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How to successfully rebrand a cryptocurrency

how to successfully rebrand a cryptocurrency

For decades, rebranding or renaming a company has been a successful corporate strategy to shift the focus and enhance its services. The first step to successfully rebranding a company is to define the company's core values. Core values are the foundation of any successful. A successful crypto project demands innovative marketing. Maybe it's your first anniversary, you want to rebrand your business or work on a. BEETLE CSGO BETTING

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How to successfully rebrand a cryptocurrency sports betting computer picks sites how to successfully rebrand a cryptocurrency


People may be worried to try cryptocurrency because they have read horror headlines of millions being lost in seconds and may be put off. Any new crypto business needs to extinguish these concerns and the best way they can do that is through their branding and their messages. Crypto startup branding may be the key to success — even more than it usually is.

Avoid the Jargon Most people getting into crypto have not walked out of Wall Street or are involved within fintech circles. The core of the crypto community is made up of everyday people that decided to understand more about crypto as an alternative financial option. They learned about it because they were handed simplified terms and digestible content.

Your brand should do the same. If you stand any hope of gathering some of the market you need to cater to their needs by quitting the jargon and keeping your language relatable. Make Your Website Secure A secure website is the best way to protect your brand. You can learn about the aspects of a website that have the most impact on your company branding here. Highlight Your Customer Service When most people consider getting into crypto, their biggest worry — as discussed — is security.

The promises you make to your customers will get you so far, but many of those customers will still be asking themselves what will happen if things do go wrong. A crypto brand is a lot more powerful if it has a forward-facing and human customer service strategy. Using chatbots and taking days to reply to emails is not going to make potential customers feel any more secure. They want instant responses from real people with answers.

Offer them this to highlight yourself as a caring and safe brand. Most startups that are creating their brand will choose to put out as much content as possible to make themselves and their voices known. What they often neglect is having a conversation with those already in the industry. You can make your brand stand out by having an insightful contribution to another discussion as well as starting your own.

In crypto, there are many discussions ongoing all the time because the industry is in its infancy and everything seems new. Get involved to promote your brand further! Stay simple. Jamming as much symbolism as possible into a logo generally doesn't work out too well.

But that's a hard truth for young companies who are still trying to prove themselves. Now that you're more established, show your confidence with a simple logo. Make an impact. Maybe you went the opposite route in your original logo design and were too afraid to be bold, so you stuck with something safe.

Your logo isn't worth much if people can't remember it, so when you're redesigning your logo, don't settle for something that won't stand out. Be adaptable. One thing you might have learned with your first logo is its limitations. Now that you know what shapes or styles might not be as versatile for the channels your business actually uses, bear those in mind during the redesign.

Aim for appropriate. As companies mature and get to know their customers better, a logo that might have made sense at launch could now be considered completely wrong for that company's target market. Look to the long term. As fun as rebrands might seem, you don't want to do this every year, so really look at your vision, mission, values, and purpose and consider whether this new logo can support them in the long run.

Maintain through-lines. Like your name, your logo is one of your brand's most memorable components. When you're rebranding, avoid losing too much brand recognition by trying to maintain the parts of your old logo that worked. If you can maintain a sense of continuity, you'll be able to carry over some of the brand recognition your old logo initially had.

If we look at a few logo redesigns from , we can see this process in action. Take Zara and The Knot, for example, two companies that changed their logos in the last few years: Image Source In these brand updates, elements of the old brand carry through.

Zara kept its bold, black lettering, but pushed the kerning tighter and switched one Serif font for another. The Knot, on the other hand, stayed in the same typography family with a Script font, but swapped blue for orange in their color scheme. Choosing Your New Color Palette Color can have a huge impact on your brand -- in fact, some colors are now synonymous with the brands that use them, like McDonald's yellow.

But choosing the right color can be difficult, and as your company develops, your color might need a brush up. Looking at your brand colors with fresh eyes using color psychology and competitor research can help you evaluate whether they're working with or against the brand image you're looking to project. Additionally, now that you've been working with your color s for a while, you may have noticed that the way your colors show up on-screen vs. When considering colors during your rebrand, check to ensure the color looks the same on a variety of brand materials.

Typography Like your color, your original font may have shown up differently in practice than in theory. When you're reevaluating fonts, pay close attention to what worked and what didn't with your old font, along with any difficulties you had -- like accessing the font for web design or PowerPoints.

You might also want to consider whether your font is consistent with any markets or messages uncovered while rebranding. If your customers are more mature than you initially expected, that super hip Sans Serif font might be better off as a more traditional Serif font.

After all, the medium is the message. And now that you know your marketing channels, you'll be able to make more educated decisions on weight and cuts -- like which fonts show up well, and which leave your words looking wonky. Shapes and Imagery Revisited Like your logo, color palette, and typography, your imagery and shapes play a vital role in your brand identity. If you're changing any of your brand's other visual elements, it's worth reconsidering your imagery and shapes to keep everything cohesive after you've rebranded.

But it's not enough for your rebrand to look cohesive -- it needs to support the core messages of your brand, as well. At every step in the branding design process, make sure the what, how, and why behind your brand are also behind your new brand identity. Building New Brand Guidelines If you're going to go through all the trouble of creating a new brand identity for your business, you better make sure you use it correctly.

Having and actually using brand guidelines will help you keep your brand consistent after the transition.

How to successfully rebrand a cryptocurrency horse racing betting board game

How to Successfully Rebrand

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