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Business insider carrie wittmer cryptocurrency

business insider carrie wittmer cryptocurrency

Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Edith Hancock, Amanda Luz Henning Santiago, and Carrie Wittmer contributed to. Mathematical Background as a Success Factor in Economics and Business Degrees. Investor attention and cryptocurrency price crash risk: a quantile. entire PowerPoint presentation explaining cryptocurrency from HBO's 'Silicon Valley,' and it's both useful and hilarious. Carrie Wittmer. OFF TRACK BETTING GLOUCESTER TWP NJ HALLOWEEN

But some of the plotlines are eerily close to events that have happened throughout the world. We've listed some of the strangest predictions the cartoon's writers have made since the show's launch in , from Homer discovering the Higgs boson to animators drawing The Shard in London almost 20 years before it was built. Here are 18 times "The Simpsons" predicted the future, in order of their appearance on the show: 1. Three-eyed fish Season 2, Episode 4 In this episode from ,Bart catches a three-eyed fishnamed Blinky in the river by the power plant, which makes local headlines.

More than a decade later, a three-eyed fish was discovered in a reservoir in Argentina. Strangelyenough, the reservoir itself was fed by water from a nuclear power plant. The satire of censorship came true in July , when Russian campaigners voted on whether to clothe a copy of the Renaissance statue that had been set up in central St Petersburg.

In September , two Beatles fans from Essex received a reply from Paul McCartney to a letter and recording they sent to the band50 years ago. The recording was sent to a London theatre the band wasdue to play at but was found years later in a car boot sale by a historian. In , Roy Horn of Siegfried and Roy was attacked during a live performance by Montecore, one of their white tigers. He lived but sustained severe injuries in the attack.

Horsemeat scandal Season 5, Episode 19 In , Lunchlady Doris used "assorted horse parts"to make lunch for students at Springfield Elementary. The memo gets quickly translated to "eat up Martha" an early foreshadowing of autocorrect frustrations. Nitin Ganatra, former director of engineering iOS applications at Apple, told Fast Company that this particular moment on "The Simpsons" served as inspiration to get the iPhone keyboard right.

Smartwatches Season 6, Episode 19 "The Simpsons" introduced the idea of a watch you could use as a phone in an episode aired in , nearly 20 years before the Apple Watch was released. During Lisa's trip to London, we see a skyscraper behind Tower Bridge that looks eerily similar to The Shard, and it's is even in the right location. More than 20 yearslater, robotics students from the University of Aberystwyth built a prototype for a walking library robot, while scientists in Singapore have begun testing their own robot librarians.

Other characters who have seen bodies burn have spoken about the horrific smell, the way that sight has haunted them. Dany has never expressed anything even remotely similar. Rather, she has seemed to revel in the sight of her enemies aflame.

Believing himself to be her last living relative, Aemon Targaryen lamented Dany being "alone in the world. She didn't feel love or support from the Northerners and slowly lost each and every one of her closest friends and advisers — leaving her to feel truly alone in the world and partly triggering her "terrible" impulses.

Daario advised Daenerys to "slaughter" every master in Slaver's Bay that she could find. But Daario's vision of all rulers as "either butchers or meat" likely stuck with Dany — especially after those very masters he told her to kill ended up trying to kill her first, and very nearly succeeded. Dany seemed to disagreed with Hizdahr zo Loraq's worldview — but only because he was defending the fighting pits in Meereen, a tradition that she didn't see as "great. You're going to die.

The khals had taken her captive and threatened to rape her, after all. But the scene also made clear that Dany takes great pleasure in killing her enemies and using fire to solve her problems. In burning the city to the ground, she likely destroyed the Red Keep's throne room and the Iron Throne with it — the very thing she always dreamed about. In the very next scene, she asked her khalasar to kill her enemies and give her the Seven Kingdoms. As Joanna Robinson wrote for Vanity Fair at the time, her speech was taken by many fans as evidence of her descent into madness.

But in this week's episode, it's all about what Daenerys wants. She doesn't even promise her new blood riders a better life, she just promises to work them harder than any khalasar has ever been worked. Bran Stark saw a series of images, both past and future, during a vision on season six. Details of Dany's rise to power — like the birth of her dragons and Drogon in flight — were interspersed with flashbacks to her father's reign, who repeatedly screamed, "Burn them all.

I will set their fleets afire, kill every last one of their soldiers, and return their cities to the dirt. The slave masters went on to kill random civilians and burn Dany's ships. I will set their fleets afire, kill every last one of their soldiers, and return their cities to the dirt," she decided. You don't approve? He would have burned every one of his citizens. The loyal ones and the traitors. Every man, woman, and child.

That's why Jaime killed him. Not only did Tyrion draw a clear connection between Dany and her father, she also went on demonstrate her willingness to ignore his peaceful counsel. Ultimately, Daenerys only managed to end her conflict with the masters of Slaver's Bay when she let go of her advisors' strategies and decided to simply burn them and their resources.

She learned that her enemies take mercy as a sign of weakness, and that power — especially in the form of dragonfire — is extremely effective. Both of these people eventually kept their promises — but only because when Varys told Daenerys how she was failing the people, she didn't listen.

Do you think that's what we had under your father? Or his father, or his? Peace never lasts, my dear," Olenna responded. The Lady of Highgarden went on to give Daenerys some strikingly prophetic counsel. I've outlived them all. You know why? Because I ignored them. The lords of Westeros are sheep. Are you a sheep? You're a dragon. Be a dragon.

I have three large dragons. She has seen, time after time, that taking matters into her own hands has proved most effective. And until she did, the show had never truly illustrated the devastation that dragonfire could cause. On earlier seasons, when Dany burned her enemies, these moments were framed as triumphant and righteous.

But when Dany burned the Lannister forces, we saw the death and destruction from the perspective of characters we trust: Jaime, Tyrion, and Bronn. It's frankly horrifying. Together, we will leave the world a better place than we found it. Or refuse and die. I'm not here to put men in chains," she replied. They made it. This is notable because beheading is widely considered the most humane way to execute someone for a crime.

This is why Ned Stark, the most honorable man in Westeros, always swung the sword himself. In executing the Tarlys, Daenerys proved once again that she prefers to set people on fire, one of the most brutal ways to dispatch her enemies. She also proved that she has little patience or mercy left for people who refuse to call her queen. It's all my father had, and Joffrey. It makes their power brittle, because everyone beneath them longs to see them dead.

Tyrion also mentioned that he promised Jaime he'd keep Daenerys from doing anything impulsive. Tyrion added that she's been "known to lose her temper," which seemed strange at the time, since Dany hadn't been depicted as an impulsive person. Looking back, this seemingly throwaway adjective is exactly how Dany's decimation of King's Landing played out.

When Dany told Sam Tarly that she executed his brother and father, she showed little emotion. Dany's delivery of the news was, to many fans, more egregious than the execution itself. Many leaders on the show have punished people who betrayed them, or refused to bend to their will. But when Dany informed her victims' family member of their deaths — already knowing Sam to be a kind, decent person — she barely showed sympathy and certainly didn't apologize.

Sansa warned Jon Snow that he couldn't see Dany's true nature. For all of us," Jon, who could sense Sansa's discomfort with Daenerys, told his sister on the season eight premiere. We've seen that men can easily fall in love with Daenerys, and Sansa suggested that Jon had been fooled by her facade.

It appears Daenerys has maintained some respect for her father and brother. Dany has said multiple times that her father was evil and her brother was cruel. But her reception of Jaime Lannister at Winterfell indicated that she still has love and respect for her tyrannical family members — even after Tyrion told her that Jaime killed the Mad King to save King's Landing. Never on this side of the sea. I saw the way they looked at you," Dany told Jon.

Business insider carrie wittmer cryptocurrency bitcoin crisis 2018


Except for a tech-savvy minority, most people on the continent are not entirely privy to how cryptocurrency works, in addition to the fact that the use of cryptocurrency is unauthorized in specific regions.

Some people with an idea of how blockchain technology functions have been benefactors of this new market trend. While some use digital currency to conduct their financial transactions, others who are not completely familiar with blockchain technology have chosen to stick to traditional financial practices.

However, crypto trading and use are gaining ground on the continent, and it is important to understand the mechanics of this financial channel, should anyone choose to explore it. Already a number of African countries have millions of crypto-traders. See list here. Below are 5 of the safest cryptocurrencies to invest in as the new year arrives.

The list was put together by Global Business Magazine, a publication focused on amplifying the contributions of game changers in numerous industries. A few factors were considered while compiling the list, including price action and underlying blockchain technology's relevance. As a result, the Nigerian government began taking action to quell the protest including freezing protesters' bank accounts and banning access to Twitter.

Soon after the Nigerian government banned the use of cryptocurrency, effectively crippling a lot of young Nigerians who dealt in cryptocurrency. He noted that the orthodox central banking system may soon become obsolete, urging Nigeria to further broaden the scope of its banking licenses.

The vice president of Nigeria is known for some of his more progressive ideas, so his take on cryptocurrency would have been expected assuming his administration was not aggressively opposed to the use of cryptocurrency. It is also interesting to note that while the Nigerian government has placed a ban on digital transactions, it has also expressed interest in monopolizing the use of digital currencies within the country with the creation of the e-naira.

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