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Btc 6hdp

btc 6hdp

Here is our Browning Dark Ops Pro quick review of the high performance trail camera Model # BTC 6HDP. Browning Introduced this trail camera. MODEL #: BTC-5HDX. BTC-5FHD5 · BTC-6PXD · BTC-6HD-APX · BTC-7FHD · BTC-4P · BTC-6HDP · BTC-6HD · BTC-8FHD · BTC-7A · BTC-4HD · BTC-8A · BTC-8E-HP4. (7 MB); Dark Ops Pro XD (7 MB); Dark Ops HD BTC-6HDpdf (8 MB); Dark Ops HD Pro (8 MB). DEFINE ETHERIC MATTER

Physical Damage, Defective, Wrong, or Missing item 7 days from delivery Replacement Returns are subject to the seller's approval. You can also claim a refund by contacting customer service. We will need you to submit proof of issue to verify your replacement request. Defective: Verification by Brand or Amazon, through on-call support followed by inspection at your location or nearest brand service center if required.

Know More Return Process Returns are subject to the seller's approval. There's a small hole in the case at top-left for recording sound if you want to do video. I don't really care about the sound, so I put a small piece of masking tape over the hole. So far I've only used the camera in "trail" mode, which takes a single shot when motion is detected. Night InfraRed shots are very good, and the range on "Power Save" mode is entirely sufficient for my back yard.

Daytime shots are beautiful--very crisp and detailed. I've set the camera to take 8-megapixel shots, which come out as x JPEGs -- entirely sufficient for our purposes. The camera can do 4, 8, 12, and 18 megapixel images; I didn't really think that I needed that much resolution to get the information I wanted, and of course the more resolution, the more storage you'll need.

I have the camera mounted on a cheap tripod pointed into my yard.

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