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5 runners each way betting

5 runners each way betting

An each-way bet works as a bet of two parts – one part for a win and one for a place. So if your horse doesn't win the race but is placed you will get a return. In horse races where there are five, six, or seven runners, bookmakers will normally pay each-way on two places at ¼ odds. For example, if you had £ For example if a race has 6 declared runners,and 2 are withdrawn - your place part of bet must now win,whether you like it or not,as just 4 took do. WILL ETHEREUM GROW

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5 runners each way betting slate cryptocurrency 5 runners each way betting

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So if you do want to place an each way bet, you may want to look at these as you have more of a chance against the Bookmakers and the way the percentages are set up. A 16 runner handicap gives you the best edge of all of these but finding exactly 16 runners in a handicap these days is not that easy, the same as a dead 8 too, however there will be plenty of handicap races with between 12 and 15 runners that you may want to exploit. The worst races you can place a bet in are non handicaps races of 12 runners or over.

Is There Any Good News? Well you can now say that you know the races to look at to get the best out of any each way bets but is there any way to increase your chances with this bet? Well I think first of all I would ask myself is it really worth placing an each way bet at all. After all you are placing two stakes on a horse and one of these is only getting a small percentage of the odds back in the first place and that is if the horse can mange to finish in the first three, which we know is not as easy as it would seem.

You are wasting at least one stake, if not two, just thinking or hoping the horse may fall into a place. I think it is down to fear of losing that we play the each way bet so often and just getting all or half your stake back on some races does feel like you are not on a losing run.

There are options of course and whilst I am not going to suggest putting both stakes on the win, unless you normally split your stakes for an each way bet, you could back two horses in a race instead. To me this is a far better idea as apart from losing one stake for sure, you are getting the full winning odds when you win and not some small fifth or quarter that the generous Bookmakers offer us. I read a long time ago about a psychiatrist that treated those with a gambling habit.

So he suggested that for every bet they placed, they put another bet on the favourite, meaning that they would at least back a winner approximately thirty percent of the time. Maybe this is an idea you could adopt, if not backing the favourite then perhaps the second favourite each time, along with your own carefully researched selection.

I have also read about putting one stake on the place and two on the win, which will make less profit for the place but means you win more when the selections does come first and is something you may want to look into. Jockeyship What I have found which is as important a factor when betting each way, is that a jockey will not always pull out all the stops, once he knows he is beaten. For example, a jockey that leads into the final furlong and is challenged yards out, will be giving it his all to either win or come a close second.

The same jockey who is headed over a furlong out will not be putting in the same effort to try and get into third place, just so that you can win some of your each way bet, as he knows the horse is beaten. Similarly, a jockey who has never got into the race, will only go through the motions of pushing the horse out and will try and save it for next time, despite riding to the rules.

Watch a jockey riding the second horse who is challenging for the lead in the last yards of the Derby for example, compared to a jockey in a run of the mill handicap who has just lost the lead and is being swamped by the other horses. It is natural to be going hell for leather when you really feel you have a chance compared to when the race is over and I think you should take this into consideration when thinking about the each way bet.

Being a system addict, I have looked into hundreds of these races to try and find out which is the best horse to bet each way against the odds on shot but I have never come up with anything concrete. If you only then bet in the suggested races, i. Others are not quite so positive; the bet of fools, stifling bank growth, they claim. So, just which camp is right?

Is there a definitive answer as to if you should bet each way? And if so, when? What Is Each Way Betting? In the horse racing world , an each way bet is essentially two equal bets placed on one selection — one part placed on a horse to win and the other on the horse to place. The each way terms differ depending on the race type and the size of the field. The number of runners plays a significant part in determining whether betting each way is the value option.

These are races which favour the punter and fields that the bookmakers disdain. Punters will often scream foul play when a 16 runner handicap mysteriously has a late withdrawal to reduce the terms from each way paying 4 places, to 3. Why is this important to the value aspect? In a 16 runner race, all things being equal, the chance of any runner being successful is Again, all runners have an equal chance of finishing in any position, so the chance of finishing 1st-4th is 4.

However, due to the race terms, punters are getting odds of 4. They like to have the odds in their favour and the vast majority of the time, they get their own way. However, there are a few circumstances in which punters have an advantage over their adversaries, and each way betting can provide that rare opportunity. The rest of the field are usually big prices i. Bookies hate these races. Because they cannot set different odds for the win terms and the place terms. They have to set one price and then the place odds are determined by the each way terms for that race.

This can create some excellent value in the place market. This runner offers plenty of value on the place side of things. But why?

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Each Way Betting Explained


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