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Yankee bet calculator decimal places

yankee bet calculator decimal places

To calculate your winnings, simply use our free Yankee bet calculator below – enter the results of your four selections, preferred odds format, betting odds and. Yankee bet takes 4 betting selections and combines them into all possible accumulators – 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a single four-fold accumulator. The Sports Bet Calculator is the premier free bet calculator app, supporting a wide range of bet types and settling options. BETTING ODDS ON FIFA WORLD CUP 2022

According to what is more-or-less a punter's urban legend, the Yankee was named after an American soldier who first used the system in the UK. Apparently, he managed to snag thousands in profits due to multiple roll-over mechanics, and the Yankee has been a mainstay in sports betting ever since.

Why Use a Yankee bet? The benefits of Yankee bets are in line with the general purpose of full-coverage bets. The idea here is to get as much mileage as possible from a relatively small number of selections. This makes things a lot easier in terms of researching the right predictions. Picking which combination bet to go for is a matter of how many selections you want to make. Do note, however, that as they get more and more complicated, the stake required grows exponentially.

This is possibly one of the biggest disadvantages of Yankee bets. You are making 11 separate bets, and all of them need to have the same stake if you want the system to work as intended. Even small stakes can add up to huge sums, requiring a sizable starting bankroll.

The key to making successful Yankee bets is carefully managing this risk to profit ratio. Simply put, there are times when a simple four-leg accumulator or four singles could be a better option. Compared to an accumulator, however, a Yankee goes a long way with minimising potential losses and securing your stake.

An accumulator would outright fail if even one of the selections loses. A Yankee, on the other hand, will earn you back your stake if at least 2 selections win assuming, of course, that the individual odds for these are at least 2.

Yankee bets are for methodical punters who are good at figuring out value even in the face of complicated calculations. Compared to Trixies, they have a lot more variables than what might appear at first glance. This leaves a lot more room for error, but getting a perfect win with a Yankee is also much more difficult. However, if you manage to get all of the selections right, the potential profits can be massive. The first thing to do is to select how you want your odds to be formatted: fractionally, decimally, or US Moneyline.

Also, make sure to chose whether your bet is considered each-way or not. Next up, decide on your stake. You have two options here: you can divide your budget into 11 units and type it in as a stake per bet, or you can just enter your entire budget and let the calculator do the rest.

For starters, enter the odds for each of them in the corresponding field. Make sure to use the format you selected previously. After that, you can switch which of those won and which lost and watch your potential profits be calculated accordingly. If you look through some of the other available options, it will quickly become obvious that Yankee bets originate from horse racing, just like all full-coverage combination bets.

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Yankee bet calculator decimal places super tote betting yankee bet calculator decimal places

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