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Mario kart double dash ebay

mario kart double dash ebay

Mario Kart: Double Dash (Nintendo GameCube, ) · Open box. $* · Pre-owned. $ · Make an offer: Pre-owned · Auction: Pre-owned. $*. Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (GameCube, ) ; Brand new. $ ; Open box. $ ; Pre-owned. $ ; Make an offer: Pre-owned ; Auction: Pre-owned. $*. Matchbox Mario Kart Double Dash Convoy Tractor Cab Semi Truck Big Rig 18 Wheeler Shipping within the U.S. is FREE! Sold Date; Source eBay. CASH OUT BETTING BET365 BINGO

I got it yesterday and tested it out today. After some cleaning of the disk and disk reader the game worked flawlessly. Thank you, you have no idea how happy my girlfriend will be to have this game back in action to play. It may have only been the disk but that's all we need. Excellent print quality. The artwork is a from high quality scan of the original artwork. You can barely see difference between the original artwork and this reproduction. So this is the best Mario Kart game I have ever played.

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There is the traditional balloon -popping battle game, in which the player must use items to pop an opponent's three balloons while defending their own. Players can also steal items from one another by speeding towards them with a mushroom or star. In Co-op battles, the player in the back of the kart can perform a slide-attack on another driver, which can also steal balloons. Additionally, two new games have been implemented; the first is Shine Thief, a game where a team captures a Shine Sprite and maintaining possession of it for a certain amount of time, usually starting out with 55 to 60 seconds.

Each time the Shine Sprite is lost, the counter will somewhat reset the time. For instance, if a player is able to keep possession of the Shine Sprite for only 30 seconds, the counter would reset to 40 instead of The other mode involves throwing Bob-ombs at each other to collect points in Bob-omb Blast.

With two players, 3 points are needed to win, but when playing with 3 or 4, 4 points are required to win. If two or more players throw a bomb at each other in unison, no points will be awarded to anybody. In a way, it's similar to a tie. As in previous installments, the battle arenas are enclosed the exception being Tilt-A-Kart , with a varying layout and a replenishing arsenal of items.

Up to eight GameCube consoles can be connected, allowing for player multiplayer races, with two players controlling each kart. Double Dash!! The clip featured Mario and Luigi driving their karts on a bump mapped 3D surface with no background.

At the time, it was early in development, and the working title of the game was simply Mario Kart. New features, such as having two characters drive one kart, had been implemented. One of the hardest tasks chief director Kiyoshi Mizuki was assigned to do was to attract people who had no prior experience with the series; he decided to make the gameplay as simple as possible. Producer Shigeru Miyamoto presented the staff with a variety of opinions which they in turn would have to incorporate into the game the best way possible.

Miyamoto let the team decide which graphics they wanted to use without restrictions. It was desirable to narrow down the gap between the ability of veteran and novice players. Therefore, gameplay features like the ability to escape the banana were removed; the staff wanted both veteran and novice players to enjoy themselves.

It may be a little slower than the Toad Kart, but it functions just as well. It has good stability and doesn't go far after a bump from another heavier kart. It is good to use on any track. Use Paratroopa and Toadette for a good speed and quick recovering combination. It has a great acceleration for trouble on the track and has an aerodynamic shell design Koopa and Paratroopa agreed on. It may be light, but it packs a strong punch on the field.

It is just as light as the Koopa Dasher and is the fastest-accelerating kart of all the karts. The reason it is the most aerodynamic kart is because Paratroopa put a personal finishing touch on it: Wings!

The fact it is a barrel on wooden wheels makes it very unique for a kart on the race tracks. Using D. It has a fantastic top speed and enough weight to throw other racers around, but what's really special about it is that it's not just a kart, but a train! The only issue is getting this kart up to speed, so keep your Mushrooms handy! Koopa King[ edit ] Koopa King The Koopa King is the beast when it comes to the other carts; big, vicious, and unshakable.

Take it for a ride, and several drivers will be swamped. However, this monstrosity takes awhile to reach full throttle. It has an acceleration high enough to reach top speed quickly and take turns well. The only problem is, it's the lightest kart on the field!

It gets bumped around the easiest, so avoid encountering heaver karts. This kart should be used for wider tracks and is great on sharp curves. It has a high top speed, sleek design, and a beefy engine to boot. No matter what track this vehicle tears up, it taunts the competition. In fact, it's just as obnoxious as Wario! The Waluigi Racer is a hybrid terror that can really hold its ground in tight jams. Balanced in every stat, it's Waluigi's cheating machine.

Waluigi stole parts to make it! It works great on tracks with long, wide turns. The only drawback for speed and weight is its acceleration, which makes it pretty lousy on tracks with many sharp curves. However, a track with many boost pads remedies this. Unlike the Piranha Pipes, the Boo Pipes is great at holding its own on a track with many curves.

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Ebay Auction: Mario Kart double Dash Gamecube Test (dimraeey)

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