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Freely usable cryptocurrency logos

freely usable cryptocurrency logos

The Bitcoin logo itself is free to use for both commercial and non-commercial use. That said, modified versions may be protected by copyright. All free: open access and open source. Trusted in research and media. Logos of the publications that have used our content. Find out how our work is used by. It is free and peer reviewed. "I am regularly impressed with the thought and care put into both the security and the usability of this app. DEMARK FOREX TRADING SYSTEM

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Freely usable cryptocurrency logos online betting calculator football freely usable cryptocurrency logos

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There is no doubt about its designation. You will find public mining, transaction fee, bitcoin encryption, and cryptoanalysis among the skillfully brought to life concepts. Cryptocurrency Logos As the nameplate of this great, regularly updated online library states, it is all about cryptocurrency logos.

No circular frames, sophisticated compositions, or fancy styles: just bare logotypes. The platform aims to provide a well-structured way to find, share and use cryptocurrency logos in the digital expanses. And it certainly nailed this. It is the biggest and most accurately curated collection of professionally prepared high-quality icons with an intuitive interface.

The theme that runs through all graphical assets in this bundle is the blockchain niche. It aims to provide fellow designers with visual material that illustrates popular concepts such as mining, trading, exchanging, cash, desktop and mobile operations, and analytics. There are 28 beautifully crafted icons in total.

The great thing is, with this freebie, you have two options to go. The first way implies you download graphical material as it is. Just open your beloved editing software for that. The second way implies the utilization of the online editor in the platform. Here you can make instant adjustments to color, background, border, size, position, and rotation. You can play with the icon until you get a satisfactory result. Then download it in the preferable format.

Blockchain Free Vector Icon Set Need to create a stylish user interface for a modern financial site or mobile application? Check out this modest yet helpful pack of icons dedicated to the blockchain sector. It includes only 20 yet high-quality thematic illustrations that depict popular concepts such as cloud storage, security, mining, transactions in all their beauty.

Each icon ships in three formats AI, EPS, PNG and two well-crafted style options bright and charismatic colored option and elegant and refined linear option. They are royalty-free for use in both personal and commercial projects. Free Cryptocurrency Icons by NaldzGraphics The team behind NaldzGraphics knows a thing or two about graphical design; therefore, their freebies are incredibly popular among the community due to their high quality, skillful realization, and a great idea.

This free bundle is no exception. It is a must-have for every designer who is up to a collection of trusted resources. The pack includes Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, and some other popular tokens. There are 20 items in a bag. Each one has a traditional eye-pleasing circular shape, a lovely gradient that adds a bulgy feel, and sharp details to look precise on any device.

Cryptocurrency Icons by Mansoor Ali Khan If the circular shape is not your cup of tea, you should try the Cryptocurrency icons pack by Ali Khan that offers lovely square-shaped icons with sleek rounded corners. That is not all. The key feature of this pack lies in a gradient that is bold and daring.

It makes each icon look amazing. The pack includes 12 items that represent the most popular coins in the market. Each one comes in PSD format with fully editable and well-organized layers. Each icon comes in a clean, sleek, flat style not 3D style, as you can see on the preview image.

Each one is made according to producer specifications. Therefore, the set is neutral so that any design may benefit from it. Since cryptocurrency is an integral part of it, here you can find logotypes of all registered coins. Each one comes in a scalable format, SVG, and pretty massive resolution.

Although there is no online editor where you can customize graphics to fit your project that is a popular feature of such platforms, you still have some options to choose from: tokens are featured in several styles and color schemes. Free Cryptocurrency Icons from 4Vector Bold, isometric, extremely detailed, and just charismatic: icons in this fantastic bundle will spruce up any interface, artwork, or presentation with an irresistible 3D appeal.

Created with the blockchain sector in mind, the pack has some skillfully illustrated concepts like anonymity, Bitcoin calculator, Bitcoin encryption, Bitcoin wallet, and some others. Thanks to scalable format, aka SVG, you can resize them to fit your needs without sacrificing quality. Cryptocurrency Icons by Condacore This set of cryptocurrency icons counts almost items. It is one of the most extensive and all-embracing libraries on the web: it features all available coins in the market.

Each icon is available only in PNG format but in four standard sizes 16x16px, 32x32px, 64x64px and xpx. Crypto Currency Logos Dated back in , this set of cryptocurrency icons still provides designers with relevant graphical material. The deal is Vladislav, the author of this pack, has smartly singled out popular digital currencies that have easily gotten through the years.

Made in a subtle flat style, icons have a neat and clean appearance. The freebie covers 28 digital currencies from popular Bitcoin to less known AquariusCoin in 10 different styles monochrome, outline, colored, solid , resulting in items. Each icon is provided in four sizes and two formats.

Monochrome Icons If you are up to creating something big and extravagant, then you need monochrome graphics since it serves as a solid base for manipulation. For example, Bitcoin Solid and Bitcoin 2 — packs created by Iconscout where Bitcoin plays the first fiddle — provide a safe foundation to let your imagination run wild. The team has created a range of graphics that visualizes popular concepts such as payment, analytics, banking that are an excellent choice for any fintech project.

As for design, the first pack has icons with a solid flat design, whereas the second one features icons with refined hole shapes. This pack of cryptocurrency icons covers popular coins and tokens in the market and illustrations that visualize basic concepts necessary for creating blockchain-related interfaces.

Inside the package, you will find 90 items made in the carefully crafted line style and neutral black color. They are easily customizable so that you can alter their appearance. You will undoubtedly be surprised by its assortment. As for design, icons ship in three different styles vibrant and solid, traditional black and white, and basic circle-shaped. It became rather popular thanks to its listing on Binance, its cheap price, and its scalability benefits. Huobi HT logo Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange that finds itself amongst the most popular platforms for buying and selling crypto.

Their coin, HT, offers discounted transaction fees to its users. The cryptocurrency launched in and is used on the Ardor blockchain. The project is based on blockchain technology and promises a scalable and secure network. This system successfully overcomes the current drawbacks of the blockchain and introduces a new way of confirming transactions Click here to download your high-quality logo in PNG format.

Komodo KMD logo Komodo is a privacy coin that offers a faster and more secure option to make value transactions on their own established ecosystem. The platform offers users the opportunity to pay their fees using KCS tokens and receive a discounted rate. Lisk LSK Lisk is an open-source blockchain platform that allows people to develop their own decentralized applications dApps using JavaScript as the programming language.

Litecoin LTC Litecoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies around. Created by Charlie Lee in , its goal was to create a cryptocurrency that can be used by individuals in merchants for smaller, day-to-day purchases. Loom Network LOOM The loom is a digital tool kit that allows developers to create their own blockchain projects without any prior knowledge of the blockchain infrastructure. It aims to revolutionize data storage, allowing users to exchange their extra storage space with each other.

Maker MKR logo Ethereum-based Maker, is a cryptocurrency that aims to create a collection of decentralized digital assets that would be tied to the value of real instruments such as precious metals, currencies, and others. Their banking and payment platform allows users to pay for real-world purchases using cryptocurrency, much like we use traditional currencies today.

Monero XMR logo Monero is the oldest and most popular privacy-coin. It helps users make transactions on the web, in an anonymous manner. Nano XRB logo Nano is the rebranded version of RailBlocks, a cryptocurrency that offers rapid transactions, low fees, and infinite scalability.

Nexo NEXO logo Nexo is a blockchain-based project that is developed to support cryptocurrency lending. Essentially, it is an overdraft system to take instant crypto loans. This type of distributed ledger uses proof of credit POC as their consensus protocol. The cryptocurrency uses proof-of-stake PoS to reach consensus, which eliminates the need for mining. Ontology ONT logo Ontology is a project that is designed to introduce businesses in blockchain technology. They do this by offering several tools, such as ID verification systems and data exchange functionalities.

Populous PPT logo Populous is a decentralized invoice platform. Thanks to its peer-to-peer nature it provides a global trading platform for invoice payments. The team behind the project plans to provide retailers with devices that accept Pundi X payments. Qash QASH logo Quoine, the company behind Qash, aims to solve the liquidity problems that are often encountered today with crypto-investments.

Quant QNT logo QNT is a cryptocurrency that aims to provide access to particular services or apps which are built on the Quant platform. Ravencoin RVN logo Ravencoin is a hard fork of Bitcoin that is specifically focused on the creation and decentralized transfer of assets. Ren REN logo Ren, formerly known as Republic Protocol, is a private and interoperable network that allows nodes to confirm transactions without knowing anything about the orders.

Revain R logo Revain is a blockchain-based review platform that allows individuals to give public feedback on both individuals and businesses. A credit network that connects lenders, borrowers and loan originators, removing the need for a middleman. Up to this moment, the company behind the coin has managed to form more than partnerships with banks all over the world. Siacoin SIA logo Siacoin is a blockchain-based platform that allows users to rent out their unused hard drive space.

Their goal is to create the biggest blockchain-based cloud storage platform. Stellar Lumens XLM logo Stellar is a blockchain-based project that aims to connect people and financial institutions through instant, cross-border payments. It allows users to share their free hard drive space with each other, eliminating the need for a third-party storage provider.

Syscoin SYS logo Syscoin offers low-cost financial transactions, instant transfers and the infrastructure for businesses to trade products, digital certificates, and data in a secure manner. Up to this day, the company is still in the process of developing and releasing its crypto-cards to the world. The coin has the same value as the US dollar and traders often use it as an alternative to exiting the market.

Tron TRX Tron is a platform that wants completely change digital entertainment as we know it. Their plan? Help every content creator receive payments for the content they provide. Thanks to blockchain technology, VeChain helps retailers and consumers determine the authenticity of their products.

Verge XVG logo Verge is a self-proclaimed privacy coin. It rose to popularity in , after several influential people mentioned it on Twitter. However, just as fast as the coin increased in price, it decreased as well. Waves WAVES logo Waves is a blockchain-based network that allows users to send and receive cryptocurrencies built on its blockchain. Zcash ZEC logo Zcash is a privacy coin that has a few key differences with the common anonymous coins.

Zilliqa ZIL logo Zilliqa is a cryptocurrency that aims to improve the speed of transactions and scalability of the blockchain, by utilizing the concept of sharding. Whether you write articles for cryptocurrency-related topics or make custom infographics to compare different coins, this list will give you a good amount of resources to help you out with the process. Additionally, you can also print these logos in high-quality and use them for any form of printed media.

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