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Drip investing calculators

drip investing calculators

The miracle of compounding interest is where you gain interest in an investment, be it a savings account or stock holding, and then reinvest it to gain even. Dividend Capital Calculator - Calculates yearly dividend income possible from stock investments. DRIP Calculator - Dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs). Learn why a dividend calculator is such a useful tool for investors. Calculate Dividends Calculate. Initial Investment. Investment Type. NBA FIRST ROUND SERIES ODDS

If the company regularly pays dividends and better if they increase them , this amount will increase over time as will your total return. Plus, reinvesting dividends allows the power of compounding to be put to work. Owning more shares increases the amount of your dividend payment. And the larger the dividend payment the more shares you can add in addition to whatever capital you add. Over time, this creates a wealth-building cycle and it can smooth out times of stock price depreciation.

As mentioned above a DRIP is a long-term investment strategy that assumes an investor does not need the income generated by dividends right away. Or you may only choose to use a DRIP for certain stocks. This is another example of where a dividend calculator can offer a real benefit.

You can calculate the payout for different stocks to decide which ones you may want to use as reinvestments based on your financial goals and investment objectives. How to Use the Dividend Calculator? Most of the variables are self-explanatory, but here is a quick refresher of some key points: Individual Stock or Portfolio — You can choose to enter data for an individual holding.

Or, you can choose to make a calculation for an entire portfolio. For example, some investors will have an investment account specifically for dividend investments. Distribution Frequency — Most dividend-paying stocks issue dividends on a quarterly basis. However, there are some instances where a company pays a monthly dividend or an annual dividend. This information is easily attainable. However, there are some that do not. Like the distribution frequency this information is easily attainable.

Annual Contribution — This is the amount that you will be adding to the portfolio. If you are making this calculation for an employer-sponsored tax-deferred account e. Break Even Option - calculates the amount needed to break even on a call option. Bond - calculates the total income from bonds. Capital Return - Calculates the shares available to purchase from cash available and then calculates a profit based on expected stock price. Check Splitter - Calculates the tax and tip for up to four seperate people.

Covered Call Calculator - Calculates the profit from selling covered calls when owning shares or more. Covered Put Calculator - Calculates the profit from selling covered puts with cash. Also saves trades using Javascript. Currency Exchange Calculator - Enter the amount of currency and calculates the profit and loss depening on exchange ratio changes. EPS Calculator - Enter the earnings per share and multiple price to earnings ratios to find the expected prices. Diesel Savings Calculator - Some new vehicles with diesel engines can get 40 miles per gallon.

See if the added mileage yet increased price per gallon is worth investing in a diesel car. This calculator can also be used as an Ethanol Calculator. Dividend Capital Calculator - Calculates yearly dividend income possible from stock investments. DRIP Calculator - Dividend reinvestment plans DRIPs calculator will use the initial share price, shares owned, yearly dividend, and years owned to calculate the yearly income and total shares purchased. Five Year Variable Calculator - calculate the returns from stocks with up and down years by entering different returns for each of five years.

Hybrid Calculator - Calculates the gas money saved by buying a hybrid based on hybrid miles per gallon, standard miles per gallon, miles driven, and gas price. Income - Calculates the amount of money needed to generate a defined income based on yield.

Inflation versus Investment Calculator - Calculates the price of an item due to inflation and the return on an investment based on a number of years. Lakh Converter - converts Lakhs into other currency amounts. Mortgage - calculates the different total payments made for different mortgages.

Neff Value Formula Calculator - Calculates the total return value based on earnings growth rate, dividend yield, and price earnings ratio.

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