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Kamikiri investing

kamikiri investing

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A Swiss woman named Elizabeta Suzuki is gaining popularity today performing the art of kamikiri with music, dance and in multiple languages. Suzuki came to Japan in to marry a Japanese man she met in Italy. This year the couple will celebrate their fortieth anniversary in Japan. The result is different every time," Suzuki says. Origami was the first target of her interest after coming to Japan, and she studied it for three years.

She then immersed herself in chigiri-e, in which torn bits of moistened washi Japanese paper are used to shape forms with the help of glue and a toothpick. For this, she took lessons for five years. Then she fell in love with kamikiri. She sought lessons from a master kamikiri performer, Imamaru Hayashiya, who was a friend of her husband. The master told her: "This skill isn't something you can acquire with money.

So I'll teach it for free. But you have to promise that you'll do it for life. At the same time, she insisted on her initial desire to create her own works, such as animals and angels. Her master approved of her efforts and granted her the stage name Imaju Hayashiya in , seven years into her training. In the beginning, Suzuki accompanied her master on stage.

Many recipients of these cut-outs also ask for the paper from which the silhouette was cut, which has a beauty of its own. Imamaru says that he browses the latest news so that he is prepared for any topical request from the audience. As well as being trained in drawing skills, which are the basis of the art form, kamikiri artists need to study classical Japanese dance and gidayu, and learn foreign languages English and French.

They also need to train in the use of scissors. Good tools are essential, and Imamaru uses scissors that were specially developed by the first kamikiri master Hayashiya Shoraku in collaboration with a long-established cutting blade business in Nihonbashi-Ningyocho. Kamikiri is a performance art unique to Japan, and Imamaru is often invited to perform overseas. In , he was sponsored by the Embassy of Japan in Canada to tour Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, enacting all performances in both English and French.

In , he performed in Paris and in performed once again in Toronto. If these conversations were interpreted by an interpreter every time, it would slow me down and the audience would lose interest. Imamaru also holds kamikiri workshops in schools and residential care institutions in Japan and overseas.

After discovering the pleasure of kamikiri, some decided to take it up seriously by becoming apprenticed to Imamaru. Hayashiya Hana and Hayashiya Kinosuke are two examples.

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These days, with the wide variety of hair styles including short hair, kamikiri are no longer feared as they once were. While these couplings are uncommon, there are a number of stories of kitsune and other shape-changers tricking unsuspecting men into marrying them.

Because these improper marriages often end in catastrophe, helpful kamikiri interfere in hopes that the wedding will be called off. Legends: One account of a kamikiri attack was printed in a newspaper as follows: May 20th, , about 9 p. She suddenly felt a ghostly chill, and a moment later her hair fell disheveled about her face as her long ponytail was lopped off at the base.

Afterwards, Gin became sick from stress and returned to live with her family in the countryside. Nobody ever used that outhouse again. They strike in urban areas, particularly in alleys, or bathrooms, or other out-of-the-way places. In many cases, the incident goes completely unnoticed until much later, when the victim is spotted by a friend or family, or when a mop of cut hair is noticed lying in the street. Often the victim is asleep in bed when it happens.

In the days when long hair was the only fashion in Japan, the kamikiri was a terrifying apparition indeed — particularly in high-class, urban areas. These days, such spirits are no longer feared as they once were. Kamikiri attacks are sometimes a sign that the victim is about to unknowingly marry a ghost or a yokai. While these couplings are uncommon, there are a number of stories of kitsune and other shape-changers tricking unsuspecting men into marrying them.

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