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Premier league betting odds comparison

premier league betting odds comparison

Find the best Premier League odds (England) for your football bets in Real Time with our odds comparison service. UEFA Europa League Winner ; Arsenal. 10/3 ; Barcelona. 9/2 ; Man Utd. 5/1 ; Real Sociedad. 14/1 ; Betis. 16/1. Premier League Odds & Betting Lines ; 2/7 · + 17/2 · + 5/1 · 1/4 · + 17/2 · + 21/4 ; + NUMBER OF ETHEREUM COINS

However, if West Ham were the favourites, their draw no bet odds would be — An under bet is the opposite. Premier League Second Half Odds The second half of a match consists of 20 minutes of play after halftime. During this period, the teams switch ends of pitch. So, if you want to bet on the outcome of the second half, you should select a team that plays away from home.

Teams playing at home are generally favoured to win. Premier League Winner Odds In order to win the Premier League title, a team must finish in the top two positions in the table after all matches have finished. They then play against each other over the final weekend of the season to determine who wins the championship.

They would need to win their next four games, including a home game versus Everton, away at Newcastle, home versus Burnley, and away at Leicester. Manchester City would also need to avoid losing any of those games. English Premier League odds can be a real gold mine if you know how to pick the right market. Unlike most football competitions, the PL has some distinct rules and characteristics. In order to win on a consistent basis, you have to fully grasp them and know how they impact the overall outcome of your betting slips.

Every team plays 38 games over the course of a season, which runs from August through May. Over the course of these nine months, each team plays every other team two times — one home fixture and one away fixture. Three points are awarded for each win, whilst both teams get awarded one point if the match ends in a draw. In May, the team with the most points wins the league. If two clubs have an equal number of points, the winner is decided by goal difference GD — the correlation between goals scored GS and goals conceded GC.

European Qualification: An Underrated Odds Factor While the obvious goal is to win the league, English Premier League odds are mostly affected by something else — the goal of qualifying for European competitions. The top three teams automatically earn a spot in the Champions League group stage, while the fourth-placed squad gets a spot in the qualifying rounds. In the latter stages of the season, English Premier League odds are often greatly affected by these efforts.

Relegation: How Survival Dictates English Premier League Odds Even though most of the attention is reserved for the best teams of the league, English Premier League odds are also impacted by whether a team is fighting to stay up or not.

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In reality, the true route to success has two factors: finding winners regularly and placing bets at the best possible price. Odds Scanner offers Premier League odds comparison for every legal bookmaker in the country. Loyalty never pays when it comes to betting on the Premier League games.

Register a new betting account on Coral and start betting on Premier League games! Odds are made based on several factors, from historical data to public perception and more. Sometimes, sportsbooks display odds that do not provide the true reflection of the Premier League teams playing each other. The best way to gain an edge over these bookmakers is to study the league carefully from the beginning of the season.

Unfortunately, this method of finding the best Premier League odds can be time-consuming. This is where Odds Scanner comes in. We show you the most profitable betting odds available from different bookmakers so you can place smarter bets. This section offers answers to some of the most common questions that fans ask.

Is it legal to bet on Premier League matches? Yes, betting on Premier League matches is completely legal. Some of the popular markets you can bet on are outright winner, top 4 finish and relegation battles. Can I bet on who will be the Premier League champion?

The Premier League winner odds are already out. Is there a minimum bet for the Premier League? A minimum bet is the lowest amount that a bookmaker allows its bettors to wager on a Premier League match. There are a number of reasons for this, but perhaps the most persuasive is that overheads for running online bookmakers are lower, which means better odds can be offered to punters - similar to how an ecommerce store can often undercut offline stores in terms of price.

You should therefore be confident that while betting online, you will be able to find the best Premier League betting odds UK bettors are able to access. Our guides to the best bookmakers in the UK and best android betting apps will have you betting online in no time at all. How odds are being calculated It is, unfortunately, impossible to say how each individual bookmaker calculates their best betting odds for Premier League matches. Most modern bookmakers use a proprietary formula that pertains to their own business goals and profit expectations, and these formulas tend to be well-kept trade secrets.

How to calculate the expected value One aspect of betting that many people are unaware of is the concept of expected value. Conversely, if placing bets that are EV-, then the bettor will make a loss over time. EV can be calculated using the following calculation: Amount won per bet multiplied by the probability of winning Minus The amount lost per bet multiplied by the probability of losing So: amount won per bet x probability of winning - amount lost per bet x probability of losing Calculating EV and betting in an effort to achieve long-term, consistent profits is incredibly complex, and should thus only be approached with caution.

How are Premier League odds calculated? Most bookmakers will consider all of the factors we mentioned in this first paragraph of this paragraph, apply their own profit expectations, and then set their odds accordingly. For example, if you used the Premier League odds comparison to find odds of 3. This means that after performing a calculation, profit can be secured regardless of the outcome of the event, as the user has bet both for and against each strategy - however, this only works because the back odds are higher than the lay.

Matched betting strategy Matched betting primarily involves securing a profit through the use of bonus bets that are provided by bookmakers; backing and laying the same event - as is the case with arbing - but instead using bonus bets to place the back bet rather than cash funds, and then ensuring a profit regardless of the outcome of the event.

Most matched bettors will look for close odds in order to ensure the best profit from a single bonus bet; i. Such restrictions are commonplace, as bookmakers have invested in sophisticated software in order to identify suspicious betting patterns to ensure they can take action accordingly.

The most popular markets in the Premier League The Premier League is a hugely popular competition for bettors, so finding bookmaker odds for Premier League matches is relatively straightforward - but we thought it worth discussing just how many markets you will be able to find prices for when seeking the best Premier League betting odds in the UK. Is the Betting.

What if the best odds are not available through my preferred bookmaker? It is, of course, still advisable that you research any bookmaker who is showing up in the Premier League odds comparison if you are unfamiliar with that operator. To learn more about a particular brand, you can read through the reviews here on Betting. Why do odds differ between bookmakers so significantly? Are there differences between online and offline odds at the same bookmaker?

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EPL Best Bets - English Premier League Betting Preview, Predictions \u0026 Odds, Soccer Expert Picks

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