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Eastenders kat affair betting odds

eastenders kat affair betting odds

I said from day one that it is Derek that Kat is having the affair with because he has money to give out and i don't think it is max because he. Bet the top brass don't even no Phil was inside. Total fit up!” And a third added: 'If this was real Kat, she would have walked ages ago. Read more: Affair on the cards for Whitney and Gray in EastEnders? The bets are now on to see who will take over the pub once the Carters. NASCAR RACE BETTING

Nice touch, Viv. Hats off to Jessie Wallace and James Payne, who wrote the episode. Kat's mum was a pretty horrendous woman From Kat's account, it was her mum not believing that Harry raped her that created Kat Slater the Slag. Along with Harry going through a mid-life crisis. Kat's weird affair with Derek got explained Even for Kat, getting it on with Derek Branning was a low moment. Especially when she had loving, adoring Alfie waiting for her at home. You can just imagine the kind of drama which would ensue with Kim.

It'd be fight of the century, that one. Dynasty would have nothing on this! And when they're done and done good, they're very, very good. It would actually be the one affair we'd understand Kat's motivation for. Some people have started winding other people up saying they've been told but they won't say who it is.

I started a rumour around the set that it would be a celebrity guest appearance. I said it would be Peter Andre and some of the new cast believed it as well! Our eye on her guy! Inside Soap also pointed out "serious" flirting between Jack and Kat, when she teases him about being out of shape, and she names him 'Legs of the match' after the team play their first football match. They spotted that Kat has a "smouldering tete-a-tete" with Max and she knows how frustrated he is by his family problems, and he is also seen on the phone at the same time as Kat.

They said that Michael donating shirts to Kat's football team and Kat giving baby clothes to Michael were clues, especially as there was an "emotional moment" between them. A "charged moment" between Kat and Ray was noted by the magazine, when she injures herself in the pub's kitchen and he helps her.

All five suspects are seen with their phones at the same time Kat ends a call from her mystery lover. The fact she dances so close to Ray in front of Kim could mean Ray is not her secret lover, but she enjoys danger so may be willing to make a show of herself despite the risk. Inside Soap wondered if this was the biggest clue so far, saying it suggests he has access to money, because flats in London are not cheap.

They said Derek also "wouldn't think twice about flashing his cash" and opined that Jack would probably be able to afford it as well. They said viewers do not know enough about Ray yet but he would probably not be able to afford it with his job as a pub chef, and Michael, although forced to steal from Jean Slater Gillian Wright to pay for his wedding, is married to Janine, who is a millionaire. All About Soap said that Ray is showing all the signs of having an affair, but has no scenes with Kat, which they said would be "crucial" if he was having an affair with her.

They went on to say that if Ray reveals what he is up to, he could be the first suspect to be eliminated. They felt it could be a red herring, saying "We reckon all this seduction is supposed to make us turn a blind eye to Jack's antics—but [ Kat also tells Janine that Michael was having doubts on their wedding day, which they thought could be "Kat's sly way of telling her nemesis that Michael would rather be with another woman", and when Janine sees Michael taking cash from her safe, he could be using it to fund the flat.

However, again they felt it could be a red herring and Derek could be the one as he had been "conspicuous by his absence". Kat is seen tending to her lover's injuries, but viewers only saw his arm. Inisde Soap said the arm could eliminate at least one suspect, as it shows some skin and a dark top.

They compared it to what the suspects were wearing earlier in the episode and said it could belong to Michael or Derek, but "EastEnders might have a few tricks up their sleeves in order to put Jack and Max back in the mix. They said that Jack had become devoted to Sharon in that time and is bothered by the bond Sharon has with Phil Mitchell Steve McFadden , but the bold gestures made towards Kat, such has her lover buying back the ring she pawned, are Derek's style, and "he's made no secret of the fact that he fancies Kat rotten!

Put it in the window. I'll come knocking", Soaplife thought this was "creepy" and seemed to be something Derek would do. If we're made to love and care about her, yes. If she comes over as a conniving, sneaky cheat only interested in her own wants and desires, no. Would it be the tart with a heart that made Kat a soap icon?

Eastenders kat affair betting odds aidwatch mining bitcoins eastenders kat affair betting odds

Katy Brent1 May You've really got to wonder how much Kat can take before she just ends up dribbling and rocking in a corner somewhere.

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Eastenders kat affair betting odds Phil attacks Derek Phil odds cope with Heather's death as Heather was Shirley's best friend so Phil has to try and support her knowing his son killed her and he also blames himself for the way Ben has turned out, he briefly goes back to drinking and throws Shirley out and breaking up with her. Archie, after explaining how his father never smiled at him once and the impact had practically taught him to do the same, throws her out onto the street reminding her that it was the exact spot she pushed Danielle onto the night she died. March dates Jack Branning uses his police contacts affair betting trace Louise for Phil, but Phil is incensed to discover that she calls another man "daddy" and that Jack has not warned him resulting in Phil punching Jack. And two months later Martin visits Stacey in prison under special visitor orders to explain the situation with Ruby and the kids after Lily and Jean were set up as drug dealers and orders Martin to sort her out or she will kill Ruby with her bare hands. Stacey realizes Ryan is the father of her baby, but decides not to tell him. Sharon would usually turn to him when she and Grant had a row or Grant gained physical violence. The Queen Victoria's bust of Queen Victoria pictured on display at the Elstree and Borehamwood Museum was the murder weapon in the storyline.


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EastEnders - The Slaters Scenes (5th April 2018)

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