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winners off track betting bayonne nj cruise

Ba yonne – Life on the P eninsula is a publication of The Hudson Reporter Associates, L.P. Broadway, Bayonne, New Jersey phone. BAYONNE, NJ — A cruise ship on which hundreds of passengers and crew Health investigators suspect norovirus, but lab results are not. Four Royal Caribbean passengers who were hospitalized and tested for coronavirus have been cleared of the illness after results came back. BUY XBT WITH USDT KRAKEN

Great ship, great cruise. Bravo, Royal Caribbean. I see you improving with each new ship. I can't wait to see what you come up with next! I am far more likely to cruise with Royal Caribbean in the coming years than with any other cruise line. Directly above the Windjammer restaurant.

It can be configured as a basketball court, a soccer court, a roller skating rink, a circus-style trapeze training facility, or as a bumper-car track. I think the bumper cars are the coolest use of this space, so let's start with that. The first thing to point out about the bumper cars is that they're battery operated.

So, unlike a traditional bumper car setup you'd find at an amusement park, you don't have a pole sticking up from the back of each car to make an electrical connection with a metal grid on the ceiling. So, these cars can't go all day long in continuous operation That's why you only see the bumper cars running for about two hours at a time, and then they configure the SeaPlex for some other event.

Notice that huge crowd lined up all the way around the lower level of the facility. Those people weren't just standing there watching At the beginning of the cruise, the lines are crazy-long. In the photo, you're actually only seeing about half of the line that day! Just wait a few days and come to the bumper cars a little later in the week, and you'll find much shorter lines. We were walking through the SeaPlex one night about half-way through the cruise and there was almost no line. We rode the bumper cars, and got right back in line to ride them again after that.

Another fun activity in the SeaPlex is roller skating. I'm horrible at roller skating and ice skating, so I didn't try it. But there were some good people-watching opportunities! This little girl was cute Some people found the roller skating experience more terrifying than others On one of our shore excursions, we met a really nice family from Pennsylvania.

A few days later, I was walking through the SeaPlex and saw the mother and daughter standing in line to participate in the flying trapeze activity. So, I set up my camera and shot this video of them giving it a try. The daughter was a natural athlete! You can see it in this next photo. Take a look at the top of the ship, to the right of the big yellow giraffe The answer to the mystery is that those two blue thingies, awkwardly sticking out at the top of the ship, are just little game rooms that are part of the second floor of the SeaPlex.

There are two on each side of the ship, and they contain things like ping-pong tables, air hockey tables, and a nice little game room full of X-Box consoles. Perhaps you're wondering about that big giraffe in that picture earlier. Her name is Gigi, and she lives next to the rock-climbing wall. Here's a better picture of Gigi I was impressed that Gigi survived that big storm back in February without getting blown overboard.

However, she did sustain some damage. See that red scarf she's wearing on her neck? That wasn't there originally. That was added after the storm to cover up some visible damage. Before we move on from SeaPlex-related things, I should mention that while you're in the SeaPlex, you can grab a hot dog here: Not far from the SeaPlex, at the far aft end of deck 16, you'll find the FlowRider surf simulator It's fun to watch the people try this, especially at the beginning of the cruise when they tend to wipe out more spectacularly!

There's a not-very-well-known sun deck at the back of deck It can be a little windy back here, at times, but it's worth checking out if you can't find any available loungers by the pools. Also back at the aft end of the ship in the same general area as the Flowrider and Gigi, the giraffe, you'll find Anthem Of The Seas' other big "wow" feature It sends a constant stream of air up the tube, and if you orient your body in there just right, you can have that stream of air hold you up.

It's a little like skydiving, without the sensation of falling. I didn't try it myself, but it was fun to watch When passengers are participating, the instructors keep a pretty close grip on the person in the tube, to help keep their body oriented properly to ride the stream of air.

It's kind of like watching someone ride a bike with training wheels on. The real fun comes in watching the instructors goof around in between passenger flying sessions. I shot this picture from an open window in the Solarium Full disclosure: mm zoom lens required to make it look this close In my pre-cruise research, I had seen this next photo quite a bit. Based on that photo, when I booked this cruise I was thinking we'd have an experience similar to that However, after looking at Google Maps, I came to realize that the ship was unlikely to pass directly in front of the Statue Of Liberty, since the statue sits in the opposite direction from the path a cruise ship would take to go from the Cape Liberty cruise terminal out to open water.

Once I thought about it, I realized that the fantastic photo of Quantum Of The Seas directly in front of Lady Liberty was probably shot during a one-time-only photo opportunity when Quantum made her very first visit to New York harbor. Also, when I looked at my cruise documents, I noticed our sailaway time was scheduled for PM Nonetheless, we truly did have a spectacular view of the Statue Of Liberty from the minute we got onboard the ship in Bayonne.

It was really great to have that first lunch in the Windjammer restaurant and to look out the window at that spectacular view. The big mm zoom lens on my camera makes it look even more spectacular than it really was, but it was still pretty spectacular! As we set sail, I also shot a little video of the view of the Statue Of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline: Sailing under the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge was pretty cool, too!

I captured that in a time-lapse video from our balcony We were sailing from New York harbor in March. It was cold! The bad news is that with the wind chill, it felt MUCH colder than that! The good news is that when we woke up the next morning, it was 63 degrees outside. And by the next morning after that, off the coast of Florida, it was in the 70s. I should mention that there were 4, passengers on Anthem Of The Seas for our cruise.

It was a unusual mix of people There were a lot more international passengers than I had seen on most of my cruises. Only of the passengers were from the USA. Surprisingly, the folks from the U. There were Brits and only Canadians. I totally loved listening to all the folks with British accents during this cruise! To this American, a classy British accent sounds pretty darned good to me. Kellyn and I have been to Labadee several times before, and we've always enjoyed it. A day in Labadee is basically a free beach day A few years ago, on our very first visit to Labadee, a crew member gave us some excellent advice.

She told us that when we get to Labadee, there would be a choice of several different beaches to spend the day at Her advice was absolutely right on target, and we've spent the day at Columbus Cove during every one of our Labadee visits since then.

Columbus Cove is the furthest beach from the ship, which makes it the least crowded There is also excellent shade available at Columbus Cove, and a fantastic beach with soft sand and no surf at all. Bathrooms, drinks, and food are easily available. It's not a difficult walk to get to Columbus cove Just follow the signs, or use the map, below. Here's a map of Labadee: If you click on the map, a more detailed copy will open up in a new browser tab If you're not up to walking to the furthest beach from the ship, there's an easier way: just take the free tram.

If you're interested in a more luxurious day at the beach, consider renting one of these cabanas: Be aware that there are cabanas at Barefoot Beach and at Nellie's Beach So, if you're not staying in a suite but you'd like to rent a cabana for the day while you're visiting Labadee, you'll want to reserve one of the ones at Nellie's Beach.

You are allowed to have up to six people in the cabana. All cabanas include a cooler filled with bottled water, two floating beach mats, snorkeling gear, and towels. We were plenty happy to spend our day on a standard lounger under the shade of the trees in Columbus Cove. The only negative thing I can say is that this time around, the water was just a little cooler than it was on our three previous visits. We were here about a month earlier this year than we were on our previous visit last year This was the most northern port of call we would be visiting on our cruise, so I was fairly confident that things would warm up more the further south we got this week.

Don't get me wrong, though As you can see from the previous photo, there were plenty of people enjoying the day in the water. It just wasn't as warm as it gets during a summer or fall cruise to the Caribbean. While we were lounging around at the beach at Columbus Cove, we had a special visitor: Here's another photo from Columbus Cove.

In the distance, you can see the "aqua park", a collection of water toys A close-up view of people having fun at the Aqua Park: On just about every cruise we've taken, there has been some kind of incident. Some memorable ones were the time I left my wallet at home, the time I got clumsy walking in flip-flops and scraped off the end of one toe, several times when I got sick during a cruise, and several times when I broke a pair of glasses or sunglasses.

You'd think I would learn to be more careful with glasses! The root of the problem is that I'm nearsighted, so I need glasses to see things that are more than a few feet away When I use a camera, or a pair of binoculars, or a cell phone, or a computer During one cruise, I had to wear prescription sunglasses everywhere because I managed to break my regular prescription glasses during the cruise. Believe me when I say it's weird to be sitting in the buffet eating dinner and wearing a pair of sunglasses This time around, I had the reverse version of that incident.

I sat on and broke my prescription sunglasses while we were lounging around at Columbus Cove. The thing that's really cool about cruising in to San Juan is the beautiful view as the ship enters the harbor. If I were to put together a list of the ports with the most interesting views as you arrive, San Juan would be right up there at the top of the list along with places like San Francisco and Acapulco.

If you book a cabin on the left side of the ship, you'll have a fantastic view from your balcony as the ship pulls in to San Juan. I'm such a fan of the whole sailing-in-to-San-Juan-Bay experience that I put together a little video about it, and narrated it with a little history lesson, and a few tips. Please take a look at the video: When I go to the Caribbean, what I really like to do is swim and snorkel at a nice beach As I mentioned in the video, the cool thing to do in San Juan is to visit the beautiful old stone fort they call El Morro So, we took it pretty easy during this visit to San Juan.

Total time ashore: about an hour and a half. I picked up a new pair of flip-flops there, plus a six-pack of Diet Pepsi Once we got back onboard the ship, it was nice to enjoy some of the ship's more popular features without having quite so many passengers around.

Later this year, we'll be back in San Juan once again We're very excited about a cruise this Fall on the Viking Star cruise ship So, flying in and then beginning our cruise in San Juan will be an interesting new experience for us. Plus, Viking Ocean cruises offers a very different cruise experience than you get on a mass-market line like Royal Caribbean, Norewegian, or Carnival.

The minimum age to sail on the Viking Star is 16 years old. Every cabin on the Viking Star has a balcony There are no restrictions on bringing your own booze aboard Also, the Viking Star has a really nice indoor spa thermal suite that is available to all passengers at no additional charge. We're looking forward to that, as the spa thermal suite on Norwegian Escape and Norwegian Getaway were right up there at the top of my list of favorite features I've experienced in my previous cruises.

Maarten St. Maarten is one of my favorite places in the Caribbean. I've been there two times before, and I hope to be back many, many more times. One of the things I like about St. Maarten is that there are things you can do there that don't require booking an expensive shore excursion through the ship. On one previous visit there, we took a taxi over to the world-famous Maho Beach You can sit under an umbrella on the beach, and every once in a while a big airplane will come right over your head and land at the runway just behind you.

It's fun! It also happens to be a really nice beach with a restaurant and bar and restrooms just a few steps away. For this visit to St. Maarten, however, we elected to visit a different beach. We had been there last year and had a really nice time, so we decided to just do the exact same thing again. It's fairly simple to get to It's just a short and inexpensive ferry ride to the other side of the bay from where the cruise ships are.

The ferry drops you off at a little pier in downtown Philipsburg. There's a fantastic beach right there, as well as many shops, restaurants, and bars. You can rent loungers and umbrellas from any one of dozens of places along the beach. Just find a spot you like. We like to make a left as we come off the pier, and walk down to a little restaurant called Lizzy's. On the beach, right in front of Lizzy's, is the place we like to settle in for the day.

We rent a pair of loungers and an umbrella, and then spend the day at the beach there. This is one of my favorite beaches out of all the ones I've been to in my exploration of the Caribbean. I didn't spend as much time in the water during this particular visit as I did the last time I was here, as it was just a little cooler at the end of March than it was when we were here towards the end of April last year.

The warmest water temperatures, of course, will be found during hurricane season August and September. The whole reason that hurricanes form at that time of the year is because of the warm tropical ocean water conditions that are common at that time of the year.

I mentioned earlier in the story that I had broken my glasses two days earlier at the beach in Labadee. Kellyn had a spare pair of sunglasses with her, and she let me borrow them for the rest of the cruise. They weren't prescription sunglasses like I normally wear, but they worked out fine for sitting on the beach and relaxing. I was having a good hair day that day, and between that and the new sunglasses, I kind of like the way this photo turned out.

Thanks to Kellyn for snapping it! Martinique With each day of our cruise, the ship headed further south and got in to warmer waters. While the water was a little cooler than I would have liked in Labadee and in St Maarten, by the time we got to Martinique it had warmed up to a very comfortable temperature that allowed me to spend hours in the water without being cold at all. We had never been to Martinique in any of our previous cruises The safest move when visiting a port you don't know is to book a shore excursion through the ship, and that's exactly what we did.

We booked an excursion that was simply known as the "beach and snorkeling" excursion. This was one of the better snorkeling excursions I've been on. There were thousands of small fish. Unfortunately, I didn't see any big fish, but that was fine. There was LOTS of underwater plant life Take a look at this video I shot with my underwater camera while snorkeling in Martinique: There were actually two stops during this excursion.

The first was at the area known as the bat cave. That's where the video was shot But the snorkeling was certainly good. Our second stop was at Anse DuFour Beach, which is home to a small traditional fishing village. There was some nice snorkeling there, too. I especially liked that the tour guides didn't require us to all stick together in a big group. I hate it when they do that on a snorkeling excursion, because you end up running in to all your fellow snorkelers and getting kicked a lot.

They didn't seem to care if we all snorkeled off on our own, so I headed over to an area of the cove where I noticed a lot of the local folks were hanging out. The snorkeling was good, but I missed out on seeing a pair of sea turtles that some of the other people in our excursion group saw on the other side of the cove.

Little did I know that the very next day, I would have a VERY close encounter with a sea turtle on another snorkeling excursion! Kellyn shot this photo of me snorkeling in Martinique My only complaint about this shore excursion in Martinique is that it was really difficult to understand instructions given by the crew.

Creole was their native language, then French. English was spoken with a very strong accent, making it difficult to understand at times. I wish these tour companies would hire one crew member with perfect English skills and make him the one to give instructions to the passengers.

All things considered, we had a real nice day in Martinique, and I hope to get back there someday. Barbados Docking in Bridgetown, Barbados, meant we had reached the most southern point of our day cruise.

It wasn't our final port-of-call, but it was the one that was deepest in to the Caribbean and closest to South America. Because of being so far south at this point, we also hit the best weather and the warmest ocean water of the entire cruise. Barbados is another place that we had never been to during our previous Caribbean cruises Since the thing I love most about a Caribbean cruise is spending time in and on the water, we booked another snorkeling excursion through the ship.

Tiami is the name of the company that provided the excursion, through Royal Caribbean. While snorkeling during this excursion, I had a close encounter with a sea turtle and I managed to catch it with my underwater camera. Take a look at the video There was also a funny incident during this excursion! The catamaran featured an open bar on the way back to the ship, after we had finished snorkeling.

I noticed that they had my rum of choice, Malibu coconut rum, which I like mixed with diet Coke or Pepsi. So, I stepped up to the bar and ordered a Malibu and diet Coke. The bartender was what the British would call a "cheeky sod", and he said to me that diet Coke and Malibu is a "girlie drink", and that he suggested a different drink made with a local rum.

I agreed to try it, and it was total crap! I drank Malibu and diet Cokes for the rest of the trip back to the cruise ship. But I will never forget that manly man that told me my favorite drink was a "girlie drink"! And no, I was not offended I thought the whole thing was hilarious! It was a beautiful day in the southern Caribbean and I think you can see from this next picture that sailing around Barbados on a catamaran on a day like this is a pretty great way to spend a vacation day Bridgetown is a busier cruise port than I realized.

There were four cruise ships in port that day, three of which you can see in this next picture Upon seeing the Costa Favolosa, I made a witty remark to Kellyn that it was good to see a Costa ship that was not lying on her side, run aground! Costa Concordia references are a staple for me when cruising. I especially like it when I walk in to an elevator on a cruise ship and some passenger says to me "going down! I mentioned there were four cruise ships in port that day, but you could only see three of them in that picture.

That's because Anthem Of The Seas is so gigantic, and the ship that was behind her was so tiny by comparison. Notice at the very top of the picture that there was a regatta going on that day just off the coast of Bridgetown I was kind of amused by the fact that the Thomson Celebration was docked right next to Anthem Of The Seas. Talk about a study in contrasts!

You had 32 year old cruise ship made up of mostly interior and porthole-view cabins docked right next to one of the newest cruise ships in the world, featuring just about every possible cruising innovation you could cram in to a ship. Thomson Celebration started out as a Holland America ship and is actually still owned by Holland America and the Carnival corporation. They lease her under a long-term charter to UK-based Thomson cruises.

Why anyone would sail on an old dinosaur like the Thomson Discovery when there are so many great newer cruise ships to choose from is beyond me! Kitts Our final port-of-call was the city of Basseterre on the island of St Kitts. We had been to St Kitts one time before, and weren't that impressed with it. It's a very rocky island without a whole bunch of nice beaches, so that's not normally the kind of place we like to hang out on vacation. We decided that for this visit, we would take an excursion over to Nevis, a neighboring island.

I had read about a Catamaran excursion that stopped at a nice beach in the neighboring island of Nevis for a barbecue and a chance to swim in the warm water. It was called the "St. This was about a four-and-a-half hour excursion. About an hour and a half of that was sailing on the catamaran from St. Kitts to Nevis, and another hour-and-a-half was sailing back.

So that's three hours of sailing right there. If you like just hanging out on a catamaran and enjoying the views, this may be the shore excursion for you! Once we finally reached Nevis island, they had a barbecue lunch waiting for us However, the real fun at Nevis came after lunch, when most of us went swimming and playing in the water next to the catamaran The beach had nice sand, gentle surf, and the water was nice and warm.

I totally loved just swimming through the water, or standing around listening to the other passengers chat. A lot of them were British, and I sure love hearing those beautiful accents! The water was so warm and I was having such a nice time that I was just about the last guy back on the boat when it was time to leave.

Everyone was feeling good during the sail back to St Kitts. These ladies even danced the Macarena for us! It seems odd to spend three hours sailing back and forth just to spend 90 minutes on a beach that doesn't really have a lot going for it. It was a pretty desolate stretch of beach compared to other beaches in the Caribbean. There were no loungers or chairs or umbrellas Rum punch, beer, and soft drinks were included.

The beer drinkers seemed to like this excursion a LOT more than I did. If they had offered some rum to mix in with the Coca-Cola they served, it probably would have changed the entire tone of the long catamaran ride for me. As it was, I found this to be the least enjoyable excursion of our day cruise. The minutes we actually spent at Nevis was enjoyable, because I love to swim, but all the sailing time getting there and back was way too long for me.

As St Kitts was our last port-of-call for this cruise, once we got back onboard Anthem Of The Seas, the ship headed north for three straight days of sailing to get back to our home port of Bayonne, New Jersey. Rough Seas! This was something I expected, as that stretch of the Atlantic is known to be a bit nasty. About 7 weeks before our cruise, Anthem Of The Seas made national news when her Captain, Claus Andersen, made a bad decision to sail directly in to a storm that was much stronger than he realized.

The ship encountered 30 foot waves and winds over miles per hour. Four passengers suffered minor injuries, as the rocking of the ship overturned furniture and caused damage in public areas and cabins, as well as rendering one of the ship's two Azipod propulsion units inoperable.

They had to cancel the rest of the cruise, and limp back to New Jersey with just one operable Azipod. With that earlier incident very much in my mind, I started noticing deteriorating ocean conditions on the morning of the second of our three sea days heading back to New Jersey. It was tricky just walking down the hallway on the way to breakfast, the ship was rocking so much Later in the morning, I decided to spend some time in one of the ship's swimming pools.

I had wanted to find a place to relax in the Solarium, but I got there too late and it was completely packed and there wasn't an available lounger anywhere. So, I moved over to the indoor pool I jumped in to the pool, and that's when the fun really began! There's something about the design of the indoor pool that seems to amplify the waves in the water.

While the water in the Solarium pool and the outdoor pool wasn't moving much, the water in the indoor pool was something like a wave pool at a water park on land. It was sloshing back and forth from one end of the pool to the other, with enough force to create kind of a fun ride for the 4 or 5 of us who were in the pool at the time. I was actually surprised that there weren't any kids in the pool at that point, because it was the kind of thing that any year-old boy would have loved.

Sometimes mistaken for the stomach flu, the virus causes bouts of vomiting and diarrhea for a few days. Royal Caribbean said the Explorer of the Seas was set to dock at 2 p. The cruise line said most guests who fell ill were up and about as the ship headed to port. Paul Martinka The CDC said it recommended to Royal Caribbean that people who still have symptoms be housed in nearby hotels or seen at medical facilities before traveling home. They said no single food or water source or other origin has been identified.

Royal Caribbean is providing all guests a 50 percent refund of their cruise fares and an additional 50 percent future cruise credit. And stricken guests who were confined to their staterooms are being provided a credit of one future cruise day for each day of confinement. After returning to port, the ship will undergo a third sanitation and no one will be allowed aboard for a period of more than 24 hours as an extra precaution, the cruise line said.

Explorer of the Seas is on track to depart at its originally scheduled time Friday afternoon on its next cruise, a 9-night trip with port calls in Puerto Rico, St.

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