following your positions with close moving stops? Kurt: If you are using a day-trading system a close stop is a good idea. Larry: Do you use fundamentals? Kurt: Again, that is another issue that will just confuse me. I concentrate on pure seasonal trading. Larry: Do you go back a lot of years to pick up the seasonal patterns? Kurt: As many years as I can. Some things for example, in grains I can get data back as far as Other things like the Euro are relatively new and are hard to get the data on.

Larry: Do you then concentrate on those things that you have long historical data bases on? Kurt: I throw a little bit of money in some of the recent things. Larry: In what futures contract did you make most of your money this year? Kurt: It came from energy this year. The model I use overweighs my positions for the energies.

When energy does well my model does well. I am trying to rework the model so that it is less sensitive to the price of energy. Why do you think this is? Warren Buffet likes to trade silver. If it is not Warren Buffet, then it is George Soros or other master traders.

When they are trading against these masters traders they might be fading their trades. The average person without trading knowledge and experience can hardly compete in this market. These inexperienced traders also tend mix fundaments with oscillators and have not really done the numbers to test what they are actually using and if it even works in the market. I fully back test every thing that I use trading the markets.

That does not mean that it fully works in a forward test, because there are other issues that will pop up. Larry: Do you know any day-traders who make money? Kurt: Yes, I do know some that do. John Holksinger at Robbins does. He is a constant day-trader. There are daytrading systems that do work. Larry: Do you have any recommendations on how our subscribers might improve their trading?

Kurt: Pick a method and stick to it as close as you can. Also be open minded when choosing a method. They need to have something that works for them personally. For example, I am not a day-trader. It makes me too nervous. I would have to be glued to my screen.

I would not like that. I put in my trades and I go play golf in the afternoons, or I go out the airfields and practice flying light aircraft. If a person is nervous and a chain smoker then day-trading might be better for them. If a person is more relaxed then swing trading might be more recommended. They can take action with a trade and then come back in a couple days to see how it has done.

W BioElectric Shield This shield might just improve your trading. The harmful electromagnetic waves around your computer affects your ability to think and your trading. No extra charge for online version. Scared money never wins! But I can only show you the door. You are the one that has to walk through it.

You have to let it all go Neo, fear, doubt and disbelief. Free your mind! This allows you to trade confidently and fearlessly. It is also important to realize that you must react and be aware of the risks of trading the financial markets. If you leave an opening in your mind where fear can gain hold and guess what, your fear becomes reality! What ever you are anxious about has the potential to become reality because of the excess energy you assert because of the importance you associate with this focused emotion.

When this type of anxiousness is energized by remaining in thought, then it will crystallize into reality. If you are a fearful trader than it will sabotage you until your worst fear is realized, failure! Traders that experience thoughts of failure should not take them lightly. Instead they must find out what are causing these thoughts and take action to nullify them. Because once thoughts of failure become energized by negative emotions such as fear, they manifest into reality. Traders that fear failure will ultimately fail.

Traders that fear success will not succeed. Fear of failing, or fear of success, must be dealt with and removed from your thoughts before you will be successful at anything you try and do. So choose and protect your thoughts carefully! Outside influences can and do impact what you think, much like garbage in equals garbage out. Even something as harmless as watching the news regularly with all its violence and dramatic fearful stories can over time create a fear based belief system in the viewer.

Compound this with violent movies and TV programming and it is no wonder most people walk around looking over their shoulder and focus on and energize fear based thoughts which then manifest themselves in reality.

This is why I say to protect your thoughts from manipulative outside forces and instead focus your energy on wholesome, happy, abundant, and fun thoughts creating the life you want, not the life someone else wants for you! See your glass as half full, not as half empty. Think of the universe as an abundant place not a place of scarcity, fear, and sorrow. We give you exact price and time and stop objectives. We predict the 12 most important markets each week.

We give you the exact top and bottom price to enter or exit. We have been a professional 35 years in business since This report is sent via Email every week. Sign up today for the free 2 week trial! Many things that we do every day have few repercussions, but have you ever stopped to consider the backlash of some of the actions that do have impact?

Should he take military action against the terrorists or should he to try to negotiate for peace? He chose the unpopular decision of doing whatever was necessary to create peace. Congress and the citizenry were more interested in exacting revenge on the terrorists. They did whatever they could to coerce him into bombing the terrorists.

I am sure that each of us has a strong position as to the appropriate action to take under these circumstances. I want to say that this article is not intended to take a side on a political issue. Rather, it is intended to motivate you to examine your trading choices of action or non-action and the backlash that results from being prepared or unprepared to act.

While visiting my aunt one day, I took her rowboat out alone and accidentally dropped the oars into the water of the small lake in front of her summer home. Frightened by my error, I jumped from the boat onto the beach. To my dismay, the energy of my forward motion propelled the empty little boat back into the middle of the lake. That is backlash. According to the Law of Conservation of Energy, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. By directing energy into a system, you can expect to create a reaction equal to the energy that is put into it.

If no energy is put into the system, you cannot expect to see anything coming out of it. When you throw a small stone into a pond, a small splash and a small ripple are the result. However, when you heave a large rock into the pond, you can expect to get wet from the splash and create waves on the surface. These results illustrate simple physics in action.

For traders, the best way to put energy into a system is to perform any of the following constructive and pro-active steps. Like vectors, you can combine them and they will all take you in the same positive direction. Preparation vectors focus your energy into a single point like a laser beam. By focusing their collective energy, the positive effect is multiplied and it becomes an even more powerful source of energy.

These actions combine to form negative vectors that direct powerful energy in the wrong direction just like the little rowboat that my misguided leap sent gliding into the middle of the lake. The President concluded that such a response would create a second backlash that would ultimately become a perpetual series of backlashes.

This hypothetical situation mirrors the real-life drama in Israel where terrorist acts result in retribution, inspiring more terrorist acts in a continuing spiral of violence. Unfortunately, they drown. While these traders are action oriented, they are usually disinclined to take the steps required to prepare for action.

Like parents who toss a child into the water expecting him to learn to swim or drown trying, these traders put energy into their system through the Boomerang Actions that are discussed in the previous paragraphs. Their preparation provides initial momentum in the right direction. But, their failure to act on their preparation is a powerful negative vector that leaves them at the starting point when subtracted from their forward momentum.

Inaction is like a bucket of ice water poured onto a fire. The failure to act can take place on a trade itself when a trader fails to enter the market when his system gives a signal. The backlash result of this failure can be a frustrating loss of opportunity, but the loss is on paper and is hypothetical. When the failure to act results in a trader failing to exit a trade, the backlash consequences can be a terrible loss of capital in real time.

Of course, the failure to act can occur at any step in the trading process, even in the midst of the preparation process. A trader can go to all of the trouble of developing a trading system and fail to test it. He was determined to trade and said that he was committed to doing everything necessary to be successful. After reading articles about trader psychology, he concluded that he needed help in building his psychological foundation for trading. Jack said all of the right things.

She is a master practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming NLP which is the science of modeling success for the financial community. Her articles have been featured in most of the major financial magazines and she is a regularly featured guest on several national financial news programs.

Although the plan was simple to understand, it required commitment and the willingness to take risk. These were the two qualities that Jack was lacking. His fear of failure was so great that he prepared and prepared, but he could not follow through when the time came to act.

The backlash from his failure to act has had a far greater impact on his trading than anything he had actually done wrong. When his trading results failed to meet his expectations, he became angry and disillusioned. Now, he is less likely than ever to act and follow through, while his chances to become a successful trader continue to grow more dim with time. Back to the Backlash Why do so many traders believe that they can act or fail to act without paying the consequences? To begin with, the true nature of the trading profession is highly deceptive.

From the outside, it appears to require so little preparation. When this illusion is added to the lure of quick and easy money, the impulse to view trading as little more than gambling is too tempting for the susceptible to avoid. If a trader comes to the playing field with the impulse to gamble, he will fail to do the necessary preparation of self-education and self-training.

Gambling is an addiction, which is irrational, impulsive and self-destructive. No one, in the throes of an addictive behavior measures the potential backlash. Another reason that many traders fail to measure the backlash of their choices is that the relationship between cause and effect is not always clear, immediate or direct. For example, a trader who fails to act on behalf of his health may not experience the backlash of his actions for many years. I have worked with countless floor traders whose health suddenly failed, leaving them unable to work.

All of Ganns public predictions were analyzed to reveal the one common factor. Supertiming explains all of Ganns predictions by using the one formula. It shows you which planet will be signaling the next trend turn and it works on all markets. As well as Ganns timing method there is the price target method which is demonstrated by his predictions and from real life examples in recent markets this is not a planets longitude converted to price.

On my web site I have used one of Ganns charts to prove that he really did use astrology because there are still a lot of people who think he used only swing charts, angles or fixed time periods. None of these can be used to consistently explain all his public predictions. The planetary ingress and planets converted to price shown is explained in detail but this is only a minor method used for a particular situation. The real answer is in Supertiming where you will learn the pattern combination that is found in all of Ganns predictions both long and short term.

Unlike traditional cycle analysis which depends on analyzing previous waves the cycles discovered by Myles Wilson Walker can be calculated for any time period. This allows the cycle to be directly incorporated and back tested in a mechanical trading system. In this course you will learn when to expect the biggest moves of the year. The daily cycles are listed until You will also learn the secret of the Master Planet, which is the prime controller of a market at any time.

The best way to explain would be to say that the big moves will involve the Master Planet. You will also learn W. Ganns real Master Time Factor. He may do very well by disobeying his trading signals for a while. This is a common occurrence since no system is right one hundred percent of the time. As a result, he does not see any backlash until he loses all sight of the trading methodology and he can no longer trust himself or his system.

Then, the losses begin to pile up. Finally, there is the notion that all you have to do is read a couple of books about trading and you will know everything there is to know about the subject. At this point, you can buy a system, go to a seminar and sign up for a good service. Unlike other professions, trading does not have formal advanced training that certifies your competence to practice.

For that reason, a fair number of novice traders jump in and struggle to keep their heads above water until they eventually become too exhausted to continue. As long as their nostrils are above the waves, they think they are still in the running. The struggling little minnows fail to see the shark lurking in the waters. Conclusion Following the classic laws of physics, each and every action or lack of action in trading has its own consequence. A successful trader who is in the business for the long haul learns to measure the backlash.

He knows that careful preparation adds positive energy moving in the direction of his goals. He also knows that destructive action and inaction add energy moving in the opposite direction. There is no avoiding the Laws of Nature. Adrienne Laris Toghraie can be reached at www. It is the desire of Traders World Magazine that the magic of astrology should become available to as many people as possible as inexpensively as possible. Traders World will have a professional astrology report done for you.

The professional report is approximately 30 pages beautifully presented in columns with beautiful fonts covering both your personal and professional life. You can use the professional part of the report to develop your talents, so you will be better able to attain your desired growth in your profession.

Problems can be avoided and transformed into positives through insight and wise action. The personal part of the report given will deal with your identity, emotion, love, destiny, etc. Another section of the report deals with the major times of change in your life, showing clearly in graphic form the months when these changes are the strongest. Through this timing you will know what to do and what not to do during these changes. Priority Mail.

Without any extra charge. I will then explain as simply as I can exactly what he meant. Gann wrote, by live or active angles is meant Prices and Time Periods where the Longitude of the major planets are or where the squares, triangles, oppositions are to these planets. What Gann is saying is that when two or more planets form aspects it is important. An aspect is a term used in astrology.

The degrees of the circle are used and the distance around the edge of the circle is split into measurements of one degree the distances between two or more planets is called an aspect. Longitude of the major planets. The sky is a circle of degrees. A planets position is always at some degree of the circle. In traditional astrology the circle is split into 12 areas of 30 degrees.

You will best know one of these 30 degree areas as your star sign. I Square: Planets are separated by a distance of 90 degrees. Triangle or Trine: Planets are separated by degrees. Opposition: The planets are opposite each other with a degree separation. One degree of the zodiac is equal to 1 cent or 1 dollar of price. So any planet sitting at one degree of the zodiac is also at 1 cent or 1 dollar of price. Two degrees would be 2 cents or 2 dollars until you reach degrees. What then happens is that if you have a price higher than cents or dollars you go to the next level of the circle until you get a price match.

Mars is represented on the chart by the geocentric view as seen from earth as a solid line. The curve is caused when at certain times if you look at Mars in the sky it seems to go backwards retrograde The lighter lines are made by taking the actual position of Mars and adding or subtracting 30 degrees or price points. Using the date September 2 Mars is at degrees.

The Mars trend lines act as support and resistance for price. Gann wrote about these. In , T. Presently, over 87, traders, all over the world, have converted, from trading random numbers, off random software programs, to simply setting the expected highs and lows from one number.

Every other software package is using a Fibonacci Ratio, of. This is slightly wrong, sorry. You have a software package, brought forward, from the works of Marcus Vitruvios Pollio, the Roman architect, 70 B.

Labor Day Week , T. Murrey put 1, So, at birth, all measurements are set to a true You already know this truth. So, the body has shifted from a true The human body ratios are: random irrational. If you missed it on the painting, you could have read it in The Book of Thomas.

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